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  1. Konoe added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    DK only isn't high damage if you don't know how to combo someone with it. Seeds of disaster+flow + spiritlegacy + shattering darkness and flow bombardment are -----ing rediculous damage when used in that order. It's literally instant death for anyone under 300 DP. Also most of it's damage also comes from back attacks so that helps ALOT
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  2. Konoe added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    Literally what Ginos said.  I don't have a recent screenshot of my tamer RBF but the difference between DK and Tamer for example is night and day. This screenshot was done with a 186 AP DK while in most cases now I struggle to get above 400 points on my when i was 204/214/290. The results are really self evident, since getting the hang of my DK my average score has been over 100 points more then My tamers who has overall way better gear. Now my Ping is probably a factor in this I play in NA and live in italy but the fact I average maybe 250- 300 high estimate on my tamer and 400+ on a DK with 186 AP should really show you the Gap between how strong the classes are. If I had say 210/212/300 on my DK I'd probably average around 700-800 points a game. The only thing that's kept me from selling my tamers gear at this point is the small sliver of hope that it might EVENTUALLY get buffed. 
    Edit: Might I add I didn't go for points in this particular game until the last minute where I started wiping groups of people mind you WITH 186 AP

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  3. Konoe added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    they might have changed the games algorithm though so that AP is counted as DR pierce now though in an attempt to buff dp. Who knows what side effects this could have on game mobs lol
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  4. Konoe added a post in a topic Helping New Tamers!!   

    Lener you're not nearly as good as you think you are, maybe back when we were pre-awakened you were decent but you're not as good as you think you are anymore, Most of the top NA tamers have already rerolled to dark knight, or only play the class because it's way to painful to reroll, Don't be full of yourself m8. I believe RomanX  and myself have already rerolled dark knight. The only other extremely strong tamers that still play tamer are lunarleTV, balance and fusako unless they also recently rerolled. You're not as strong as you think and it's undeniable that tamer is in a hurting position right now. You're not in a position to comment on tamers strength considering you're in deadserious and literally never do sieges unless you are 8 v 1ing man-up. Tamer wouldn't be as bad if the just fixed the hundreds of -----ing bugs that come along with it. It's not a playstyle issue with tamer or a damage issue. It's the significant amount of bugs and lack of utility we have that makes our class useless in large scale GVG and the issue only gets worse. I've tried NOT to be an asshole about calling you out but you're ridiculously disconnected from the larger pvp scene. Atleast kunoichi or valk if you play it right you can engage in psuedo god mode. (as evidenced when paiz gets 250 kills in a single node war with like 5 deaths.) 
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  5. Konoe added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Ey badaboo
    Edit: tamer changes when.
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  6. Konoe added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    To be fair I've seen bong play and he plays like legit -----ing garbage. He's so bad I don't think anyone with that kinda gear has the right to talk about class balance really.
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  7. Konoe added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    Daunzo is dat u?
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  8. Konoe added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    Fix tamer.
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  9. Konoe added a post in a topic Tamer changes in the Feb 9th patch notes for KR   

    except we need more utility not more damage.
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  10. Konoe added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    Please fix tamers 15 bugs that have been ongoing for half a year now.
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  11. Konoe added a post in a topic Siege guild tier list 4th of February   

    Juicy was also scammed by server
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  12. Konoe added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    Irrelevant is lemon.
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  13. Konoe added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    Are you stupid? I'm a NA tamer and I know that irrelevant is the top RBF player on the EU with 34k points as a tamer thee most garbage class for group pvp, the witch wizard extra damage is -----ing atrocious and i say this from playing a hybrid tamer. I'm 300 DP and i get one shot by witches with 190 AP who don't even have kzarka. In 1 v 1 tamers are fine, no one can dispute that but in the content that actually -----ing matters in this game playing a tamer is damn near impossible due to the fact that we die in one hit no matter what.
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  14. Konoe added a post in a topic I hear LunarLe has quit tamer D:   

    I'm rerolling witch 2 for gvg  -tengoku
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  15. Konoe added a post in a topic Known issues with Tamer class   

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