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  1. Rentation added a post in a topic Sexism Sells?   

    Can we go a day without the SJWs attacking something no one else bats an eye at?
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  2. Rentation added a post in a topic No Blader On Release?   

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  3. Rentation added a post in a topic Cant get pets anymore?!   

    I really just meant a paywall for areas or dungeons a la SWTOR, and yeah I also want to collect each pet in the game or each costume and look sick as ----- but this is the state F2P/B2P games are in. They need more money to keep the game alive, look at WoW or FFXIV, subscription based MMOs where you can get everything possible but technically you're paying $15 a month to be able to get all your content. Either games go F2P and make you pay for some content, either costumes or pets, or you have to keep paying. I hate this kinda shit too.
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  4. Rentation added a post in a topic Petition to have more classes available at launch day.   

    We're getting Tamer at release, a class not present during the KR release, due to popular demand but this was back in November that they announced this. Before the first CBT even began, now we're closing in on the second CBT, which should be announced soon, and hopefully a release at earliest second or third week of February, as expected name reservation times suggest. It would be almost impossible for Blader, Plum, Ninja and Kunoichi to all be translated, balanced, and tested by the Q1 release. I'd like everything to release at once so we match other releases, but this is how translated MMOs go, we start where the first server started, and this time we even get something they didn't at launch.
    We have to wait just like they did for new content, we shouldn't have the ability to get stuff earlier then they did, it's not fair to those who waited. There's no perfect world for translated MMO releases, it's just a matter of starting where everyone else did. Look at any Nexon published MMO, they normally stay around 6 months or even a year behind the content their Korean counterparts get. A petition isn't going to change the publisher's mind as they have to either meet their release date or piss off everyone who paid $30/50/100 for the game and expect a release date soon, instead of another quarter or two away, while KR gets more content and the community complains.  
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  5. Rentation added a post in a topic Cant get pets anymore?!   

    You don't understand the time and money that goes into game design do you? They need to pay employees and keep servers up constantly. Workers and servers aren't free. So you think a company can keep a game running of $30/50/100 each time someone buys the game? BDO has been in development since 2010, a substantial amount of money has been thrown into a F2P/B2P game and you want them to get a small percentage of their money back so you can loot a bit faster, even though a single pet isn't that much faster than you looting yourself. You can do everything the game has, no paywalls, except without a pet you look slightly slower, or your costumes are the base ones the game offers for free.
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