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  1. BowdonUK added a post in a topic good, forum is broken now, everything is being  postied multiple   

    its because when a person posts it throws up an error.. you probably saw it too?
    its because when a person posts it throws up an error.. you probably saw it too?
    Here is the error. I attached a pic.

    Here is the error. I attached a pic.

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  2. BowdonUK added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Slow downloading of recent patches.
    The patch downloads since yesterday have been very slow. Downloading now at 0.24MB /s at the moment. It is usually around 7MB /s
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  3. BowdonUK added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Slow patching.
    The latest patch as downloaded VERY slowly for me.
    It was a slow patch yesterday, then the smaller patch yesterday and the patch today is all slow. At the moment its downloading the patch at 0.42MB per second.. it should be downloading the patch at around 7MB per second.
    Not sure whats happened with the patch server.
    Sorry for double post. The forum said it errored when I posted.
    Sorry for double post. The forum said it errored when I posted.
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  4. BowdonUK added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Daily Login EXP stopped working. - sorted
    A few days ago, before the recent patch, the daily login reward [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger II won't work.
    We should get an extra 40% Combat exp for 60 minutes. But now when I press it, it says: You do not meet the reward critera.
    The same thing is happening on my gf's computer too.
    This happening to anyone else?
    Edit: It's because we were using characters above level 55.
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  5. BowdonUK added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    UI size increase reduces text font size.
    I was trying to get the quest window writing to be bigger, like the chat box font is. But according to other people we dont have this function with the quest window and so I decided to increase the UI size. This worked for the quest window writing but the box where we type in to now seems to have become smaller, or at least the fonts have. The i's dont even print properly in that box.
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  6. BowdonUK added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Does anyone have a post awakened build they can share?
    I've just hit level 56 and got my awakened weapon. It was a good achievement and I'm glad I've got it. But it was also tainted with some frustration. This is my first awakened weapon character and I was thinking that it was to enhance my build. But now I'm realising I have to change my whole build for it.
    I've been looking around the forum with people asking similar questions about builds, and so far people have listed off pre-awakened skills and then said focus on certain awakened skills. But there is nobody posting entire builds.
    Maybe its a bit early in the DK Awakened time for builds yet.. but compared to some of you guys I'm more a casual player (though I play for 8 hours daily) when it comes to builds. So if anyone has any full builds to share that would be good.
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  7. BowdonUK added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Since the last patch I've been having a lot of eye strain.
    I had previously changed the filter to None, and that worked. Now I noticed that there is a NonContrast mode which is recommended and seems to be exactly the same as None. Only None now is causing me eye strain.
    I don't really understand the filter choices as the NonContrast still has contrast. The slide bar for contrast is still available and can still be moved up and down.
    Does anyone else suffer eyestrain because of this game, and if you do, do you have any recommendations?
    If there can't be a fix for this then it might be the end of my travels on BDO. Same for my gf. She is getting the same symptoms too.
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  8. BowdonUK added a post in a topic PC Build for BDO   

    The main thing with this game is a good CPU and clock speed.
    On your list you can get an i7 7700k 4.2 Ghz for only £10 more than what your paying if you go to alza
    The graphics card doesnt make much difference as long as you have a decent one. You can get 60fps most places with a 980ti gtx (the game doesnt use sli/crossfire so only 1 graphics card works)
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  9. BowdonUK added a post in a topic Coherent UI is killing this game   

    The game needs to get optimized a lot better thats for sure. I wonder when this new graphical overhaul comes they will be optimized.
    I was suggesting about ending those processings as a stop gap, not to solve the problem. It is very annoying that I have to do that. They know about the issue as I emailed them when I noticed it a few weeks ago and they acknowledged the issue and was looking in to it. It appeared to happen less in the patch after that. But this patch people are feeling a lot more game lag too.
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  10. BowdonUK added a post in a topic Massive lag spikes on NA after last patch - unplayable - 100 mbit metro area fiber connection   

    its been really bad on serendia 3 too.
    It's the servers as multiple people are all having lag issues.
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  11. BowdonUK added a post in a topic Coherent UI is killing this game   

    I get this issue too. Though it doesn't slow my game down but definately uses system resources that it shouldnt.
    Have you tried ending the bothersome coherent ui process in task manager? I do that to 1 or 2 of them and the game carries on like normal.. without any issues and less cpu usage.
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  12. BowdonUK added a post in a topic Leveling Trading.   

    I'm just started learning about trading. I got a wagon.
    Is it better to buy every item I can immediatly from the npc or is it buy in small amounts?
    Do I get trading skill for the amount carried or the amount sold?
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  13. BowdonUK added a post in a topic What do we do with the sweet candy pack?   

    Thanks mate!
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  14. BowdonUK added a topic in General   

    What do we do with the sweet candy pack?
    Seen as I can't post in the Events section I'll have to post here.
    I used 20 sweety candies and 1 empty pack to get the sweet candy pack.
    I then tried to give it to Lara. She said something back but didnt take it.
    So what am I supposed to do with it?
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  15. BowdonUK added a topic in General   

    Best money making areas for 54-55 ?
    Where are the best money drops from enemies for around a level 54-55 (or really anything above 50)
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