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  1. Hzazul added a post in a topic Massive lag spikes on NA after last patch - unplayable - 100 mbit metro area fiber connection   

    I can confirm in my case that today's patch did not resolve this. Neither did flushing DNS cache or resetting TCP/IP settings.
    It seems being on certain channels minimizes the intermittent spikes while other channels are absolutely unplayable. Here are some channels that have been terrible for me:
    - Bal 1
    - Calph 5
    - Serendia 2, 3, 4, 5
    @GM_Dew please at least let us know if you have received our feedback. People with very strong connections that have never had lag spikes before have started having them following patch day of last week 3/22/2017.
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  2. Hzazul added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Massive lag spikes on NA after last patch - unplayable - 100 mbit metro area fiber connection
    Never had this problem before, my connection is generally rock solid. Can easily hit 90mbits in speed tests.
    Even a 20-person boss fight will start triggering constant rubberbanding, not being able to attack, sorc shards not draining/recovering, etc. Did the maintenance team do something wrong?
    It's like the server is processing my skills 10 seconds after I cast them, meanwhile rubberband-porting me all over the place.
    Edit: I've tried on S2, S3, S5, M5 and C5 with very bad results. C2 has been the only channel that's worked for me without constant massive lag.
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  3. Hzazul added a post in a topic How many Active Players dose BDO have?   

    Not sure what position you hold in life, but this kind of estimation is how much of the high tier finance/consulting world operates. In absence of real data, which only Kakao has, skilled/intelligent people can use proxies to estimate quantities. Nothing strange here, other than your reaction. They are called assumptions and in a good analysis, they are said to be "reasonable". If you disagree with the assumptions in my analysis, say so and suggest better alternatives. 
    In terms of the 100 for each tier - I thought it was clear from my explanation. We know for sure that each tier is more than 30. Given where my growth was compared to #30 in the ranking chart and how I was about 2/3 of the way in the bar, I eyeballed and guessed that the full tier seems to hold about 100 slots. You can argue it should be 50, or 80, or 120. Pick either of those numbers and you'll get a directional estimate of the channel population. I personally think 100 appears to be a close estimate of the real tier population behind the scenes. There are other assumptions in my analysis, such as each tier holding the same number of people. It would be most natural to do it that way, but of course, who knows. Believe what you want.
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  4. Hzazul added a post in a topic How many Active Players dose BDO have?   

    Complete garbage. Let me give you the right info piece by piece:
    Daum/Kakao is nothing more than a commercial administrator - all content gets determined by PA. This is evident in how Kakao even gets patch notes wrong half the time, as they find out what's coming shortly before patch hits themselves.We get just about all balance changes X weeks after KR, where X is usually in the 3-5 week range. This is a normal delay of changes propagating downstream. Anyone is complex software development (which I am) will tell you it'd be extremely difficult to make structural/balance changes in the main development branch and not propagate that to sub-versions over a long period of time. We eventually get all changes from KR, save for some clearly saved behind flags (like delayed Nouver, no XL pots, etc.)10k is a pretty nonsense estimate, that to me doesn't even feel right based on what I'm intuitively seeing around me. Here's mine: Based on some of my lifeskill rankings, where I'm in rank A, about 2/3 the bar but don't get a formal ranking. Let's say, based on this, that each rank tier represents 100 people in that channel. This would mean 500 people on each channel live and connected to the server. Let's be conservative and say 400 for the average channel - some more, some less. 400x36 = 14,400 people actually connected to the server at a given time. I'd easily venture a guess to say that even in a game like BDO where staying online is rewarded, at most 50% of the population would be connected at a time. This number is likely even much smaller. I'd say then that we can expect about 30K active users on NA, conservatively speaking. If I had to guess "# of players active at least once a month" , or the famed MAU metric, I would personally guess about 100K users (MAU) in NA. I guess we can approximate about the same number of players in EU, but I can't say much more than that.Edit: Here's another way to estimate: I am seeing ~5400 laytenn sales on NA. Let's say that 5000 of these came form the recent final award. Let's say that there's a 10% chance to score laytenn in the roulette and about 80% of laytenn receivers would've posted the item on the market. Based on this, we can estimate that ~62K users managed to reach the 30 day mark, meaning they logged in at least once a day! No matter how you look at it, we clearly have tens of thousands of people active multiple times each month, maybe more.
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  5. Hzazul added a post in a topic Remember BingBing, our best friend/top geared quit!   

