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  1. Blood added a post in a topic MEGASERVER / SERVER MERGE BEFORE SIEGES   

    There is only 1 thing i can say:
    Stop Warehouse Merge or start a Refund event so players that quit because of "event abuse" on multiple servers (Mainserver = All your in Game achievements, Other Server = Nothing you Need) get all their money back.
    I mean people who did all events on multiple Servers will have for Example:
    1. 2x Combat Book of Expierience
    2. 4x 7 day Kamasilve Blessing
    3. 6x Pet (2 Birds / 4 Penguin)
    4. Shittons of Hard/Sharp Shards
    5. 4x Bossarmor Piece
    6. Event rewards about 100-200m Silver
    7. If you count daylie Login with rewards player can have up to 40K Loyaltie twice + those of the Mainserver
    there are a lot of other things but those example should be enough.
    But hey i forgot that we life in a time you have to abuse multiple servers to get the maximum out of certain Events. 
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  2. Blood added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    So in general you want to tell me that all the players who just logged in on other servers to get Event stuff will now recieve a high advantage ?!?!? 
    I dont know why i should play on multiple servers just to get this advantage..
    I dont get it why you want to ruin the usual playerbase that is not doing login shit on other servers ! 
    As you said before you will have a look which Server is Mainserver, so why you want to merge Warehouse/Money ?? 
    Just leave it with all the items that are Existing on the Mainserver of a player.
    Problem with Warehousemerge: RIP Marketplace (nothing more to say)
    And yes i am really looking forward to see more and more players with additional 7 Days Combat Exp Book, Multiple Kamasilve and shittons of Loyalties.

    So you really want to force players to Login on 3 Server? Maybe if you would have said that at the beginning i could understand that you merge all the stuff together.

    I can only say if Marketplace gets rekt and the gap between of the playerbase is increasing (Non Jordine Players: Free Grind Spots - better Gear since less people at worlbosses): "F*** this I am out!"
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  3. Blood added a post in a topic PvP ideas for Karma   

    TBH the biggest problem with the current PvP system is the huge amount of griefing while you just want to Grind.
    A few minutes ago i was farming pirates by getting griefed for like 1 hour.
    I could go red but why should i take all that penalty outside of the desert if people who get pked dont even have any penalty without dropping their trade items ?! 
    The player that actually griefed me said that he will wait until i am negative to get the spot for himself (he would be able to attack me freely without having any penalty).
    This has to be changed we need a penalty like after 3 times in a row killed at the same position within 200m should be a respawn at closest town or sth.
    Or just enable EXP-LOSS again !! 
    I will add what he exactly wrote and i hope you guys see the same problem in this situation as i do.
    I had at least 20-30 ap more and his dp cant be that good so why should always the "low"-player should get spots by just karma griefing higher geared and lvld player ?? 
    I let him kill me 1 time cause he was wearing a ghilli in order to see his guild but he was guildless.

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  4. Blood added a post in a topic People with multiple dandelion boxes   

    I was quite Lucky,
    dropped 3 Kzarka in a row
    Giath direct drop (1 Kzarka 5 hours Later the same day) 
    Bheg gloves in Bundle 
    but if it goes to Karanda .... 
    It feels like she hates me like you could no one ever hate -.-
    She is attacking in my direction almost 90% of the time.
    If i go by side to pot a bit she is still attacking me for 3-5 hits or sth and my Loot is just a big piece of shit.
    almost 40 Karanda = 8 Aura 
    No gold Ingots and 1 Black Magic Cryst, thats all.
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  5. Blood added a post in a topic Auktionshaus muss geändert werden   

    Alleine meine Wörk-Sklaven haben mir schon an die 100 Mille gebracht an raw-Mats.
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  6. Blood added a post in a topic Die Walküre erwacht *Video*   

    Hier der Link zu der offiziellen Ankündigung.
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  7. Blood added a post in a topic Worker / Arbeiter   

    Nein im Regelfall nicht.
    War halt nur eine Auflistung der Möglichkeiten.
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  8. Blood added a post in a topic <IMPACT>👥Gaming Community👥EU®[Jordine_Recruitment Open]🔝   

    Blood aka. Madness
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  9. Blood added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour 2.0   

    Charakter Name: Sarelia
    Family Name: Madness
    Screenshot: http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201602213548su7z9lx640.jpg

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  10. Blood added a post in a topic Awakening skills calculator   

    Yes there is one
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  11. Blood added a post in a topic Welchen Namen habt Ihr gewählt?   

    Ich wollte mich bei dem bedanken der Blood genommen hat
    Family: Madness
    Character: Lunar
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  12. Blood added a post in a topic Horse Taming / Horse Overview   

    Also korrekt ist das es anfangs in Korea nur T1 und T2 Pferde zu fangen gab.
    Mittlerweile kann man auch bis T5 fangen allerdings habe ich selbst schon länger keine mehr gefangen und habe diese Änderung nicht mitbekommen.
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  13. Blood added a post in a topic Fragen und Antworten für Neuankömmlinge   

    nein gibt es nicht du kannst so viele skillpunkte farmen wie du möchtest
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