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  1. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    I'd really like to see:
    Resolved issue - where the marketplace sucks!
    It's been a year, let's fix the MP so that people can actually get Value packs, costumes and pets.
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  2. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Why do ppl whine about a weekly patch being worthless?  Man I wish ppl were old enough to remember when games had maintenance once a month and it was just for server stability.  Game changes came with new area releases that were at best every 6 months but usually a year or more.
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  3. MIGhunter added a post in a topic taking bets on how many times i disconnect before bdo is playable   

    I haven't found a server yet.  Calpheon, Velia, Serendia, all dc me in about 10 seconds
    I think this game is broken.  I was on Serendia 4, got booted.  Got to the log in screen and the only channel that wasn't on Queue was Sernedia 1
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  4. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Where's the catch up for the catch up mechanic?   

    Ya, I started the thread, lol.  Got a guildie that came back to the game.  Rerolled on Olvia as a Witch, hit 56 in like 2 days.  Has enough SP for all the awakening abilities at 56.  He'll have to work a little to get the SP for 58 and 59.  I'm not on the Olvia channels but in the 30 minutes I spent at cresents yesterday, I got 3 level ups on my SP.  I'm at like 1060sp.  So, it's not that slow.
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  5. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Where's the catch up for the catch up mechanic?   

    Let's say you are a witch or wizard.  By time you hit 56, you'll have the sp to get all of your abilities.  Leveling from 1-59 is how much money?  I'm not even on those channels and I got my 4 piece boss set (minus Tree) from the night vendor and got it all to TRI in less than a month.  That was stopping due to my frustration and lack of stones.  CP, seriously?  cap on CP is 300, so aside from the easy mode dailies, 1 night AFK making beer and you have enough turn-ins to get you enough CP for most stuff.  So, the only thing that's really hard in this equation is energy.  Which is only used for the NV.
    Are we even playing the same game?
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  6. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Where's the catch up for the catch up mechanic?   

    I like how everyone focused on the Gear and Money part.  If you think money is hard to get in this game, then maybe you are a product of the Olvia channels.  As for gear, you can get full Tri Grunil in a few hours.  Liverto is easy to get, so even assuming you don't buy all your gear, you can get tri everything and pri accessories within a week of just gathering money.  Now tell me that a player coming out of Olvia hitting 59 on the 1st mob he kills with 185+AP and 250+DP isn't going to push you out of pirates.  Those levels matter.  Now, the fact that you can do field bosses, Night Vendor, just buy of the Marketplace or Gold Chest all the boss gear makes it even easier.
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  7. MIGhunter added a topic in General   

    Where's the catch up for the catch up mechanic?
    Seriously, why didn't they block the Olvia channels at 56 when ppl get their awakening?  Too many ppl churning out level 59 characters.  You'd actually be better off just making a new account and leveling on the Olvia channel to 59.  Money and gear is the easy part.
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  8. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Valentines Day Popularity Event - Winners   

    I think you did something wrong or miscounted?  My guildies said they weren't able to vote that 9th time.
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  9. MIGhunter added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    You can stay under water forever.
    Normal breath is 1m.  2 gems is 30 seconds, pot is 15 sec, Log out and log back in resets stamina and breath.
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  10. MIGhunter added a topic in Suggestions   

    Cash Shop Sales
    The cash shop sales need changed.  Instead of selling a max of 5 items, since the Marketplace is pretty much fixed, it needs to be a monetary cap.
    Costume x5 = ~25m x 5 = 125m
    Pets x5 = ~5m x5 
    Value Pack x5 = ~10m = 50m
    Way it should be
    Costume x5 = ~25m x5 = 125m
    Pets x25 = ~5m x25 = 125m
    Value Pack x12 = ~10m x12 = 120m (leaving room for 1 pet).
    By setting a monetary cap instead of limiting it to 5, people will more likely sell pets, Value packs, etc.
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  11. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Why no more Marketplace Value packs?   

    If you look at the 30 day pack, the marketplace price is gone.  I did a shout this morning and everyone is saying they took the sales out.  If someone sells stuff and wants to test it for sure, that would be great but looking at the menu, it doesn't look like they are sellable anymore.  Last week when they put the 90 day back it, the 30day had a price tag on it.
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  12. MIGhunter added a topic in General   

    Why no more Marketplace Value packs?
    Why did they turn off the Value pack sales on the Marketplace?  IS this temporary?  I'm not going to buy them off the Marketplace every month.  I don't see how selling them on the Marketplace hurts anything.  What difference does it make who pays for it?
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  13. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Glad it's extended.
    For those making fun of ppl "without foresight" well you know there are 2 things here. 
    1. They usually don't extend an event, they usually just mail us compensation items.  Look at the Lauren's Family Gift boxes.
    2. They items all say they will disappear when the event ends.
    So, why wouldn't someone have the foresight to use their items before the event ends? 
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  14. MIGhunter added a post in a topic Auction House listing needs changed   

    It still does it after the bid phase.  If ppl are only buying singles after the bid, it will still fail for me
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  15. MIGhunter added a topic in Suggestions   

    Auction House listing needs changed
    When people are listing multiples of items that are consistantly sold out, like Sharp Black Crystal Shards, it doesn't let you buy them if someone buys one at the same time.
    So, if someone posts 10 Shards.  You try to buy 1 and I try to buy 1, even though there are 10 up, it will fail for 1 of us.  It needs changed so that you can buy them until the 10 are sold.
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