    I really like how RNG severely limits *dumb* progression. This is why we don't already have a bunch of people running around in PEN everything. Cheers.
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  6. Hzazul added a post in a topic Is this game dying or growing?   

    I see new players all over the place. All grind spots are always full - you can expect someone to come around even if you grab an empty spot for a little while. It qualitatively feels busier than pre-merge in Edan, which itself was a highly populated server.
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  7. Hzazul added a post in a topic sorc or maehwa   

    Due to her gravity ball and large AoEs, sorcs are probably a bit ahead of maehwas in node wars. No guild will say no to more sorcs.
    Maehwa role is the high speed patroller of the battlefield, peeling off casters/ranged, preventing enemy medics and bursting down enemy squishies as opportunities arise. Sorcs on the other hand act as peelers, flankers and mass wreckers/disruptors.
    Overall though Maehwas are also in relative demand. Certainly in a better spot than, say, tamers of late.
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  8. Hzazul added a post in a topic Does the Sorc feel sluggish to anyone else?   

    My own testing has shown that skill connection speeds are heavily affected by your frame rate (FPS). I am 100% sure of this effect at least on my computer and can reproduce it anytime I want. I may try to post a video of this when I have the time. Here's the easiest way to notice it:
    1. Set to highest graphic settings your machine can support, go to Velia/Heidel dummies. Practice your transition from Turn Back Slash to Dead Hunt. If your machine can't quite sustain 60+ fps, you'll notice how your TBS back swing has to fully bounce before it'll begin DH. Real time monitoring of my FPS shows that I drop to about 35-40 fps during these skills due to all the particles, etc. flying around.
    2. Now turn everything off and go to optimization mode. Notice how TBS to DH is an amazing quick connection. My  machine usually stays above 50fps in this mode, if not a consistent 60+ fps.
    Very annoying indeed. The higher my graphic settings go, the more there's a chance my FPS will drop momentarily due to particle physics during combat and make my skill connections shitty. Optimization mode minimizes such temporary drops and supports a more consistent good combat experience.
    ...and all of this on a quite expensive machine. The only mistake I made with my PC was to get a 6-core processor instead of a 4-core maximal single core performance. 12GB Titan X graphic card, etc.
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  9. Hzazul added a post in a topic New World - Worker Expansions Stacking to 9   

    I'm curious as well - what's the verdict?
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  10. Hzazul added a post in a topic New World - Worker Expansions Stacking to 9   

    It may not be ban worthy (he still paid for it, etc.), but at least the gains need to be refunded. Gross imbalance otherwise.
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  11. Hzazul added a post in a topic New World - Worker Expansions Stacking to 9   

    He just counted on stream... he has 60 additional worker slots this way from all the different cities. WTF.
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  12. Hzazul added a post in a topic New World - Worker Expansions Stacking to 9   

    Kakao, please fix this! Either allow everyone to purchase the additional workers, or take it away and refund from the people who did. Huge unfair advantage.
    Pinging @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes @GM_Caramel
    TLDR: People bought the worker coupons on other serves and kept the items in their bank. They are using them now after the patch to achieve 3X number of worker slots through cash shop coupons.
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  13. Hzazul added a post in a topic Blade of Darkness and Violation fixes   

    Excellent. Dark flame 2.0 then, RIP class. 
    It's also possible the accuracy floor has been brought down, meaning we need more accuracy now to do the same damage. 
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  14. Hzazul added a post in a topic Blade of Darkness and Violation fixes   

    Sorc already had trouble 100-0 ing people compared to, say rangers or zerkers, as Sorc does not have a grab to extend the cc-lock. If Violation is indeed nerfed to the groun in PvP, we'll be significantly gimped.
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  15. Hzazul added a post in a topic FPS boost tips?   

    If you're in a guild, make sure to disable workers from the newly added option and restart the client. Will make a huge difference when on the same channel as your guildies, especially if they have a lot of workers.
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