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  1. KillZacular added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I feel like you should go further and just make this a general job that highly geared players can take on. I'm sure you can take measures to prevent abuse, but the reward for killing players should be silver payed by the person who called the hit or exchange 100 seals for an Ogre Ring or something. I want more methods of legitimately earning silver through pvp in this game for smaller guilds.
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  2. KillZacular added a post in a topic Gift package Purchased - No Code Received!   

    Same issue here.
    Edit: For those googling answers in the future. It says it takes them 3-24 hours to send you the game pass now. Idk why it takes so long when it barely took 5 minutes before, but w/e.
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  3. KillZacular added a topic in US Guild   

    Daisuki is a new guild for hardcore pvp players that are sick of rules.
    Whoa, hey guys. Welcome to Daisuki, how can I help you?
    I recently found myself annoyed and tired of all the guild politics and keeping appearances or always watching out for what I say and when with my past guilds. I was tired of being told as a valued member that I had to show up to X event 3-7 times a week in order to not be kicked from the guild. While I didn't mind attending lots of events, I can't stand the idea of someone obligating you to do something when our goal on the game should primarily be to have fun. So I finally decided to make my own guild as I have done with every other MMO in the past pretty successfully.
    Daisuki is a guild of fun and memes for moderate to hardcore players. We will war any and all guilds requested by our members in guild chat or discord. ManUp or Gravity giving you a hard time and trying to steal your grind spot? Declare on them and we will take them out or at least put up a darn good fight. Being karma grief'd? Get an instant dec on anyone even as a regular member in the guild. Officers wont ask questions until after if they do have any. 
    Busy and can't come to the node war? That is fine, we would love to have you, but none of our node/region/gvg wars or anything will be mandatory. We ask that you be as active as you can or are willing to be and show up to whichever ones possible that you feel like attending. No mandatory events where you get kicked for not showing up immediately like all of the other hardcore guilds.
    Like to trash talk? So do we. Keep it within the ToS (If they wont ban you for it) and you can spam/trash talk all you like. I only ask that you don't overdo it so much that we get server-wide muted like Baka.
    Now, I have to admit, this is a brand new guild. I literally just made it. So we have NO funds and NO guild perks yet. My primary goal is to get enough members online that I can start doing guild missions and get both of those up even if I have to do it alone. After I get those up enough or we have some geared members ready to go, we will start doing node wars. My goal is for a 30-100 member guild of mostly players at the 420+ gear score range and to be a guild that is ready to fight whatever top guild decides to get in our way. I will also try to avoid all this 2v1 scrub strategy that most of the top guilds seem to love now. I want as many fair fights as possible and while we will have our allies, I don't plan on relying on them and zerging everyone like some of the trash guilds we have now.

    If you are willing to give this guild a shot and join our ranks, I would be happy to have you. Don't let your memes be dreams, and may the memes be with you for the night is dank and full of terrors.

    TLDR: Most current hardcore guilds suck and have too many rules. Join this new guild and help me build it up into a hardcore guild without any mandatory events and we will fight and meme our way to victory.
    If you have any additional questions about anything, feel free to ask them here or PM me.
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  4. KillZacular added a post in a topic Enchantment-Loss-Concept: "Protective charges"   

    The karma system is plenty forgiving enough. There should be no reason in the world for you to want to go red as it is meant to be a punishment system for a reason. It is already stupid easy to buy a karma scroll and just continue farming normally which gives karma faster than someone can grief you. So the only thing a new/lesser punishing system facilitates is higher geared and rich players can act like even bigger dicks, which is the last thing we want in this game when we are trying to attract new players. 
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  5. KillZacular added a post in a topic My opinions on how awakening release was handled.   

    Nice memes Kakao. 
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  6. KillZacular added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    Because Russia had a competent publisher unlike Kakao.
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  7. KillZacular added a post in a topic My opinions on how awakening release was handled.   

    Their past has not shown a lot of promise.
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  8. KillZacular added a post in a topic Wet noodles, tickling, scratching and other stories with 160AP +   

    I could say the same about your lack of knowledge with Kunoichi.
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  9. KillZacular added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Again another P2W scandal. If that is the case, we would be fine with that, but they need to TELL US AHEAD OF TIME. Instead of implying the worst, why not clarify from the start?
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  10. KillZacular added a post in a topic My opinions on how awakening release was handled.   

    You just straw manned me there. I said they had nothing to do with delays other than Node Wars. Which is completely true. They delayed Node Wars until the hackers were handled and that has not been an issue for months now.

    This thread is for complaints / one last plea for Daum to start listening despite the fact that we know they wont. The main point of the OP and giant text is to give context to why this is a problem for those who are looking at this thread and may not be informed as to why this is so wrong of Daum to do. In addition, Daum have shown they never even look at Feedback anyway, so I don't see why that would be an issue anyway. This thread is for people to cry and complain over just the latest in Daum's pretty regular web of lies.
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  11. KillZacular added a post in a topic Wet noodles, tickling, scratching and other stories with 160AP +   

    Thanks. Phone auto correct got me
    dictionary.com? Whoa too official for me. (Insert random site with no academic credentials here) pretend to feel smart.
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  12. KillZacular added a post in a topic Wet noodles, tickling, scratching and other stories with 160AP +   

    More input from the child who doesnt even play at a high level. So cute. 
    Terribleness? Even making up words. Holy crap you're dumb. 
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  13. KillZacular added a post in a topic My opinions on how awakening release was handled.   

    This is the suggestion forum and the thread is suggesting to Daum to release all the awakenings at once like they promised multiple times. We are half a year behind because Daum are choosing to milk the playerbase in the dumbest way possible. Hackers had nothing to do with delaying anything but node wars slightly. Don't dare try to justify this delay with such poor reasoning. 
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  14. KillZacular added a topic in Suggestions   

    My opinions on how awakening release was handled.
    The entire excuse that they were delaying awakenings was so that we could have all of them released at the same time. Now they were delayed for nothing because they are going to do them one at a time anyway which also means they are delaying the Harpy Queen boss and we for no reason are going to be half a year behind the KR version when we should have only been a couple patches away. This is just absolutely retarded and even myself who regularly defend their decisions cannot comprehend the stupidity behind this decision. Grats on ruining balance and pvp for the next few months. I'll be on WoW until you guys get your head on straight. 
    "Daum Games Europe intends to release as many awakening weapons as possible in a single patch. The plan is to release all the awakening weapons available in Korea at the moment in which the patch will launch at the same time. Unfortunately it might not be feasible to include every single class, as some awakening weapons are far down the line even in Korea (for instance Wizard and Witch), but all other classes should be able to get their awakening weapons simultaneously."
    "because awakenings have been out before in other regions we have the luxury of releasing all the awakenings excluding witch, wizard, kuno, and ninjas all together" 
    Complain and beg for them to fix this here, but as we know, our opinions never matter with them anyway. 
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  15. KillZacular added a post in a topic Wet noodles, tickling, scratching and other stories with 160AP +   

    Uses pleb yet can't even spell plebeian out. You're just a child looking for a fight and a troll. Go back to rune scape little boy. Let the big kids talk here. 
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