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  1. Stray added a post in a topic Someone just got something that shouldn't be even able to obtain   

    See my above #.
    If you would have read the post, it started on Dec 21. That happens to be 2 days ago, give or takea  day depending on where you live....
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  2. Stray added a post in a topic Someone just got something that shouldn't be even able to obtain   

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  3. Stray added a post in a topic Someone just got something that shouldn't be even able to obtain   

    2. Returning Players Event
    Start: December 21st, 2016
    End: January 25th, 2017
    Details: Players that have not logged into the game for 30 days or more as of 12/21/2016 will be eligible to receive a returning players gift package delivered via in-game mail on 1/25/2017 upon returning to and playing the game.
    [Returning Adventurer’s Support Box]
    Value Package [7 Days] (1x)
    [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve [7 Days] (1x)
    Gold Ingot 100g (1x)
    Black Stone [Weapon] (10x)
    Black Stone [Armor] (20x)
    [Event] Cold Dark Beer (10x)
    Fine Accessory Box (1x)
    Merv’s Palette [7 Days] (1x)This is taken from the new event : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/124397-all-awakenings-released-event/
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  4. Stray added a post in a topic Lavientia's Event Guide   

    Are you able to tell us why this took 2 days after the patch release to upload notes on the event?
    I'm just curious, not trying to start a flame war from posts below me.
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  5. Stray added a post in a topic IM VERY ANGRY I CANT FIND EVENT INFO   

    I'm sorry you're still a kid and believe everything you see on the internet. One day, when you get a job and out in the workforce you'll see things aren't always as they seem. I paid for a service. i paid for this game, when it gets changed or updated I expect to know what's changed or updated. That's called customer service. I know you've never heard of that, but once your done school and get a real job, you'll know what I mean. I'm not arguing with your logic anymore, so this will be my last post.
    I'm not asking to be hand held or spoon fed, but they released information on the event a day or two after it was out, which is terrible from a company standpoint. But whatever, you can do as you please and flame the forum with your toxic feedback. Have a great day!
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  6. Stray added a post in a topic IM VERY ANGRY I CANT FIND EVENT INFO   

    If it was an official post by an official person, you'd think they could use the Events section of the forum, like they do for EVERYTHING else.
    You'd think if he was able to provide official notices, he'd post it in the right section.... RIP your logic.
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  7. Stray added a post in a topic IM VERY ANGRY I CANT FIND EVENT INFO   

    I'm sorry but you're WRONG. That is not a Kakao post. Who is to validate it's all correct? It's not listed under events.
    Lazy is the company releasing an EVENT and not listing any information about that even under the EVENT's tab. That's what it's for, in case you were curious.
    It's not hard for a developer to announce changes they make to the game, these people just seem to not care.
    Your points is moronic...
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  8. Stray added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    The guy who commented below is correct. I did it on a weekend with 100% boost, and i just grinded at maines. It's slower then sausan but you can do it solo and when you solo  grind you get WAY more skill points. so it's like killing two birds with one stone. I was above average as i initially posted, a player starting new isnt going to have 130AP which is alot for a fresh character. My warrior now has 165AP and that is hard to get (for me a casual).
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  9. Stray added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    Zerkers and rangers can solo whole groups when gear is top. Warrior / sorc have good DPS but i dont think it's as amazing as those two. Other classes seem to fall a bit under those but unawakened classes can't compare.
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  10. Stray added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    It will take some time to catch up. Dont go for boss gear, it's over priced and takes too long. Focus on grunil or the set of your choice. It's super easy to get +17/+18 on grunil. I had every piece of my grunil pop to +18 under 18 fail stacks. That might be lucky, but it was "unlucky" for me as i was using it to fail stack items. Lol.
    Get a duo weapon / awakening weapon ( about 130m each if you buy outright).
    As a returning player, playing a class i didn't leave on (i made a warrior) i have 165/277 AP/DP and awakening AP is 145 I did surprisingly well in PVP. MY skill with the class is lacking, as i've never PvP'ed with it before, but that will improve.
    Just play the game and it will get better.
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  11. Stray added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    I was kinda hardcore before i left, and i left for a few months and have returned.

    It depends on what you feel like doing. PVE you should be fine, what's your AP/DP and level?
    Getting to 56 for awakening is super easy, it took me about 3-4 hours maybe to get from 50-55. i think it took me 7-8 hours of grinding from 20 to 56 total, with 130~AP and 200~DP.
    I'd recommend doing some type of life skill or questing, to kinda fill the gaps. Grinding is boring and mindless and will throw you off the game just as easily as it brought you back. Find a guild, it helps a ton for wanting to come back. You can participate in guild quests which gives you a small goal while hunting mobs or farming mats with guildies. You can roam around valencia, which i still have yet to do, it's so big!
    There's honestly an overwhelming amount of content to see and be a part of, don't worry about the PVP side of things as the no-lifers will have anyone beat. Get good at playing the class you like, level up, spend money on gear and enjoy the game.
    I hope this helps you or was something you were looking for. See ya!

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  12. Stray added a post in a topic giant worker irrelevant now   

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  13. Stray added a post in a topic Khutum best W boss   

    I'm having a hard time seeing any points you make due to the terrible spelling and grammar.
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  14. Stray added a post in a topic WHOS THE TOP Guild on your server?   

    I'm pretty sure manup isded? Gravity will remain a contender.
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  15. Stray added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    I LOVE this photo. Wow.
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