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  1. Colt556 added a post in a topic Livestream Content Announcements Recap (ENG)   

    So around two months from now we should get monk if they keep the same pattern.
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  2. Colt556 added a post in a topic Livestream Content Announcements Recap (ENG)   

    How long did it take for us to get DK after KR got it? I'm curious to know when we can expect to get Striker as that looks badass.
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  3. Colt556 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    That's why I said it was extremely unlikely. Still would have been nice.
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  4. Colt556 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    That's a bummer. I was hoping (as unlikely as it was) that I could use my workers to level up my trading.
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  5. Colt556 added a post in a topic Number of Crates for Master 2   

    Probably adding up all the various buffs. 15% from +2 trader outfit, 10% from lifeskill scroll, 15% from elixir of flowing time, etc etc etc.
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  6. Colt556 added a post in a topic Number of Crates for Master 2   

    I tried doing some manual trading to at least hit prof 1, but I hate grinding and found it too cumbersome for the miniscule xp I was getting. I've been focusing on getting crates to actually sell and building up my contribution.
    Either way, 40k crates aint that bad. I've already obtained the various XP buffs I need so at this point it's just buying the resources to make the ore crates and waiting for my workers to build them. Thanks for giving me a concrete answer.
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  7. Colt556 added a topic in Guides   

    Number of Crates for Master 2
    I'm trying to hit Master 2 in trading (currently skilled 10) but I've been finding a lot of conflicting information on junk crates (I'm using iron ore crates). I've seen some posts say you only need 15k crates with all the xp buffs while others say you need like 70k. I believe there was a nerf to junk crate XP so can anybody tell me approximately how many crates I will need to get to master 2?
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  8. Colt556 added a post in a topic Naming System   

    If you expect someone to know that you're joking from that type of post, you're clearly new to the internet. But a word of advice, you can't hear tone or intent through words, so satire is lost unless you make it obvious.
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  9. Colt556 added a post in a topic Naming System   

    Someone clearly missed the entire point.
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  10. Colt556 added a post in a topic Naming System   

    Wow, if that's true this game's gonna have a REAL rough time in a couple months when literally every passable name is taken. What a shoddy system.
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  11. Colt556 added a post in a topic Naming System   

    I don't believe they'd ever actually change it. I can't think of a single MMO changing their naming system post launch, which is why I made it a rant rather than a suggestion. But damn is it a missed opportunity. It really begs the question what family names are even used for, since sharing between characters can (and has) be done without something like a family name. It feels like they were going to do it properly but then dropped the ball near completion.
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  12. Colt556 added a topic in General   

