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  1. Vlew added a post in a topic Cerisiers en Fleurs   

    J'ai afk pêche pour jouer à Zelda et en revenant sur le jeu j'avais les 5 fleurs cumulé, donc oui
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  2. Vlew added a post in a topic A quoi ressemble votre Lame sombre.   

    Epic style, we got our first seat.
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  3. Vlew added a post in a topic How much have you spent on bdo and how gud are you?   

    Already to much.

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  4. Vlew added a post in a topic I think its the fact the game has no loading screens that is the cause for the fps   

    Oh that's why i can't go there ahah !
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  5. Vlew added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    I also think the cash shop prices of somes items are way too expensive but not all.

    Costume prices : could be " OK " if we could use it on every character we had, i'd like to use my camo suit on every character instead of wasting 30$ on each character.
    Plus they are tons of costumes with bonus for jobs or others things, that mean spending XXX $ for 1 character instead of 1 account.

    Furnitures prices : IMO, they are way too expensive... spending 10$ do get 2 - 5 furnitures is ridiculous.
    Boat/mount/Pets : Prices are OK because it's account bound and not character bound.

    Maid : Maid are OK because it's account bounded too, but the utility isn't that great especially for the bank one.

    Consumables : Consumables are ok imo

    Loyalties : I'd like to see some items prices lowered such as Memory Artisan, cause the price in loyaulty is dumb compare to shop.
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  6. Vlew added a post in a topic I think its the fact the game has no loading screens that is the cause for the fps   

    Since the moment the game can run at 60 FPS full ULTRA is good enough. 144Hz is just optionnal, i can understand you'd like to have 144 FPS at ultra settings but whatever it shouldn't be that much annoying to play at 60 FPS full ultra IMO. Especially on a MMO.

    Plus, MMO of nowadays are just here too make a tons of money, they probably don't give a shit about guys who want to play at 144 fps ultra settings, they prolly don't want to waste money to optimisation for somes players.

    BTW, what the heck are you in Olvia 1 ? There's enough channel to dispatch players. Maybe for the boost exp ? I have to admit, Olvia Channel & Velia Channel are LOCK on my game, i can't join them (Prolly perma full) and i feel good playing without that boost if i can farm without finding a guy on my spot every five minutes !
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  7. Vlew added a post in a topic I think its the fact the game has no loading screens that is the cause for the fps   

    Same here, 60 FPS in "ultra" with improved distance and High end optimisation not at 4K just in 1920x1080 but i don't have any lag except yesterday due to firework indeed.
    And in the city, sometimes i got around 50 FPS due to people around during rush hours.

    I don't get why people are complaining about drop FPS, they usually want to play the game with ultra settings using a PC who can't support it, plus they usually have a tons of background applications or web page.

    The game is ofc maybe not optimized at 100%, but it's good enough to play it with decent graphics even with a low config.

    You should cry about desync instead of drop fps imo
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  8. Vlew added a post in a topic How is the Ninja Awakening?   

    Well, if you want to play the strongest class, you'll have to play something else than Ninja but that's not mean it's weak at all.
    As an example, if you compare to lol, it's like " omg Leblanc so strong, please ban her " that's not mean you'll never win against a Leblanc.

    So of course, there are better class than ninja but you wanted to know if the ninja was really weak or not. Imo it's not.
    I mean somes skills can be diffult to hit without training cause of slow animation or cast or just movement of enemy player. But with experience you won't miss.

    I don't feel like Ranger is first, in fact i don't remember being killed by a ranger in PK (group pvp is another story). But i would put Witch and Wizard first (i count them as one), Then Berserker (no joke), Then Sorceress. It's true, the warrior deal a lot of damage but same here, atm i don't remember had any problem against them except longest fight.

    Kunoichi isn't better than Ninja, or i only met bad kunoi (it's possible after all)

    Anyway, imo... the real problematic classes to play against as a ninja are Berserker and Sorceress.
    That's why i put the ninja in the 4th position, maybe 5th.

    It's also depends of your gameplay, mastery of that classes, knowledge about your classes and others classes.
    I mean a bad ninja will think is at the 10th position, a good one will think he's first.

