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  1. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic New MMO from Kakao announced.   

    kakao publishing another mmo? ded game already lel
    after bdo the mmo genra players wont be going near anything kakao has made for the very large majority.
    for proof just look at trion losing massive amounts of players and support from the community. they will never again publish a game that will be as widely played as archeage was and they as a company are tainted. look up daum and kakao and within 5 mins u can see a huge amount of discontent by the community and if u saw anything relating to the p2w riot fiasco the average player wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole for fear of the same thing happening again which unfortunately it will as the publishers are perfectly alright with the current status quo and all that it entails.
    im sad the devs at bluehole gonna fall for the kakao trap, might have been a good game if tera was any indication.
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  2. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic is 45 or 50 pvp quest on the table for NA?   

    pretty much this exactly, killing afks is such a rare thing to do that its an utter waste of time when their are people who will just abuse the karma system to take ur spot and theres nothing to do about it other then give whatever little u have before u reach the point when its impossible to defend yourself from the games shit mechanics, i dont even remember the last time i even heard of somebody who wasn't in a pvp guild being killed while fishing or horse training most people will do is knock u over which unless ur a tard would not be a real issue as there are a dozen work arounds. as to ur other point that ur getting killed in sub 50 areas i honestly dont believe u cause that simply doesn't happen since its rare as balls to even be near a 45 area as a 50+ char and not to mention there are dozens of other farm spots other then the most competed for spot that u magically think your entitled to just cause ur new over players that have put in weeks and months of work to reach where they are gear wise. as for ur afk fisher comment, sorry but i again dont believe you as theres little to zero point in killing afk fishers other then out of spite for what someone around u has done elsewhere and its so rare these days that it might as well be associated with jesus being reborn (refer to previous comment about there being work arounds). and to the point that this game is a gear check simulator yeah its an important thing because its a progression based game, if u dont want that then go play pokemon where u can just throw rare candies at them and go do whatever u want, if ur trying to compete with a pvper or even just somebody 10 levels above u expect to get railed, their in an entirely different point of the game u are so yeah ur wasting ur time and thats time u could have spent catching up and learning how to defend urself. in fact ur whole comment felt more that ur agitated about not having good gear then anything else.
    this whole thread is a glorified cry fest from people who just want to sit at low tier and expect to have the freedom to do whatever and access whatever content they want handed to them with zero work or any effort into finding work arounds like the rest of the games population has done. disgusting.

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  3. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic is 45 or 50 pvp quest on the table for NA?   

    their never gonna add this lel how are people still holding out hope for this
    at this point the only reason people want it is so they can farm forever with nobody being able to stop them. dont get it twisted u want to abuse the system and farm while being basically invincible. bdo is a farm game, if this was a thing every player would keep it forever and pvp would die out even more then it has cause their perma farming just to keep up with the other perma farmers.
    there is 2 ways this could possibly go down if this ever does get released which would be the way they dealt with it before which is sub 56 channels where u get kicked to another if u over level or they will add a defined limit to how long u can stay invince in that if u over level u lose it in which case ur gonna lose ur protection a week after getting it cause 58 is a joke now.
    either way theres 0 point in putting any focus into this over the other glaring issues in the game.
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  4. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic To all "so-called" BDO "Karma bomb" victims ...   

    might be pointless but imma just throw my opinion into this argument thread since im sitting on a bus for 3 hours.
    people who voluntarily give in to the trolls and slaughter them have the mentality of possession, that they own that spot and its there divine right to farm it for hours on end, while i dont agree with the suicide part of what u people are doing because all ur doing is being a scumbag urself, i would rather slaughter them instead and take what they have, if u can take it from me so be it ill leave but im under the belief and i always will be that the strongest deserves the right to do whatever they want. if ur strong enough u deserve the right to leverage that over other people who havnt put that same effort in to be as good and if they have an issue with that then u urself need to get better or as the white knights say "git gud", granted the games mechanics are utter @ss but still the basic mechanic right now is that anybody can come along and basically sit at half the packs and theres nothing u can do to stop that regardless of how strong or how much effort u put into it and thats an issue, theirs no preventative measures stopping that. so instead of promoting people like u the game needs to put steadfast barriers to progression from farming mobs, putting that barrier will allow the majority of the community to catch up and alleviate the issue of karma-bombing as now progression will be capped and there wont be as much necessity for farm spots as progression will be based in other facets of the game and allow skill based pvp gameplay to start to appear again as all it is now is who has the bigger awakening but thats an issue all in itself.

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  5. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic Why you guys complaining about balance?   

    Only pvp worth doing is killing people going after my sap and stones. Can't let those filthy hobbitsies take my mats while I'm not looking.
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  6. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic The time has come to give us Valks cry..   

    enjoying the last days while I still can, and of course enjoying the troll factor of saying something controversial tthen having the white Knights spam reply and message my inbox saying how I'm wrong in every single possible way with flimsy at best arguments with little to no proof to back it up. Quite fun breaking them down to reality.
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  7. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic The time has come to give us Valks cry..   

    Games basically on its last legs, might as well take it out to pasture with old yeller by adding this
    Inc white Knights using world boss attendees which is litrally the only event the small population gatheres together for as an example of an overflowing population.

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  8. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic Is my setup bad?   

    sounds like a case of the lower ur graphics or deal with it  
    there is few online games which run well when having that many players at high graphic setting, bdo is far from being an exception to that. granted ur specs far outweigh this game, its the game itselfs fault for what ur experiencing and ur gonna need to account for that before u go into raids and pvp, no amount of additional hardware is gonna fix it.
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  9. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic Can't we just exchange pearls and silver?   

    they never should have added cash shop items to the market place is what i think  

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  10. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic New tutorial is awful   

    its not meant to help new players, its to streamline the lowbie content for old players rerolling to the new flavor of the week awakening class so they can hurry up to the part when they spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics and mandatory inventory and weight purchases from the cash shop.
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  11. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic Maehwa useless   

    that class still exists? thought it got deleted with tamer already. 
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  12. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic node wars already dying off?   

    node wars have been dead for a long time, even in the start it was mostly guilds throwing towers down in the hopes of getting some free cash and sieges might as well not even have existed after the first 2 months cause theirs little quality and geared guilds which stuck around and was able to maintain a population and as a result were absorbed or quit which just further degraded the quality of the sieges. the rewards are too little and the dying population factor didn't in anyway help that since they waited till months after the hype died down for the game to release it which made people bored with the game, its been all around a huge mistake on the devs part for doing this in the way they did.
    at this point the only hope to drive people back to that portion of the game would be to over weigh the rewards to the point its mandatory to take part in them or take a huge potential progression loss.
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  13. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic Why make a city like Valencia and NOT have a Night Vendor there?   

    cause that would make too much sense
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  14. 2TheGrave added a post in a topic ranger awakening is ridiculously overpowered   

    if ur so discontent with how the game is sell ur account (gl trying to with all the other ones with top gear being sold) and move on already like 80% of the player base has.
    its an issue, thats an issue, over there is an issue. either live with it or dont. we the playerbase are fully aware of the issues. complaining on the NA forums to other players and not the company itself does nothing. we already know the only people from his company who even looks at these forums are at most a gm which has no power other then to forward the complaint to PA which dont care for our version one way or another. you'd have more luck flying to kr and picketing in front of their office building then you would making threads here.

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