    Naming System
    I just wanna vent because I'm mad. But BDO has the single worst naming system in MMO history. I've been stuck here for hours trying to name one single character but everything's taken. And you know why? Because of the family name system. In a traditional MMO if I wanted to be named John and it was taken, I could just go John_Smith and look perfectly adequate. But in BDO It'd be John_Smith Smith which is stupid. So they mandate we have a family name yet then don't include the family name in determining uniqueness. If my family name is Smith, why the hell can't I name my character John? Who cares if there's a thousand other John's,. I'd be the only 'John Smith' since my family name is unique. I honestly do not understand why they don't include the family name. By mandating we have one and yet not use it they make naming EXCEPTIONALLY restrictive. Because with their system you're restricted to only using first names and those dry up real damn quick. It's the second day of launch and I'm already spending hours trying to get a name for my character, how the hell will it be a year from now?
    The day MMO devs realize that unique character names are absolutely garbage is the day I will be one happy camper. Well, with my rant out of the way back to spending a few more hours trying to find a name.
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  13. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    KR/RU are F2P. This is B2P. If you wanna justify these prices then don't expect me to pay 30 dollars just to get access to the game.
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  14. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    B2P/F2P are optionally more expensive. In most B2P/F2P games you can get by with little to no spending. For example in GW2 a costume is 10 bucks, but beyond that the gear you can earn in game is decent looking. So you could make your character look good without ever spending more than the base game price. Or in F2P games like Tera, the costumes are more expensive but the gear itself that you can earn is good looking and you can buy those cosmetic costumes for in-game currency. So again, you can get full access without spending any money at all.
    The problem here is the ONLY way to look decent is to buy cash shop items. Unlike literally every bloody MMO on the market, BDO FORCES you to pay extra money to not look like some starter newbie peasant. And then they have the gall to charge you more than they charged for the game itself. So yeah, B2P and F2P can end up more expensive than P2P, but only if you want extra stuff. In BDO you're MANDATED to pay more than a P2P just for the bare minimum of visual adequacy.
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  15. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Appearance is NOT 'completely unnecessary'. Appearance is one of the most important aspects of any MMO, which is why they always put so much effort into character creators and art design. Being forced to spend the entire game clad in rubbish peasant gear is unacceptable. I can spend 15 dollars on a P2P MMO and gets DOZENS, potentially HUNDREDS of costumes. So don't you -----ing tell me it's a 'good deal' that I can spend 60 dollars for ONE costume in BDO (game included) and spend 30 dollars on a P2P MMO and gets near a hundred costumes (game included).
    God you couldn't shill any harder if you tried. I mean what kind of mental gymnastics are you doing right now where you think 60 dollars for one costume is a better deal than 30 dollars for a hundred costumes?
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  16. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Find me a B2P MMO that charges 22 dollars for a single costume.
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  17. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    There's one key difference that you're ignoring because you're too busy shilling. In a P2P game, at least most of them, I get FULL access to the game. That 15 a month means I get EVERYTHING. Do you have any idea how much money it'd cost to buy EVERYTHING in the cash shop for EVERY character at these prices? A hell of a lot more than 180 dollars I can tell you that much.
    There also isn't an MMO on the market that's P2P and doesn't offer you any decent looking gear unless you pay extra. For example I'm playing FF14 right now, they have a cash shop sure. But all the gear in game has it's own unique appearance. You can mix and match, you can glamour over gear. You can make your character look as unique and wonderful as you want without ever paying more than 15 dollars a month.
    So if you wanna even dare try and pull that bullshit card then I expect the same amount of content if I'm paying 180 dollars a year. Over 60 dollars for the game and ONE decent looking costume? Are you -----ing insane? If they made this a P2P game with a 15 dollar sub and gave me full and unrestricted access to cash shop items yeah, sure, then we can talk. But as long as it's B2P I expect reasonably priced costumes, ESPECIALLY because they intentionally made sure it was impossible to get decent looking gear for free.
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  18. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Doesn't matter whether I plan on buying one thing or a hundred things, these prices are absolutely inexcusable for a buy to play game. Stop being a shill and worry more about the consumers and less about the corporation.
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  19. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Seeing you defend a company trying to gouge their consumers is really disappointing. You should stop. There is no acceptable excuse for these prices. If they expect us to pay these absurd prices then they better make this game F2P. Because if I'm already paying just to play the game I'm not paying 32 dollars for a bleeding costume.
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  20. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Doesn't really matter, the principle remains the same. If the items are cheaper, more people can buy them which ultimately gets more money, or at least the same amount of money.
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  21. Colt556 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    Whoever came up with those prices... goddamn. I'm not paying 30 bucks for a video game and then paying another 30 dollars for ONE SINGLE COSTUME. I can justify 10 dollars per costume, but 30? Are you insane? Clearly the people in charge of pricing have never heard that it's better to get 5 dollars from a thousand people than 15 dollars from 100 people.
    I haven't bought this yet but my friends have and I was going to, but seeing as how the only decent looking gear is cash shop items and they cost more than the game itself.... Here's hoping they realize just how absurd these prices are and lower them to something reasonable. I'm not going to pay for the game and then pay another game's worth of money for one single costume, it aint gonna happen.
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  22. Colt556 added a post in a topic Cooking   

    I added something for you.
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  23. Colt556 added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    Sounds to me like you need better trackers.
    Bottom line is you seem to think you have the right to trap people in town and prevent them from playing the game they paid for. I will never agree with that and simply point out that what you are advocating is literally trolling and griefing. If you want to kill someone then do so before they get to a safe zone.
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  24. Colt556 added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    Your guilds have garbage strategists, then. You could create a complete perimeter with only a dozen or two guys depending on the size of the safe area. You don't need them wall to wall, all you need is eyes on the town. If the target tries to escape you call it out "hey, he's hopping over the south side wall" and chase him down and kill him. If you have such a large guild you could easily do this for every channel, so even if he swaps channels he can't escape.
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  25. Colt556 added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    The fact that you think a single death and having the game straight up blocked to you is the same thing is really pathetic. It's also exceptionally pathetic that you think preventing people from playing the game they paid for is in any way acceptable, let alone something to be encouraged. This is why you're so obviously one of those griefers you talk about. No normal player would willfully advocate for a system that actively prevents people from playing the game. There's a difference between PVP and flat out griefing, and what you're asking for is most assuredly the latter.
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