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  1. Khazard added a post in a topic Extend Maehwa Seal's Event For Free Pet   

    lol sorry but it's blatently obvious 12 seals was gna be the be all end all of the event rewards...you were impatient now suffer the consequences
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  2. Khazard added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    trolling is not the same as killing pixels in a video game..and your post is pretty much your attempt to troll me so I guess your all those things in your article there lol.
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  3. Khazard added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    it's 2016 Uninstall lol
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  4. Khazard added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    was unaware people even still did ranked pvp in gw2...everytime i logged on over the past year the pvp lobby area was empty and i was queued for games that never popped lol.
    to stay on topic..pretty much stopped playing DotA + a bunch of single player games i had sitting around from steam sales that I started playing in my lull of MMORPG enjoyment after archeage flopped
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  5. Khazard added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    almost missed your comment here ..yes you do lose crystals in guild wars I've lost atleast a dozen from just guildwars so far (normally the luck+1 or attackspeed+2) you don't lose them everytime it's RNG chance based and dependent on your crystals chance to break..it would appear you either are very lucky or use gems with low chances to break (carmae etc)
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  6. Khazard added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    You have a chance (you can see roughly how high the chance is by looking at ur crystals text) of crystals breaking on death..if u went afk fishing in a combat zone or autopathing with your gear on that contains crystals and someone ganked you, theres a chance for each of your crystals to break..it's rng but some crystals say "very high chance to break on death" and some say "very low chance to break on death" etc. whether you are flagged or not has no impact you're crystals will have a chance to break either way
    Source: My own experiences (lots of them -_-)
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  7. Khazard added a post in a topic Luck & Looting, free/ordered   

    you get the exact same drops at the same frequency using special deals as free for all so why would it be any different for the others
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  8. Khazard added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    ...? you do lose crystals when you're pked or killed by another player in guildwars etc...i seem to break a luck crystal or attackspeed crystal everytime i die to another player even at 300k karma while unflagged anyone that doesn't know this shouldn't even be commenting on pvp threads tbh because you are either below 45 or haven't pvped
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  9. Khazard added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    god the pve'ers in this game..I have no idea how you can relate killing a character in a game ( which is no different from killing all the monsters you massacre to level up in the game ) to people being sociopaths,  get a grip. If anything you're warped view on this shows that you yourself have the problem
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  10. Khazard added a post in a topic We were promised darker nights (✿◡‿◡)   

    use the filmic photo filter...enjoy lol
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  11. Khazard added a post in a topic Luck & Looting, free/ordered   

    you know you can buy luck+1 crystals in calpheon from the vendor for 100k? they can go into ANY equipment..it's ez to get 5 luck..
    also i think you're referring to special deals group setting..there's also other settings one i believe is greed/need or master looter? but i might be mistaken only ever used special deals or free for all
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  12. Khazard added a post in a topic An outstanding game that sadly won't last. Here's why.   

    this guy was probably on the LoL/DotA forums telling them their game was going to die because it forced pvp in a perfectly good pve game lol 
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  13. Khazard added a post in a topic Kzarka weapon +15 for 150Mk   

    Casting speed +3 and attack speed+3 =6 extra stats making it already better really
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  14. Khazard added a post in a topic Okay the odds are what??   

    wouldn't surprise me I seem to always get 2-3 orange grade crystals at the start of a grind and then next to nothing been farming abandoned/hexe for 2 weeks..no earrings or marks just orange crystals at the start of the grind nodes r lvls 5/6 atm
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  15. Khazard added a post in a topic Post Picture's of Your Musa's (Blader's)!   

    Because 47 ronin. lol

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  16. Khazard added a post in a topic Let us dispel the notion   

    been ganked twice both times by ppl that just entered the area saw me fighting a cyclops or ogre and thought they'd gangbang me and steal it for a 0.0001% chance or w/e of gettin a ogre ring or sumin lol. #worthit
    go back and they dont atk again cus they dont want bad kharma
    lol! must be a psychopath if you ever killed anyone on a vidya game hahahahahahhahahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHHA...HA..anyone got a knife?
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  17. Khazard added a post in a topic Dark Elf   

    really guys u DON'T want another pet class look at the AI for the mobs ingame and the tamers wolf..absolute garbage..the wolf barely ever works properly..
    inb4 Dark Knight Female and White Knight Male lol^^
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  18. Khazard added a post in a topic PVP ≠ Grief   

    lol sorry didn't realise ur character was part of the real world no one in game gives a shit about ur real life dude..mb get up earlier and avoid trying to rush 10mins to do sumet in a combat zone on a game in the future ¬.¬
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  19. Khazard added a post in a topic PVP ≠ Grief   

    PKing is not griefing..PKing someone over and over and over and following them around etc. is griefing..other forms of griefing can include intentionally trying to die to or get hit by a flagged player fighting another player to increase their kharma etc. in other games it was stuff like pushing people out of safezones using unintended mechanics (e.g. LOM2 two classes could teleport their pets inside of you and there was a 50:50 chance your char would get pushed a space in any direction or their pets would get pushed...) or pushing their character off of their own loot and blocking them from getting it till the loot timer disabled and the items became ffa etc.
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  20. Khazard added a post in a topic Cast Speed Gems?   

    morghulis scroll boss and elric shrine
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  21. Khazard added a post in a topic Cast Speed Gems?   

    I've sold a bunch on jordine( +2)
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  22. Khazard added a post in a topic After the NA catch up XP weekends, has the balance between fishing level in NA/EU been restored?   

    and as such loaded with silver which they can use to max out all their gear..didn't think that through did ya kid lol.
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  23. Khazard added a post in a topic BDFishers.com   

    how is this at all related to my post? lol
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  24. Khazard added a post in a topic Are there more costumes coming that do what Ghillie suit does? Is this one of them?   

    these camo sets are rather pointless for berserkers, the only saving grace of my berserker atm lol.
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  25. Khazard added a post in a topic Here to complain like everyone else.   

    1/10 - didn't complain about p2w elions tears, cash shop costumes, +50% exp pots or pet breeding..i just reached 50 a few days ago and haven't experienced your issues btw for mobbing just use stomp to pull then fd>headbutt>spin>stomp again to knock em back..dont take too much dmg using stomp to keep em knocked back while rt is on cd my armours only +8 and wep is +14 with +9 offhand so my dp is low but my ap is high enough to 100-0 all the mobs ive been killing atm (not been to mediah yet) but killed ogres/cyclops/rutums/catfish/skeletons/manshas/shadowknights etc - also dont have hp on spin yet but 200 large pots last me a couple of hours usually
    also spinning then evading out at the end and kiting with fd at range works pretty well for conserving pots
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