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  1. Cuddles added a post in a topic The winter theme is half-baked   

    I live in the midwest, all leaves fall off trees and the grass and plants 'die.'
    Do you live in the magical land of Oz or something where leaves dont fall off trees, grass stays green, and flowers and other plants are blooming like it's spring 24/7?
    Obviously evergreen trees stay green... but.... that's about it....
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  2. Cuddles added a topic in General   

    The winter theme is half-baked
    It's supposedly winter, yet trees and grass are still green and lush, flowers are blooming, etc.
    If it's supposed to be "winter" can you at least replace the trees with those with no leaves? and at least turn the grass to that yellowish brown hue of dead grass? And take out all the flowers?
    This would go a LONG way toward making the game actually look and feel like winter.
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  3. Cuddles added a post in a topic You have it all wrong   

    Fair point in regard to not requiring multiple accounts to get shit done. However, BDO makes everything far too simplistic.
    Grind + simplicity = mind numbingly boring.
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  4. Cuddles added a post in a topic Ranger Awakening Guide?   

    IS it just me or is that sorc awful. No signs of agony, no shadow eruption, no dream of doom, just sitting in awakening nearly the entire time.
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  5. Cuddles added a post in a topic URGENT: Valencia EXP & DROPS   

    Just another example of poor design choices by this developer. And horrible business practices by the publisher.
    The barrier for entry into valencia content grinding is a huge time and money investment for the gear. But they know this, and that's why they put that barrier, as well as the real money Pearls for ingame currency (P2W, PAY4POWER), into the game. They want you to feel behind, and they want you to spend $$$$ to catch up, OR, deal with the overcrowded ghetto grinding spots like a ghetto bound peasant.
    This game is one huge greedy, predatory power trip money grab by the publisher. It goes far beyond just making a tidy profit to live a decent life, pay operation costs, and roll out new content. CASH GRAB Minimally Viable Product. Tho, I will say, the developers tried to make this game great, but the greed creeped in with Daum(now Kakao), the publisher, aka the people who care more about money than substance and art. So what we're left with is a game meant to manipulate and encourage the gambling and envious impulses within people. Oh, you want gear like that guy? Pay up buddy. It's only 3-6 weeks of P2W or PAY4POWER(P4P) to get that weapon you know you want! And so many sheeple are buying into this shit. just like every other -----ing idiotic scam in the world. GG
    Why do you think they're staggering awakening releases? So they can squeeze every ounce of cash from their whales and average joe p2w'er! They're giving them a chance to buy and sell the maximum amount of awakening costumes! Why do you think they keep upping the amount of pets you can have out at a time? It was recently raised to 5 in KR! Do you think they do this because they're nice? Because they're benevolent? NO. It's to s-c-r-a-p-e out more and more dough from the peasants who keep buying t3-4 pets! (apparently that word is CENSORED when spelled properly, janky ass filter)
    Why do you think weight and inventory slots are character bound? As well as costumes? Why do you think you buy city warehouse slots PER city. Greed. Unadulterated, bold faced greed. And it's going to get worse, people, until all the deniers themselves decide to draw the line and finally agree with me or just straight up quit.
    Anyone saying "oh man, there's no p2w or p4p, you only get 20m for 20 bucks" You play this game way too much. You also take for granted that you've probably been playing since launch and are relatively close in power to others who have been. But what if you started last week? What if you saw the stratification and gear power discrepancy? And saw the sheer amount of time, luck, and RNG madness required to have a chance of catching up? You probably would p2w as hard as you could, or just not play at all. Yes some people would play anyway, not everyone is worried about being in the top 10% of gear, but you still want to do the latest greatest content, no? You want to be stuck grinding pirates and sausans forever? Trying to s-c-r-a-p-e for a bone? Nah. doubt it.
    Archeage is a superior game to Black Desert Online. But nearly everyone jumped on the "F U TRINO" bandwagon and quit. Mark my words, the day of "F U Kakao" is coming. P2W P4P, artisans's memory... It has only begun.
    BDO has less substance and artistic quality than Archeage. The ocean content of BDO will never compare to to Archeage's. People are going to be pissed when they finally wakeup and see their bimbo waifu (BDO) for what she really is. They will take it out on Kakao, but they should take it out on themselves for being a willfully blind fool, duped by pretty graphics. I wouldn't be surprised if many people actually went BACK to Archeage. But even that is cringey to me since those same basic, assinine RNG progression mechanics are there. It's time for KR developers to think of something different than this ridiculously basic and exploitative gambling mechanic known as "enchanting."
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  6. Cuddles added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    I HAVE AN IDEA for a new mmorpg, are you guys ready?
    Let's make a game, and make it nearly impossible for the average player to get decent gear without pouring their entire life into the game.
    Let's make obtaining gear and power RNG.
    Let's make the game look REALLY REALLY GOOD so people have that much more motivation to play. (Let's also make 80% of the classes female BOMBSHELLS so all the hormonal nerds can't resist playing)
    Let's then add a way for the average player to give us money in real life so that they can directly pour it into their gear so that they can brute force the RNG system and actually play the new content we release!
    Or, wait, nevermind, this seems a bit unethical and predatory.
    Yet, this is what we have.
    GGWP Kakao/Daum/Pearl Abyss who ever the ----- is responsible for this shit. All you can see is dollar signs, or whatever asianese currency you people use.
    Art is dead.
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  7. Cuddles added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    This game's business practices are getting shittier by the month. I'm probably going to duck out soon, or at least before they start letting players sell pearl items on the marketplace. C'mon, you know it's coming, they have just released a premium package that allows you to bypass most of the ridiculously high marketplace tax (incase you're clueless, they set it ridiculously high to sell these 15/month packages in the first place). The next step is direct RL $$$ for in game currency via selling pearl items on the marketplace.
    I haven't played World of Warcraft since WoTLK but damn it's looking better and better after I play these games from these horrendous Korean companies. Just sick of Asian business ethics lately... shady as -----. At least with most NA game companies there is some semblance of morality. Except, you know, Trion. F those guys.
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  8. Cuddles added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

