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  1. Kat added a post in a topic Free event underwear   

    Not my fault, thats what I got from Kakao. They call it underwear.
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  2. Kat added a post in a topic BDO community!!! READ THIS!!!!   

    I will stop being mean when you stop poking and provoking.
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  3. Kat added a post in a topic How much does Harassment, or even being killed/attacked unexpectedly actually happen?   

    Or maybe you look pathetic and they take pity on you.
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  4. Kat added a post in a topic BDO community!!! READ THIS!!!!   

    Too bad you cant deliver then isnt it? Besides I am sure most men will rather take well formed woman over some anime looking malnourished jail bait. Kawaii my ass.
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  5. Kat added a post in a topic Class balance is broken as -----!   

    War can probably understand nothing because most of the time he cant hear anything from his trumpeting about how awesomely skilled he is.
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  6. Kat added a post in a topic RNG in BDO vs RNG in WoW   

    Come back when that gear you got in WoW blows up in your face.
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  7. Kat added a post in a topic BDO community!!! READ THIS!!!!   

    So you want our content for free so you can sell better your content?
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  8. Kat added a post in a topic imperial alchemy fail?   

    Check mats for each of them and see which one you can make a profit with, without having to compete with thousands of them on market and counting the cut you get even if you do sell them in some reasonable time. Not all of them are profitable. Be smart.
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  9. Kat added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Video Here!!!   

    I was being sarcastic.
    Not you, but some people seem to have hard time recognizing sarcasm. I know, I know, internet and written words but still....
    Then you should improve your "reading" capabilities. Or just stop assuming you know anything about random strangers online because it only makes you sound pretentious and stupid.
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  10. Kat added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Video Here!!!   

    Can we please have this post stickied in a new players section so every potential new/returning player knows not to bother with this game, because, obviously, they will never catch up.
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  11. Kat added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Video Here!!!   

    Some day I am gonna get that über gear, snap my fingers and make you eat dirt.
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  12. Kat added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Video Here!!!   

    *If* that is a grapple, and any case they are welcomed to it. I would never reroll.
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  13. Kat added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Video Here!!!   

    Or you can manage your fireball for basically the same (aoe) knockdown effect.
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  14. Kat added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard awakening, possible to swap gender? Forced to reroll?   

    MMOs are ever evolving, rebalancing critters. You may reroll to whatever FOTM is today just to find yourself sinking at the bottom after investing a lot of time and money, once again.
    And I admit I despise bandwagoners.
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  15. Kat added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Video Here!!!   

    Yes, it looks really cool and kinda suits her. 
    Lock was awesome back in TBC, which I stopped playing after, was kinda miffed with the need for destruction for raiding (we were too small guild and I was the best geared lock in it so no place to affliction away for me), felt like mage gone wrong. 
    But lets not spoil the wizard spotlight with offtopic  
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