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  1. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic FPS locked to 65   

    65 is an odd number...but if it is a solid 65 is that the worse thing in the world? Forgive my ignorance, but just seems like a killer FPS to have for such a graphics intensive game :)
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  2. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Performance issues with game   

    Maybe one day they will look at my post!
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  3. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic say something you hate about bdo   

    -poor performance
    -poor communication
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  4. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Low FPS on Solid PC Build   

    If only something could at least be said.  I miss BDO, but am unwilling (and haven't played) for about two weeks due to this infuriating issue.
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  5. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Extremely bad performance   

    Want a fix so bad >.>
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  6. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Performance issues with game   

    I love how this is the second time this has happened to me and I have a few posts in this forum, but no responses. The worst problem is that BDO isn't just affected, my other games are as well. I also play World of Warcraft and can typically run on Ultra 4k at 96FPS...cause it is WoW and an iPhone has the processing power to run it. Ever since BDO has been acting up so has everything else. Now I play WoW on the lowest settings at 1080p and barely break 60fps.
    Why should I keep a game that is obviously harming my computer on my computer if I can't even get a simple resolution here to the issues? Even a why it is happening would be nice. @CM_Jouska @GM_Huego
    Just making another post as there still issues going on. Really would love an answer to this problem! :)
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  7. Archer Yuuki added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Performance issues with game
    For the last day I have been experiencing some pretty sever performance issues with my client. These issues entail the game not starting quickly, extremely low FPS in towns (10 and lower), and mediocre at best FPS outside of towns (30-40 FPS).
    Typically my game goes from launch to start screen selection in under a minute while as of late it has taken about 2-3 minutes. When logging in as well the client will sometimes go to a not responding state. My FPS is also typically much better with towns usually getting 30-40 FPS and outside of towns I easily get 50-60 FPS. My CPU isn't even experiencing and serious load, 13% outside of towns.
    Here is my computer settings and graphics settings:
    1920 x 1080Fullscreen windowedTexture: MediumGraphic Quality: very highModifiers set to yes:AAImprove DistanceShow BloodShow blood on screenShow Ability ParticlesComputer Specs:
    Intel i7-4820k @ 3.7GHz16 GB RAMGefore 980 TI SCResolution set at 1920 x 1080 
    If there are any logs or information that I may need to provide to a GM, let me know.
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  8. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic So we are screwed...   

    Actually CM_Jouska said something in the Musa Maehwa post on the general forms. They are submitting the information provided on Musa and Maehwa to the Devs for review and balance along with all the their classes.
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  9. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Thank you for making this thread and putting so much hard work into these beautiful classes. I am really looking forward to hearing from the Devs in regards to any actions they may commit to for the two most fun classes in the game (imho). 
    Until then may all your blades strike true!
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  10. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Low FPS on Solid PC Build   

    nice lol I forgot to show exactly what I meant. I meant to say turn off high end mode, it adds a bit more stress.

    But just trying to help *shrugs*
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  11. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Show me those archers!   

    I didn't use any filters, that is the natural light as found in the game. The one of the left you quoted is at dusk while the one on the right is late morning/mid day light. 
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  12. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Black Desert Backgrounds! Share your pictures.   

    My current backgrounds

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  13. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic 4K screenshots to show Graphics   

    I am not currently playing in 4k, but I figured I would drop these images in here anyway 100% Max Settings, high end mode, the works

    I went around and just took pictures of the world and my Ranger. The details are INSANE in this game!
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  14. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic Show me those archers!   

    My Ranger, Ittan.

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  15. Archer Yuuki added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS   

    I shall bite and post a few on here

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