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  1. zeetu added a post in a topic "Kill 150 Cyclops" Guild Quest   

    Can confirm this quest is awful and makes people want to quit.
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  2. zeetu added a post in a topic when the Game day reset   

    It's usually at midnight UTC so 4PM PST and 7 PM EST.
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  3. zeetu added a post in a topic Unable to breed pets?   

    Yeah I just bought too many pets...
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  4. zeetu added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    "@PM_Belsazar @CM_Jouska
    Items claimed as servers went up. Received them. Character sent to Uno. I never received the in-game mail. Put in a ticket that was given a canned response telling me I should have received the in-game mail. I really hope you guys don't skip my entire account."
    Same issue for me. pet and title are stuck on Uno and never got the ingame mail saying it would be reset on the 3rd. Stuck character: Zik Zeetu on Uno. Real char Ziek Zeetu on Orwen.
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  5. zeetu added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    So I got the delivery error ingame mail but I was able to get a pet on launch on my Orwen Serendia character before we got moved to Uno. What do I do about making sure I get my pet back on Orwen?
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  6. zeetu added a post in a topic Unable to Switch channels   

    My Orwen Serendia char just ended up on Uno
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  7. zeetu added a post in a topic where do i get weapons...?   

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  8. zeetu added a topic in Guides   

    [Guide] Workers, Crafting and Transporting Goods
    I want to thank Vitor210 for working with us and putting together this guide. Lot's of good info and pictures to go along with it. Please let me know your feedback!
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  9. zeetu added a topic in Guides   

    One Guide to Rule Them All. One Guide to Find Them.
    I've put together a pretty comprehensive list of some of the best guides but I'm always looking for input.
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  10. zeetu added a post in a topic [POLL]I think the cash shop is a bit pay2win ATM   

    Cash Shop isn't open until March 3rd. People will have crafted boats & carts before March 3rd.
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  11. zeetu added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Zik
    Family Name: Zeetu
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/T3I43Wp.png

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  12. zeetu added a post in a topic Stuck at Level 15   

    You don't level from quests in this game. Go out and find some mobs to kill and the black spirit will give you some quests. The more you explore and talk to people the more quests will appear.
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  13. zeetu added a post in a topic Currency Exchange (Gold/Silver -> Pearls)   

    Having a Pearl/Silver market like how GW2 does it would be a very bad idea. This game lets you buy power with silver (enchanting gear). If you allow people to buy silver with pearls from other players you effectively made it P2W.
    Having a one way Silver to Pearl doesn't make sense either as Daum doesn't make any money from that.
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  14. zeetu added a post in a topic Auto Looping needs to be added back   

    Yeah +1 for autolooping. Or atleast waypoints. It still shows in the tooltip that you can Alt+Click to set waypoints but it doesn't work.
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  15. zeetu added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Pets are shared account wide.
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