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  1. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic Is JELIWAN best shot caller in Na? He's mangobaed   

    this is what rly happen mango just went back to its natural form  a memes guild  
    guild full of forum warriors  
    a guild that owns a forum castle 
    a guild that non stop shit talking but when they get their shit pushed in they channel hop and hide and the channel chats become quiet 
    a guild that barley could afford to fight in a castle siege calling them self a S tier guild with no guild fund begging man up and bend over for some money from man up
    in return help them in future sieges 
    a guild that tried so hard went to the length of using spys in other guilds
    a guild that lost 10+ members in the first Ban wave
    a guild that calls GK a dead guild but everyday have their forum warriors to come to the forum and post about GK
    a guild that is so salty makes little alt accounts on the forum and impersonate 
    new update they lost 4 more members today after pulling every member they can before sieges yesterday
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  2. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic Mangobay struggling to find an ally   

    didn't they begged manup for some money last night and for the money they will help them in future sieges they just went dirt poor after last night sieges
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  3. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic <MangoBay> shall reclaim redemption!   

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  4. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic Yo Judgment   

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  5. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic EXPECT US... LOL   

    you are real salty son don't even dare to use your main account 
    scared of ppl knowing who you are ?fz
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  6. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic EXPECT US... LOL   

  7. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic Time to let go.   

    Bye bye if you dont like rng and grind dont ever touch a korean mmo ever again 
    they wont change a game 180 because its coming to NA better off making a new game for NA
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  8. MINT_MOCHI added a topic in General   

    Game cant launch after patch
    im getting corrupted file after patch than i deleted version.dat and it downloaded a 32gig patch got file corrupted again then i re-downloaded bdo got file currupted again any one else getting this problem 
    any idea how to fix it?
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  9. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic What happened to all the Gatekeeper and Gravity forum warriors?   

    OMG are you sherlock holmes but....how??wtf??  

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  10. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic BROKEN seige system.   

    glish ruins-edan
    Couldn't respawn in camp couldn't use siege weapons  
    you might want to look in the ppl that said they didn't have the problem and you might know why some ppl are saying there wasn't a problem
    the bug started at 8:00pm eastern 
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  11. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic What happened to all the Gatekeeper and Gravity forum warriors?   

    Memes guild little forum warrior wanna share your in game id with me 

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  12. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic EVERYTHING BROKE IN NODE WARS   

    Practice was for guild that had no experience they never mention practice was for debugging
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  13. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic BROKEN seige system.   

    but they are getting rewarded tho 
    the main reason practice was it was for the other guild that had no experience in sieges can come in and practice and learn 
    they never mention practice siege was for debugging
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  14. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic BROKEN seige system.   

    Im mad cause trash guilds are going to get reward for winning a node with the advantage of the bug
    if your guild was attacking basically you had the advantage of the other guild not being able to spawn in side camp and couldn't use siege weapons 
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  15. MINT_MOCHI added a post in a topic BROKEN seige system.   

    Fix and wipe
    Some guilds won because of the defensing side coudn't defense no siege equipment was working and coudn't re spawn in camp
    wouldn't be fair if you reward guilds that won with the advantage of the defensing side coudn't defense because of the bug
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes
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