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  1. Dagnis added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Boats to Illiya Island broken
    The 2 boats to Illiya island are supposed to operate as opposites. (Ie while one is at Velia the other is at Illiya.) Instead they've been progressively off more and more, and have gotten to the point where they are overlapped. As a result instead of each side getting a ship every 10 mins, it's every 20. Attached is a screenshot of them overlapping. 
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  2. Dagnis added a post in a topic Delay when equipping multiple things fast?   

    I wish they would revert whatever back to the way it was.. it's so annoying.
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  3. Dagnis added a topic in General   

    Delay when equipping multiple things fast?
    Anyone else experiencing a delay when attempting to equip things "fast"? My speed is about the same as I did before but I now get a "Item can't be used in current state" which stops me from easily equipping all my armor efficiently. 
    • 5 replies
  4. Dagnis added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    Just getting me that free costume because I know I don't stand a chance. 
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  5. Dagnis added a topic in General   

    Horse/Training exp question
    How much training exp do you get from leveling a horse and does the tier of horse make a difference?
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  6. Dagnis added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    I'm having a similar issue. I just leveled a horse twice at Skilled 8 Training and I went from 18% to 19%.. didn't even move my first horse level.. Might wanna double check that exp formula being used and see if it's exp=exp+.3, or exp=exp+1.3.. that 1 makes a huge difference. 
    EDIT: further tested. 3 horse level ups, went from 18% to 18% first level up, and then went up 1% only each time after. This is not the % increase I should be seeing at only Skilled 8
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  7. Dagnis added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    I still haven't received my Title or loyalities. 
    NA: Orwen
    Family AND character name: Dagnis
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  8. Dagnis added a post in a topic Would you buy a $60 "Deluxe Costume"   

    If it only looks "better" no. What would be the other advantages of a "deluxe" costume? 
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  9. Dagnis added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Still still haven't gotten ANY reward. Family/character name both Dagnis, Orwen server. 
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  10. Dagnis added a post in a topic Recycle scrapped armor textures from KR beta as cheaper costumes   

    +infinite. Please and thank you. this game needs more armor, don't care how it's obtained. 
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  11. Dagnis added a post in a topic Will we ever get this ranger costume?   

    Half those ranger costumes aren't in the game at all.. UGH! THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOO!
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  12. Dagnis added a post in a topic Will we ever get this ranger costume?   

    I like it mostly because it's the practical compared to a lot of the other costumes. 
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  13. Dagnis added a topic in General   

    Will we ever get this ranger costume?
    Was wondering if anyone knows anything about this ranger costume and the potential of us getting it. 
    • 43 replies
  14. Dagnis added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    You do understand that concurrently means that, X number of players are online at any give time, on average. Key words there being AVERAGE, and ONLINE. It's not saying that only 100-120k players have "active" accounts. and that means it goes ABOVE that since it's an average. It could very well go up to 250k or so during peak hours, we don't know. This amount of players is actually pretty good for simply one game. Think about it this way.. Steam ranges from 8m to 11 mill. BDO is just ONE GAME, and a niche at that. 
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  15. Dagnis added a post in a topic Heidel City IsExtremely Dangerous!!   

    What house location is that? I'm assuming it's a house..
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