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  1. Marianthe added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Are you required to include the logo? (when i take screenshots it registers it outside of the game as well and I use that one, so it doesn't include it)
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  2. Marianthe added a post in a topic Bidding system needs to be gone :(   

    I'm actually a fan of bidding because of the marketbotters - rng lets everyone have a chance at the item. maybe if the preorder system was fixed I wouldn't mind it being removed.
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  3. Marianthe added a post in a topic Life with Negative Karma!   

    except its literally completely about pvp
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  4. Marianthe added a post in a topic Tailor coupon usable for armor!   

    support! would love to keep the look of grunil for DK for when i get my boss armor.
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  5. Marianthe added a post in a topic Witch-Labreve Armor/Only Allows for One Hairstyle   

    support. not sure why it's like this.
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  6. Marianthe added a post in a topic Custom mounts   

    things like this are getting a little too much into the unrealistic realm (primarily eyes, scales spikes) lizard mounts etc - t9 horses in korea have special looks however. wouldnt mind being able to change my horse's hair though
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  7. Marianthe added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dark Knight's Second Face Eyelashes
    pleaseee please please fix this 

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  8. Marianthe added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    here's mine!

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  9. Marianthe added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Venia Riding Outfit Counts as Hat - Lets Armor Hat Show
    At least for the witch, the Venia Riding Outfit is applied to all fashion slots - including body, glove, boots, and headgear. Despite this, the hat from the armor is still shown.
    not sure if this is a glitch or not, but i hate seeing the armor hat with premium clothing. Thanks

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  10. Marianthe added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add an option to disable sound affects of other players' pets
    i've tried all the sliders and it doesn't work for any pets. all these cats sound like bicycle horns and it's extremely annoying.
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  11. Marianthe added a post in a topic Witch & Wizard Awakening Concept Art   

    pretty ironic cause the awakening art was actually released today lol

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  12. Marianthe added a post in a topic Cherry blossom guide   

    If anyone's interested, instead of the mountains south west of Olvia, I found an insane amount of wild herbs on Cliff Road, north of Florin.
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  13. Marianthe added a topic in General   

    No One's Mentioned The Lag On Edan?
    Figured someone should bring attention to the mass lag on most (if not all) Edan servers. Delay, like looting and using potions, can be over 5+ minutes. You can't talk to NPCS, attacks are lagging, it's a mess lol
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  14. Marianthe added a post in a topic Pet Tiers?   

    curious about how many hawks you bred to get this? also, at what levels?
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  15. Marianthe added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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