  9. Cuddles added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    Any ETA on the fix for upgrading the rarity (color) of +16 and beyond items like Grunil?
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  10. Cuddles added a post in a topic Clarification requested: Possible Bitcoin Miner in Black Desert Online or XIGNCODE3   

    TBH this was a passing thought that I had, that there may be some shady bitcoin mining going on behind the scenes, due to the fact that nearly every aspect of the game encourages the player to keep their character logged in at all times (aka the client running at a all times). They even designed an oh so convenient 'send to tray low power state' feature.
    If I ran game servers, I would not want the people in the game to stay logged in 24/7 I don't think.
    A possible explanation is, that they want to encourage people to pay for more time at internet cafes. I do recall reading that Daum has a chain of internet cafe's in Korea, so that'd make sense. I consider that a bit unethical though. Obviously thats a Korean thing, but we still get the hand-me-down google translated KR client.
    Another possible explanation is that they want their game world to feel populated. Imagine how deserted each town in each channel would feel at low pop times. Even though you consciously know each PC running around is AFK leveling their mount/breath/strength/etc, the subconscious still feels as though there are other people around doing things in the game world, which helps a person feel more apart of the game world, and thus play more/stick around longer/be more willing to spend IRL money.
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  11. Cuddles added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    So "-----ing" is bad, but adding to the "-----ing" is ok because you're -----ing about -----ing, right? You're one of those people who just goes along with everything like a good little slave, never questioning anything, aren't you. Any sort of complaint or argument is "-----ing" to you, eh?
    Anyway, sure wish we knew the content of over 1.8GB downloads the past couple days...
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  12. Cuddles added a post in a topic FIX FULLSCREEN, CANT BE THAT HARD??? BROKEN SINCE LAUNCH!!!!!!!   

    I use SLI. I need dedicated true fullscreen mode to work to take full advantage of my SLI setup. When I run the game on medium settings without true fullscreen mode, I get 40 fps, and 15 in combat with little stutters.  Unplayable.
    with true fullscreen mode working correctly, I get 60fps solid except in calpheon, and 50ish in combat.
    EDIT: possible workaround
     when fullscreen stops working, close the game, relaunch the launcher, go into settings (gear icon), pull down the drop down box and select FULLSCREEN, save, launch the game and it might work. Don't forget to put the game into "full screen" once it has launched.
    It has done that for me twice now I think. Only problem is you may have to keep doing this every time it breaks.
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  13. Cuddles added a topic in General   

    Black Desert Online's Player Economy is... lacking.
    You would think the developers, Pearl Abyss, after having released this game in several regions, would understand what items are most valued to players, and what aren't, and tune the rate to obtain such items accordingly.
    But instead we get emergent gameplay such as sitting at the marketplace screen waiting for simple items like "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault"
    Perhaps "pre-orders" and "notifications" have done some to alleviate that particular issue, but not enough. There is still the problem of SUPPLY.
    Why is supply so low in this game on nearly every useful item?
    Well, lets see.
    #1. Marketplace tax is too high. High tax makes selling far less valuable to the average joe. Why go through the trouble to produce Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault and sell it on the market place to make some cash, when you're losing so much money to the silver-sink that is marketplace tax?
    #2. Prices ceilings for items such as Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault go down when there are large supplies, but they don't go up? Uh, why? this item in particular is hard-capped at 300,000 even though it's pretty rare. The real price of this item would probably be 2 million, I would venture to guess (which is ridiculous, it shouldn't be this rare...)
    #3. Why bother putting the work into producing and selling Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault to make money, when you can just go hunt some mobs for a little bit and make far, far, far more money for the time investment?
    #4 There simply aren't enough sources of supply. There isn't enough motivation to go find sources of supply and sell, because the prices are so low + huge taxes + better money from other sources (mob grinding for turn-ins for example).  Items like Magic Crystal of the Sun - Assault (which is required to craft the blue version) should drop like candy. Why? because most classes in the game need this gem. And if you're not going to let the price ceiling rise to accommodate the scarcity of the item, raise the supply sources.
    Popular hunting zones, like, Sausan Garrison mobs should be dropping popular, neccessary items such as Magic Crystal of the Sun - Assault.
    Another point I'd like to make is that the game economy encourages "make it yourself" soloplay far too much. Not everyone wants to be a cook, an alchemist, master gatherer and such, nor has the time to be. That's the point of the marketplace.
    Perhaps someone with a Ph D in economics can expound upon or destroy what i've just said, but there it is: Black Desert Online's Player Economy sucks.
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  14. Cuddles added a post in a topic How to MAX fps through a Real Fullscreen Mode:   

    Well, OP is not wrong. there is a performance boost in fullscreen mode. Especially for SLI users like myself. However, since Mediah 'true' fullscreen is broken. I  managed to get it to work earlier today for a few minutes until i alt-tabbed while riding somewhere, but no luck since.
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