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  1. Ketoma added a post in a topic Please implement the penalty on guilds keep decs alive.   

    dumb thread made by a dumb person
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  2. Ketoma added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    This is true...most of us(like me) only paid $10 for a game is great as this. I pay more for indie games nowadays and I get worse service there. Cuckao thank you for all the effort! <3
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  3. Ketoma added a post in a topic EZ fix for PVP   

    Me too! Save it, it's all yours my friend :).
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  4. Ketoma added a post in a topic EZ fix for PVP   

    When was the last time you saw lv50s in the desert? For Nouver? They're not in trouble if they're fighting nouver because that means they probably have sufficient gear.
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  5. Ketoma added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Hey! Holen aus von eu und komm nach NA. Baka wird auf dich warten!
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  6. Ketoma added a post in a topic CHANGE THE CD ON CHARACTER DELETION   

    That's extremely inefficient and 3 million silver is nothing. Daum gives you more than that for free and by doing that, you hold your own account hostage because you can't do anything else with it which is an even worse penalty than the silver you gain from it. You'd only be gimping yourself.
    As for the second point, you can already do that every 24 hours, you can call it inefficient or impractical but your first point was as well so it solves nothing. I'm only debunking your points in case daum reads this and wants to use it as an excuse.
    No reason for it not to be a choice. Also hacked accounts still are saved after 24 hours(even when deleted), there's numerous cases of people getting everything back even after deletion. Daum has power over that.
    Main point is, if your account is hacked and someone does anything bad with it, they are most likely selling your stuff on the market and buying it with their own account. If anyone compromises your account, you will make a ticket about it, even if they did nothing, just as long as you know someone else you don't want your account to have is on it, you will make a ticket. So the amount of tickets are NOT decreased. As for rage deletions thats your fault, besides, its even worse in reality. There is an option in the ticket section for 'deleted items', if thats no problem then deleted characters aren't as well.
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  7. Ketoma added a post in a topic CHANGE THE CD ON CHARACTER DELETION   

    Your first point is a bad solution to a potential money making scheme. If there's a problem, fix the scheme without affecting other features of the game. I don't think anyone could think of a scenario where you could make money by doing that and the only solution being that you'd have to patch in a cd on character deletion. It's like saying a class has too much damage on several skills and rather than nerfing the skills, pulling down the AP on their weapons.
    As for the second one. Buying VP'S and selling them has a limit on the market and it's family bound.
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  8. Ketoma added a topic in Suggestions   

    If you want to improve quality of life, for the love of everything change the damn CD on character deletion. There is absolutely no reason for me to need to wait 24 hours on a character i didn't even spend 30 minutes on.
    There's no argument to not making the 24 hour CD a choice thing rather than forcing everyone to wait as long. It's completely unnecessary 'feature'.
    Please change it.
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  9. Ketoma added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Who do i contact??
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  10. Ketoma added a post in a topic DEAD GUILD BAKA LITERALLY DISBANDS MAN UP ON THE OPEN SEAS   

    How does one guild lose it all in less than two weeks?
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  11. Ketoma added a post in a topic Iconic on the verge of disbanding???   

    I've become so numb, I can't feel you there
    Become so tired, so much more aware
    I'm becoming this, all I want to do
    Is be more like me and be less like you
    - t.iconic

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  12. Ketoma added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A 400+ gs   

    tai is gay, join baka
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  13. Ketoma added a post in a topic What server should I join?   

    Then play EU, don't pretend to be an idiot.
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  14. Ketoma added a post in a topic Thanksgiving Events   

    Emma Bartali doesn't work.
    Furthermore @CM_Praballo can you guys make it so that if I as 141 AP warrior am at the boss pummeling it from 50% HP to 0%, that I DO get loot? I get loot for at Kzarka for hitting it twice for god sakes. Why would you make a timed event that requires you to deal a ton of damage and have it be available to lv30's if they get loot at all?
    Tone down the damage required for loot, you have no idea how many people participate because it's a timed event especially at prime time and how little the amount of players are that actually get loot.
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