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  1. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic the PS4 & Xbox one version is coming!! (Taipei Game Show, interview with PA)   

    My biggest fear with bringing consoles to this game or vice versa is mostly the fact that consoles have a lot more limitations technology wise compared to pc's as in they typically can handle less, and made pigeon hole our game development in the long run. Sure it works for FFXIV, that game also has a 2.5 GCD and loading screens every 2 minutes. This has fast paced action combat, and no loading screens. Those are two things that worry me.
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  2. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic Bring back subscription games! lol   

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  3. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    The funny thing is, is that most of these idiots dont realize its only dye the can be gotten from loyalty that can be sold lol.  but then again from some people testing 100$ nets you anywhere from 20-70ish mil depending on their luck. So I guess its like 2 whole days of life skills tough shit.
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  4. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic BDO NA/EU just became Pay To Win   

    So youre saying people will load up 10k pearls to make roughly less then 100m?
    I mean honestly if people want that kind of pay out I cant even be mad them. If someones going to drop about 100$ to make about 100m, more power to them considering thats chump change and anyone with a half a brain can make that pretty fast with just life skills alone..
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  5. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic tree spirit belt drop rate from mutant tree spirit is a joke or what?   

    Just normal treant forest took me 6 hours a day for roughly 25 days to get one spirit belt.. Although I made like triple its worth in silver as well
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  6. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic Player Trading   

    People are too stupid. For some reason people think they are the best, as if that person spending 1000$ is whats stopping them from winning. Meanwhile most of them would still be losing regardless of any scenario simply because they suck. It will never happen, not with whiny self entitled tards living in these fourms.
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  7. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    Instead of completely removing an item due to your stupidity. Considering the said item should be a completely viable item, how about we take a look at different options.. Maybe not effective when blocking.. Maybe a smaller duration. Jesus first thing you say is lets remove the item. If people are too stupid to die to this, simple move on from the game in general, and maybe learn some basic things like tying your shoes and wiping your ass.
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  8. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic So were not getting +16-20 this patch?   

    Yeah ----- the mechanic of the game and how it was created. ----- new content. Lets just always keep what we have people that way we dont have to work for anything
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  9. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic Why don't they mitigate the the problems caused by hacking and botting?   

    I do realize they BoA and it frustrates me to no end; because its nothing but a lazy move to do and all it does is ----- over people. So no, lets not do BoA asshole.
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  10. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic Ninja build and gear guide?   

    yes it is max hp this  guy is an idiot.
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  11. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic time to quit if you're not 115ap/140dp or more.   

    I see you're back to whining.. Its great how much people like you change the game over the time span and get ready to jump ship at basically every patch because you're  self entitled and believe the game should cater to you.
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  12. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    I dont really get all the complaints.. I started doing combat in the last 5 days of the event and easily made about one thousand..
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  13. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic What to do about scroll scammers?   

    Im sorry for me, it seemed the point of this thread was to cry like a little -----..
    Its simply, black list the person, pk the person, grief him do what you want. I dont know why everyone needs their hand held.
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  14. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic Best Endgame Life Skills   

    Considering I can easily make 4-20m a day with cooking, I will go with that lol
    Honestly mix it up, do processing and cooking, then for afk do fishing. Keeps its easy.
    Process while you stock pile items for cooking. Then spend a day cooking and make an easy 12ishm every day for a few days then go back to processing.
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  15. KamikazePenguin added a post in a topic How do I report verbal abuse and/or racism?   

    Im going to let you in on a secret. Dont be a -----, get a thicker skin. It makes life much easier, especially if your worry at the moment in life is how to have people in games stop picking on you and get them punished like a 5 year old girl who just got pushed by her brother and then decided to run to daddy to tell on him.
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