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  1. Verline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Could you remove the watermarks and perhaps stop deleting the comments requesting that, because the watermarks ruin the screenshots and will make people use 3rd party screenshot tools rather than doing what you expected to achieve.
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  2. Verline added a post in a topic Disconnects   

    No one said that the new router will route you to heaven!
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  3. Verline added a post in a topic Disconnects   

    Can't even select a character
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  4. Verline added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Your awakening hasn't been released yet. Please wait.
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  5. Verline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    No one said that the new world is a better one in the end
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  6. Verline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    No idea too, but if people keep asking for fix, they might go the same way as devs fixed the buggy jumping in Vindictus... They removed it...
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  7. Verline added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Why does it even take eternity to check files =.= 
    A cool uncensored song about my attitude below. Warning. Hard language
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  8. Verline added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    4th check. May the 4th be with me.
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  9. Verline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    I guess devs are sleeping after a tough night
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  10. Verline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    514.12 MB / 1.04 GB patcher stuck. What's that?
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  11. Verline added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Imo the most toxic part of this game is the community (a major part of it) and I see more disadvantages than advantages in the great unity with many pro-wannabes retarded kids that pk everything they see from some specific servers, you may guess. Playing with a couple of friends - cool. Playing with a zerg of aggressive kids fighting to death for a spot - not really a thing to enjoy. I truly enjoyed the separation, therefore it seems more bitter to me than a great idea.
    GMs, maybe you should make a poll ? So you can see how people treat your idea?
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  12. Verline added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    Hello, one friend really wants me to join you haha. Been playing RU version for 2.5 months (+17 wep / +15 rest gear), archer lv53, was too lazy to get 55 cause they messed up with rates too hard. I know the game well enough. Being sort of a PVE player.  I prefer cooperation rather than rivalry. Not sure if I'll be farming as a nolifer like I did on RU server though  but anyway kind of willing to be quite active  Aye, Verline was my nickname in Vindictus (secret message)
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