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  1. An4thor added a post in a topic You worked for your gear? Ummm No. But I did WORK for my money!   

    i'm in fact going to find another hobby, done with mmos. And no it's not the publisher's fault, it's the fault of those spending money on this garbage practices. They see revenew in doing this and they exploit the customers lack of intelligence in seeing they are being milked. The publisher is just doing it's job, the customer is unable to tell what is right or wrong anymore.
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  2. An4thor added a post in a topic So basically we paid for a game to get korean F2P model   

    or vote with chargebacks
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  3. An4thor added a post in a topic You worked for your gear? Ummm No. But I did WORK for my money!   

    it's thanks to you idiots that we have to put up with this crap of models nowadays. MMO died a long time ago, now they are just cash cows for plebs like you. Not enough time? Then how the hell were people able to work and progress in old mmos? Please shut up if you graduated last year and have no clue how working people progressed in old school mmos.
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  4. An4thor added a post in a topic You worked for your gear? Ummm No. But I did WORK for my money!   

    No only adults with more money than brain support p2w, don't lump us together with your kind of "adult"
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  5. An4thor added a post in a topic Brain is good, let me show you how to use it.   

    True but did anyone expect it to come so early? I mean this is a move for when you lost most of your playerbase already and need to milk the remaining cows. They haven't released awakenings either yet. This is way worse than the bait and switch Trion did; i'd like to meet who made this decision and laugh on his face for how stupid he was. 
    They literally shot themselves for no apparent reason.
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  6. An4thor added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    Why would you think that grinders aren't also going to p2w? You'll be surprised
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  7. An4thor added a post in a topic Don't let the door hit you on the way out!   

    afk fisher spotted, no but seriously if you think p2w attracts non toxic players have fun with that
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  8. An4thor added a post in a topic This is not pay to win   

    convert rl money for fragments and spam enchanting? 
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  9. An4thor added a post in a topic This is not pay to win   

    do you even brain? Convert rl money to game money, use game money to get gear or enchant it. How is that not p2w? 
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  10. An4thor added a post in a topic The P2W Announcement by Kakao Games   

    Do you even play bdo? because from this comment it really doesn't seems like.
    Gear, that's the key word.
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  11. An4thor added a post in a topic FINALLY!!!!   

    you can now look cool while you afk fish
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  12. An4thor added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    ahahahahahahah people were asking why we were upset when they added the value pack. It wasn't because of the value pack itself; but because of what would have come after, which is this.
    Was a fun ride, best MMO i've ever played since headstart. No regrets for what i spent, still would have liked to last at least a year..guess i was wrong.
    No bad feelings, have fun for those staying o/
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  13. An4thor added a post in a topic When we get wepon awekenings?   

    he must like "erasing" people at mansha
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  14. An4thor added a post in a topic Subscription pricing~   

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  15. An4thor added a post in a topic To all the white knights defending Value pack   

    I don't like the direction they are going with the shop. First they allowed dyes to be sold in the ah, now they added a premium sub that f2p games have with questionable perks.
    They are speeding up the money grab, even though at a slower rate than what i saw in archeage and by using a bit more brain not to lose customers as fast. 
    I'm afraid the money i spend will go to waste; because instead of playing this game for years i might be forced to quit when it becomes too p2w for my taste (it isn't yet thus i'm still playing).
    There is still the thing about not allowing shop items to be sold in the ah "at launch phase". With all these things adding up i decided to vote with my wallet and stop investing in this game. I'll enjoy it until i can then quit with no regrets when the time comes.
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