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  1. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Hunting Rifles   

    Well, you shoot crocs, but shooting don't give XP. When you skin or butcher the dead croc you 'loot' hunting experience.
    Point was, you can get xp other than just doing daily quests (where you only get hunt xp as a quest turn in reward), but nothing from just shooting and looting seagulls or eagles themselves.
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  2. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Used to be 30...
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  3. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Farm Fences,   

    Right, so you borrowed someone's gun then pawned it off to a complete stranger.
    Sounds illegal
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  4. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Farm Fences,   

    It's a little silly if it doesn't tell you who you rented it from.
    How are you supposed to get the CP back? Visit every NPC from Epheria to the eastern border watchtowers?
    Seems weird. Should be a simple mouse-over tooltip that tells you where it's from (sorta like fish and farm items tell you their place of Origin for trade purposes).
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  5. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Crafted Wagon vs Bought in stable   

    Thanks for confirming that Kat. I haven't had a chance to try this yet myself (my horses are spread out on the alts already...).
    Seems like a good way to make sure all the horses get enough exercise. Can't have them growing fat in the stables
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  6. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Hunting Rifles   

    That's what I found out at least. There could be more daily quests somewhere. I have seen other NPCs that rent out guns, but not found the quests for those spots.
    Also, you DO get exp from shooting things when you kill whales and the big crocodiles... those take forever to kill though and you only get the exp when you harvest the dead whale or crocodile using a butcher or tanning knife,  not from the actual shooting itself.
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  7. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    Here is a few screenshots of my Valkyrie as I was hunting some Mine Imps for the green gems.
    Here she is saying Hello to you all
    Hawkward the Hawk also wants to be in the photo, so lets give a clap and summon him to us!
    He likes to rest on my shoulders. Bit more serious in this photo
    A closeup of the Valkyrie and Hawkward!
    Enough being serious! Come join me for a dance!
    Hope her smile makes you smile! It sure does for me!
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  8. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Manual Farms vs Automated Nodes - what's the difference ?   

    That means you can't use workers to find Sunflowers. You have to rent the fence thing and make a manual farm, then grow them yourself... 
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  9. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Manual Farms vs Automated Nodes - what's the difference ?   

    Use this website to find nodes. It has a search function
    Is it possible to craft fences, or do you have to run around and find NPC's that allow you to rent them... if you want to grow like 20 farms or something?
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  10. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Northern Heidel Quarry   

    Are you sending the worker from the town where you expanded the storage?
    Remember, a worker will always bring items back to the town where the worker belongs and NOT to the town closest to the actual node.
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  11. Ghroznak added a post in a topic List of things people can do during maintenance.   

    Optionally... binge-watch House of Cards Season 4 !

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  12. Ghroznak added a post in a topic An apology to the man i just kidnapped.   

    Wait a minute... we can kidnap random people standing on their rafts using our boats?
    You say Ferry; do you mean the incorrectly translated rowing boat or the actual ferry-ferry that you can build in Ephoria?
    Gonna test this when I get home.
    Let the games begin!
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  13. Ghroznak added a post in a topic recipe failed, chance or wrong items? good pet food   

    Pet Food
    6 meat except lizard and chicken
    4 flour
    3 mineral water
    2 dried fish
    This is what I used myself to make multiple units of pet food.
    I have used both boar meat and bear meat.
    I even used two different types of dried fish instead of 2 x same dried fish and it worked fine!
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  14. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Nerf Fishing!   

    How is there market inflation in this game when there is no market in this game?
    There is no player trading, and all items are regulated with min/max prices.
    So how can anything be over inflated?
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  15. Ghroznak added a post in a topic Crafted Wagon vs Bought in stable   

    You can't list speed exclusively in time.
    Speed of your car is 10 minutes.
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