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  1. Kaelnor added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Forums and 500 internal errors
    Since launch, I have been countless times hitting a http 500 error from your servers when I browse the forums.
    This bug seems completely random, occuring on any section with Chrome/Firefox on all OS.
    Here is a screenshot with Chrome. 

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  2. Kaelnor added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Finally ! Thank you Daum for hearing us and working on the flagging/karma system !
    Flagging 2.0 seems close to perfect to me. It is a nice balance of protection and freedom with not too harsh penalties. It will be fun !
    Please go ahead and implement it.
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  3. Kaelnor added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I'm reading this forum for a while but I did not want to post in all those PvP vs PvE threads. I'll try to explain my point of view there nonetheless. Reposting from reddit.
    If they refine the idea of the bounty, I'm all up for this. It could be fun to become a bounty hunter.
    BUT, that doesn't fix anything of the current pvp/pk and flagging mechanics. Why do they want to add a reason to pvp ? As I see it, there is plenty of reasons already. Either a player annoys you, ks your mobs or you want the farming spot or ... anything that makes an owpvpve game !
    The only problem is even if you have a reason to start a fight, you won't because you are severely punished for that. The karma system is fine, you need to be punished but the numbers needs to be tweaked to make it balanced. The flagging system is also really weird.
    As I see it, there should be 3 test cases when Player1 attacks Player2 (both with Karma>0 and no war involved):
    Player2 wants to flee and succeeds, nothing should happen after that, no one died or lose anything in the process (except a little farming time for Player2)Player2 fights back as he thinks he has a chance to win. It becomes consensual PvP from that point. This should not penalize Player1 nor Player2.Player2 doesn't fight back or attempts to flee but dies. This is pure intentional PK and Player1 was commited to kill Player2. Player1 loses karma to limit this kind of activity but it should not ruin your character either.With negative karma, losing time and xp being hunted and washing your sins and even losing stuff is enough a deterrent from going on a killing spree. And seriously, full time PKers are a tiny portion of the player base anyway. If the karma gain/loss numbers are carefully adjusted, you won't see PK at every corner but it won't deter players to attack others when it is needed.
    The Guild system is also there to counter balance serial killers. Call some friends to the rescue, declare war on their guild, etc. It is what makes the thrill of this kind of game: farming while being on constant alert for pvp.
    For those who exclusively want PvE, fine, that is your choice and feel free to do so. But, this is an OWPvPvE game. Join a Guild and make friends that can protect you while you enjoy your farm. Don't expect to bend the rules to your needs.
    Same for those who exclusively want PK. Do it as you will but if you go that path full time, be prepared to face the consequences and respect those who want to enjoy other activites.
    There is so much hostility on the official forums between pve and pvp extremists (and I insist on that term, as a lot of players want both aspects of the game to be thriving) that it is not funny anymore.
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