    But i have to admit, i mostly do PK, i don't like the Red battlefield because i just don't like being farmed by Range classe within 20 minutes.
    As i said before, if you want to group pvp, Ninja isn't the best class and probably go down to 7 or 8th position for sure but for solo pk, solo kill in gvg/node wars it's 4th or 5th easily. (Still imo)

    EDIT, i want to add something, You also have to know in BDO : THE GEAR & LVL DO EVERYTHING.
    You can have the best gameplay on ninja on your server you won't kick ass if you're not geared and even 1 level can -----ed you so hard.
    As an example if you are 59 you'll have a hard time against a 60.
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  9. Vlew added a post in a topic Les prochains jeux qui vous intéressent ?   

    Je le suis déjà, assez régulièrement d'ailleurs
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  10. Vlew added a post in a topic Class fantasy of the ninja, Why do we have 6 swords?   

    Six swords is ok.
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  11. Vlew added a post in a topic How is the Ninja Awakening?   

    I don't feel like it's the worst, i'd say it's ok... not the strongest but not the lowest.

    Normal form is more tricky than awakening form imo. With awakening spells you can play way more aggro.

    Some classes deal more damage indeed but the ninja don't have to envy them.

    Yes, it's can feel slowly compara to others classes but you can fight without any problem, you'll maybe miss somes skills at the beginning but you'll train for that to anticipe the movement.

    I don't feel like i miss CCs expect if you compare yourself to a berseker INDEEED.

    I see more ninja than before that's maybe true.

    Imo, at the moment Ninja is the 4th strongest class of BDO.
    If you ask that for node wars, red battlefield or group pvp, just play witch, wizard, Ranger Berserker.
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  12. Vlew added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Rwaaaaa ~
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  13. Vlew added a post in a topic Poo's templates   

    Nice job !
    The rangers ones & the maewha are awesome, i really like them
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  14. Vlew added a post in a topic Les prochains jeux qui vous intéressent ?   

    Entièrement d'accord avec ces propos.
    J'ai testé revelation online sur serveur KR ou JP je sais plus et je l'ai re-testé lors de la sortie de l'assassin (carrément pompé sur celui de BDO au passage) et je ne comprends pas pourquoi tant de monde est accro à ce mmo. Peut-être parce qu'ils n'ont pas testé et qu'ils ne savent pas la déception qu'ils vont avoir ou tout simplement ils sont fan de donjon & blabla pnj  " easy life mmo - be the strongest with zero effort ".
    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, le jeu se résume à des donjons limité par nombre de clean, des donjons easy EXP take x level per day, du PVP sauvage ( 4 h de traque, 2 min de fight ), des cinématiques, des quêtes blabla pnj, des cinématiques, des quêtes blabla pnj, des cinématiques, et des ... bref vous avez compris.

    HL, ça devient un peu plus intéressant mais cela n’empêche pas que la CB prendra le dessus sur les joueurs lambda ou low budget si la format économique suit celui des versions asiatiques.

    De plus et pour finir, revelation est publié par My.com et quand je vois le gachi qu'ils ont fait avec Skyforge, jeu sur lequel j'avais plutôt bien accroché après avoir testé à la va-vite, ça me donne encore moins envie d'y jouer.


    Niveau MMO, personnellement, je n'attends rien. En fait, je ne me tiens même plus trop au courant des sorties étant donné que le genre est un peu en voit d'extinction.
    Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais je ne suis pas fan des MMO next gen " Distributeur de pack fonda " pour collecter un max de tunes, des promesses non tenues et un dessalage du MMO par les devs très rapidement (du moins pour les versions EU). J'ai testé et pratiquement monté HL sur la plupart des MMO potable depuis 2004 et chaque année, j'ai de plus en plus envie d'oublier ce type de jeu. Pourtant BDO est proche de la perfection pour moi, cela dit le peu de choses négatives dans celui-ci me donne parfois des envies de séries meurtière aka -1m karma et le top serait des graphismes plus accès manga/anime mais bon question de gout personnel ici.

    Et concernant les jeux à venir, j'attends Ghost Recoon : Wildlands pour jouer avec des potes, je dois avouer que j’achèterai bien The Last Guardian et j'attends Horizon Zero Dawn. j'aurais bien voulu voir l'apparition d'un Soul Calibur étant donné que Tekken 7 va pop.

    La Nintendo Switch m’intéresse aussi principalement pour Zelda et Xenochronicle comme tout le monde je suppose, mais c'est nintendo quoi. Acheter la console pour 3-4 jeu, ça fait toujours une bonne raison de ne pas craquer pour l'acheter.

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  15. Vlew added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My ninja before/after awakening.

    My worldboss farmer troll ranger.

    Remind me Samourai champloo
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