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  1. velhart2 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Delete pls
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  2. velhart2 added a post in a topic Possible New Class? (Fighter/Monk/Pugilist/Combatant)   

     like this? 
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  3. velhart2 added a post in a topic Soon 1 year anniversary   

    they will give a pen kzarka krieg and then take it away because it disappears after event.
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  4. velhart2 added a post in a topic Macros Question   

    Ban hammer!
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  5. velhart2 added a post in a topic Possible New Class? (Fighter/Monk/Pugilist/Combatant)   

    strip your weapon and lets have a fist fight
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  6. velhart2 added a post in a topic Black Desert in Steam!!!   

    bdo is single player game
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  7. velhart2 added a post in a topic australian player.   

    english patch? wot?
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  8. velhart2 added a post in a topic Possible New Class? (Fighter/Monk/Pugilist/Combatant)   

    lol punching is already in the game. why would they make one class that can only exclusively punch?
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  9. velhart2 added a post in a topic Returning After a One Year Break, for better or worse!   

    nah, nothing has changed much that needs relearning or looking forward to.
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  10. velhart2 added a post in a topic One Year Anniversary   

    a buggy event that will screw up one way or the other
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  11. velhart2 added a topic in General   

    Afk activity disruption
    Anyone has their afk disrupted by daily rewards?

    I was autolooping on my horse with full sprint when it happened
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  12. velhart2 added a post in a topic MISSING Valentines Rewards!!!   

    Same here, missing the black stone rewards. Should have all the rewards but they decided not to accept my chocolates so i am capped at 3 votes. 
    As a returning player, it is really sad that the events are still so glitchy and the response from the team is seriously lackluster and disappointing. 

    I want to play this game but seems like i need to take another break so i don't waste time doing stuff for nothing. BDO sure is nice and exciting given all these new contents but the team sure gives back plenty of disappointment.
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  13. velhart2 added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

    Didn't get valentines rewards too cause cant turn them in. Seems like they want to continue being slip shoddy in events and such. Nothing much we can do really. 
    Stop playing and game dies, become a whale and they will think everything is still good.
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  14. velhart2 added a post in a topic Valentine's event bugged   

    Well i got a reply too before maintenance but they can only manually trade in tickets for you BEFORE maintenance (only had ~30mins to reply). too bad i read the ticket after maintenance started. 

    What they basically meant was too bad, better luck for next event. There will be no changes so sent in tickets for next event too and check your mail every 1min if you want your rewards or something like that.
    Pretty sure the GMs and CMs bought the problem up before to those in the back but i don't think they actually know how disappointed we are.
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