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  1. Kercon added a post in a topic The PvP Flagging System. PLEASE READ OP BEFORE VOTING   

    Ok In my perspective the only problem current system have is grind spot fights, people want to have a way to freely enforce their "right" to monopolize grind spot. Most of discussions that I had seen (and got in trouble) are build around that people say that they had to kill someone x times to try force him to understand who is "owning" the spot or they pk someone to force him out but then were sucked in endless PvP and karma sink hole.
    My suggestion is : Can't we make popular grinding spots open PvP (no penalty for killing each other)? I know it will be hell for developers but people interested in optimal gameplay over level 50 know that this spots fights will be exploitable.
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  2. Kercon added a post in a topic Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?   

    Well my bad with paranoia maybe I did over exaggerated with the word (well it's good bait to click the topic) but still I have a feeling we blowing it in many post out of proportions.
    like I did with (really unknowingly bolder I think I got it from translate.google.com) bold text in my comment.
    The community condemning will be useless without help of devs, we can't most of time bring justice but if we will close our eyes to problem it will spread and accelerate.
    As community we are the best signal for devs that something isn't right. When we notice first offender we can't ignore it and should try to inform someone on forum, global chat etc. and if devs cant do anything about it what can we do ?
    As for prevention I'm for it that we must do all we can to stop problems before they happens, but I will say it again we can't be driven by fear lets search opportunity to improve because I think me and you want this game be worth of our time
    I didn't plan to make this kind of post (at start it was Poll) I may be hard to understand sometimes (likely always) and I know what you mean by it I don't want forceful post that says what devs should do, but some suggestion may be used by next versions or build upon and many people just shoot them down as exploit opportunity.
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  3. Kercon added a post in a topic Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?   

    Interesting hmm I didn't expect this reaction but well me and my stupid lack of humour and copy pasting idiot-ism who didn't take part in cb and couldn't be annoyed by lack interaction with players or couldn't help a friend to build raft. Oh I'm such a fool that can't think on my own but your comment opened my eyes now I will follow yours lead and like you brought me light I will give it to other. No wait I can't I am still lacking... I know I will go to monastery to meditate for rest of my life to truly understand yours righteous rage o great one.
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  4. Kercon added a post in a topic Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?   

    Hmm I don't know why my text is bolder I'm sorry for that :0
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  5. Kercon added a post in a topic Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?   

    I didn't negate it as irrational. I said :

    To be clear my purpose was poll but you did get my interest
    90% of global chat spam in gold is Phishing. They can stop some of it here and now...
    Only way to block gold trading is killing all of player to player trade and other ways to exchange goods if they will do it I'm fine with it but what about guilds I know they have guild banks for players to pay in maybe we should ban it too because guilds will buy silver.
    Lets stop party system at whole because you can pay someone to help you kill mobs for loot.
    U think I'm joking ? I'm not ... this ideas are discussed by forum it's getting bit out of hand for every system that could change something there goes someone who say it will allows cheating and people just discard idea and many times it could be changed or given protection from most of exploits.
    They can ... Community condemns players using exploits because it believes in fair play. (I know I did blow your mind ... I was joking no hard feelings)
    But to be fair if we can't make healthy community we can't really believe that blocking all things will give us clean environment.
    And I don't say it have to clone anything from others mmo but next gen game needs next gen players who are ready to take some risks.
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  6. Kercon added a post in a topic Karma system with video explanation   

    And I'm for it
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  7. Kercon added a post in a topic Karma system with video explanation   

    @Oneuproad This can't be solved and you know well why, anything what you change will give back door for some other exploit.
    Karma system is built that way so weaker players will be given way to force aggressive players in loss. That doesn't mean it's unfair only to you.
    It's design flaw and only thing at that moment what would make you feel better was open PvP in that zone.
    Problem of this game is that the systems build in game are designed to force players to be good sheep I wouldn't critic your actions if the game would be designed to force players to kill each other for hunting grounds but systems that are now in game are not that.

