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  1. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

    your skill build links are duplicates of the lvl 30 build
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  2. shlayerhk added a post in a topic How to get Sharp/Black Crystals Easy   

    yes please elaborate on this. 
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  3. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    @FootSteps If I am not mistaken I am pretty sure there isn't a cooldown on SP: Charging Wind, which is the shotgun skill. @Dani Dawnstar I have an alt ranger and its called ANIMATION CANCELLING!! Learn it, live it, love it!! That is all, have a nice day.
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  4. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Cron Stones working as intended?   

    yeah i am hearing there is a 30% chance to downgrade. Daum needs to get better with there communication. there is a lot of stuff that was not in the patch notes, and the tooltip on the item does not tell us that. Not cool
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  5. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Cron Stones working as intended?   

    you buy them from blacksmith NPC's
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  6. shlayerhk added a topic in General   

    Cron Stones working as intended?
    I went to duo my Red Coral ring, it requred 10 cron stones. I lost my pri and it kept the base ring, I thought the cron stones were to prevent you from losing your highest enchanted item?
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  7. shlayerhk added a topic in Berserker   

    Elastic Force X
    I guess we automatically get Elastic Force X. I just used my skill reset and that skill stays at X. Thanks I guess lol
    Edit: Talking to some guildies, I guess all classes got the basic attack ranked up all the way
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  8. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Wrong tooltip or wrong damage.   

    Also add to that tooltip on SP Beastly windslash says 30% movespeed for 10 sec, but the buff icon does say 20%. 
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  9. shlayerhk added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Ok this is confusing now. Is this for small scale pvp, because I thought for GvG you wanted more DP? This is a complete 180 to what you had before
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  10. shlayerhk added a post in a topic [COMPILATION] Berserker GvG   

    What DP should we be aiming for?
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  11. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Grabs failing because of lag.   

    We need a CM on this. Fix it
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  12. shlayerhk added a post in a topic (GUIDE) Berserker Road to 50   

    Surrender here is the updated roadmap rev 3.0. denoting that taritas is the better set, this is from the bible 1.5. The paragraph above the image denotes red is for pvp. 
    here is the road map. 

    this is the info above it. 
    Equipment Progression / Roadmap

    This PvP-focused roadmap was developed for the starting classes on BDO NA. The roadmap assumes frequent gameplay starting at launch. If your schedule does not allow for this, disregard the Liverto weapon and Tree Spirit Belt upgrades. The recommended armor choice is denoted by Red. The order of which an upgrade is obtained becomes important when you've reached the orange-labeled point of the roadmap and onward. Set mixing [ex: 3 Heve + Zereth Boots] is not considered for the initial set. Please read the additional notes.
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  13. shlayerhk added a post in a topic anyone tried getting cows in game?   

    Do the cows just appear when you place down the bales?
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  14. shlayerhk added a post in a topic Legion/Garuda - Now Recruiting - [Semi-Hardcore PvP (Legion) - Casualcore PvX (Garuda)- TS3]   

    Just an FYI I applied yesterday but due to my work schedule I won't be available till tomorrow for an interview. So I will jump on tomorrow to chat with ya. 
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