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  1. kiango added a post in a topic Taming horse - then suddenly someone else comes   

    There's not really much you can do... It should only take 1-4 ropes to catch a horse in the first place, if you're taking 20+ minutes, something may be off (as someone who spent 45 ropes before realizing that they were doing it wrong)
    I mean, stealing a horse someone else is going after is incredibly uncool, and not something a person should do, but it was technically fair. Just a douchebag thing to do. 
    Killing horses also has a negative karma impact. You could do that, but that is low to me. The only thing to do, I guess, is to run to another spawn point and look for horses there, maybe send a passive aggressive message to said player. ://
    sorry that happened to you!
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  2. kiango added a post in a topic A guild for women in Black Desert Online. (Alustin)   

    do you go to every guild page that you don't want to join in order to tell them how much you don't want to join, or is that just for this specific guild? If this environment isn't for you, that's totally fine, and we wish you nothing but the best! But this isn't constructive and is kinda.... gross on top of it. 
    In case anyone else is interested, I've been playing with these members in CB2 and also listening in/participating in their voice chat while I wait for my own headstart to kick in, and I'm delighted by how much everyone is willing to work together and help each other out. 
    We've got a good group going here and I'm excited to explore BDO with y'all!
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  3. kiango added a post in a topic Best Meme Ever for BDO!   

    Don't y'all think "best meme" is a bit of an oxymoron?
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  4. kiango added a post in a topic Sorcerer ~ Looking For Feedback   

    Looks good, but...
    have you considered moving her eyes a smidge closer together? They're looking a little close to the sides of the head. 
    Also something may be a little off in the 3/4 view of the face. Have you looked at nudging her bottom lip and chin forward a tad?
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  5. kiango added a post in a topic CBT2 Key Handout Thread   

    excited to see the bdo community on tumblr grow! camping out your page now
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  6. kiango added a post in a topic Voice overs.....red flag   

    havent gotten a key. Better or worse than TES voice variety?
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  7. kiango added a post in a topic CBT2 Key Handout Thread   

    this key is used! though not by me
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  8. kiango added a post in a topic Who here is playing a warrior despite all the people telling us they suck?   

    I'll be playing Warrior -- mostly because:
    a. i doubt people from my guild will be biting at the bit to play one
    b. i will probably be splitting my time between warrior and witch
    c. I based my name reservation around my warrior and I sunk 8 damn hours that im not getting back into making my Warrior's model ~perfect~; youre damn right im playing my warrior
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  9. kiango added a post in a topic Warrior creation haircuts   

    They've said that they'll be adding other haircuts into the game soon, when asked about adding more/any black (tightly curled, 3c-4c territory) hairstlyes for non-giant classes. I wouldn't be surprised to see other hairstyles roll out across the board in whatever patch that comes in!
    +1 absolutely would love to see. 
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  10. kiango added a post in a topic A guild for women in Black Desert Online. (Orwen)   

    Another bump
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  11. kiango added a post in a topic A guild for women in Black Desert Online. (Orwen)   

    Super excited to play with all of you! Y'all have been a delight over skype. 
    bump &c
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  12. kiango added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    I've actually kept my eye on the Blader for Derek! So my warrior template for him will remain unused except for a name reservation slot I can't wait for Blader to be released so I can mess with him. One of the hairstlyes has a widow's peak, thank goodness, and the nose bridge seems more narrow, a la Mr. Sunshine-Hale. .
    More on topic: I'm pumped to see what people come up with for their warriors -- the range in this thread is delightful. The lack of male toon options has really made people stretch the customization options for the sake of diversifying their character's appearance. Necessity breeding ingenuity, and all that. 
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  13. kiango added a post in a topic Can You RUN It?   

    As others have said, I've also been using that site for years. Looks sketchy as hell but it's handy for a quick check/if you're wondering if you can buy x game
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  14. kiango added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    I'm actually in the process of making a Derek right now -- Might as well put that Hale name to good use if I've got it, you know? 
    He's kind of a Work In Progress, but here's what I've got so far -- i've attached the customization files as well if you want to play with it. The facial hair settings leave a bit to be desired and come across as a bit patchy, which honestly, is libel @ Hoechlin at this point.:
    Customization Files: 
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