    I will give you another example that may or may not solved your problem. Pardon items, lets say it's item that block karma change after giving you static penalty on your character for X time in/or current area of X meters buy able only for good players y times a day, but still it gives some kind of exploit.
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  8. Kercon added a post in a topic Why not a omniserver   

    From IT point of view it is but you need game design to back it up
    And In CBT 1 channels would went off-line and on-line by devs
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  9. Kercon added a post in a topic Why not a omniserver   

    Omniserver is something that must be designed for game from the start, if I understand it well enough this is hidden server proxy, you will still be connecting to closest server for ping but next step of sync is based on communication between servers and main server that will be the one running the game (cloud software design).
    In my opinion this may be good idea when you think about it now no need for server merging only reduction of playable channels  Similar system is used in GW2 but game was designed that way. For me personally there should be overflow mechanic you give less servers and channels but give overflow channel(mega channel) for players to reduce waiting time etc. With this day and age of technology you can increase data processing by seconds by seconds base but it's costly in long run.
    Most of hype crowd is dispersing in about a month and that is the main problem. Devs see many people in line and complaining on forum and try to hotfix it by giving additional servers  and when the hype cools down all servers go in low population problem and then merging and complaining begins.
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  10. Kercon added a topic in General   

    Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?
    My main purpose is Poll but if anybody want to discus please be my guest.
    Ok why I'm asking this question ?
    Well many of interesting ideas often are shoot down by someone blowing the whistle of feature X is going to give possibility of some form of gold trade(exploit).
    For example loot-able trade pack / carts, free market, Player to Player trade, additional penalty of dying by drooping some silver, player driven shops, party looting systems, removing energy system etc.
    I do feel that most of our fear are not baseless, because as we are shown many times in mmo people want to buy power or cheat their way to glory. But I think some of us are starting to get paranoid of that fear. In my opinion problem of gold traders, bot users and other types of exploiters can be fight within our community by devs and our support of fair play without heavy restrictions on player base.
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  11. Kercon added a post in a topic Karma system with video explanation   

    Hmmmm ok i will try to reform my thoughts and use simpler sentences to avoid miss communication because I think I offended you in some way that I didn't plan.

    For the issues that you raised :
     Yes karma system is insufficient to discourage any of shown behaviours.Many games had many iterations and additional systems for karma if we would rework karma this are examples:Simplified Karma : Attacker of normal(good) player goes "red", killer in Self defence goes "grey", killer of "red" goes blue if he isn't red Pros: Simplifying karma system, no tolerance for offenders Cons : requires many additional systems for guild warsNo karma system open PvPPros: U don't think about weird consequencesCons : They don't think about weird consequences tooHybrid system with many open PvP zonesSystem to enforce no harassment, examples from other gamesGrowing penalty like: longer spawn times, bigger exp loss for deathItem quality degeneration or item lossJail systemsBlock from safe zone and npc hostilityTime bansAdditional death systems in other games as exampleEquipment loss/degenerationSpawn time extensionDrift in re spawn location (proximity circle getting bigger for each death in short amount of time)This one is interesting in my opinion it can be used as protection for both sidesMoney / bag items lossFor my horrible experience in mmo :Holly s*** men they were sometimes horrible T_TWell word "zone" may been used as overstatement, but still ...killing tons of monster in one ?spot? Isn't good communication you could been killing mob for quest and from this video and previous statements I can't know how much time you were demonstrating your "intent".Many countries don't learn English as second language so I'm not offended and most of Russians will ignore it tooTell me if there would be additional(unrelated) player who would disturb yours grinding would you kill him that day too ? For being hunt down by other guild for hunting spot trust me I was on both ends of stick and really it doesn't mean anything it is just horrible experience I did play mmos with many karma systems and I think non solved this problemI hoped by my previous comment examples to demonstrate that people who want and have opportunity:Ignore penalty and distance to annoy youThey most of time are patient and systematic in their actions For high and low level killing any of them gives the same penalty especially when you fight harassment groups from concept of your sentence I did understood as you were dismissing my example on low level base player harassment cant be used (if mistaken I'm sorry) For me being a dick yes I am and I try to evolve in to hypocrite dick.For "dodge practice" I'm not sure if I used good idiom I meant : something that is not really fully ethical but still allowed by the communityWhy I think spot hugging is bad:Mostly it's annoying for other players if they are blocked outShows most s****y part of gamePromotes aggressive behaviourAnd lastly if you really did get offended by me calling you dick... well you should it's offensive (well for me not that much but still).
    To be clear I sincerely will not be sorry for it so there won't be any apology for retaliation killing other player, we always should be the better ones and try to build good environment.
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  12. Kercon added a post in a topic Karma system with video explanation   

    Saying "Doing it for video" is like saying I did it only to show you consequences while killing kitties. Zone hugging is a bit of dick move and killing a player who may or may not understand your intent for that reason in my book is bit dodge practice.

    Low level players may be a bad example but who said it could be only low level Some people may remember games with simple karma system (red for good player attacker, blue for red killer, grey for killer in defence) there would be high level player do the same for quick bucks, items etc. High level player would even put low level armours to run around in low level area to provoke new players for karma hunt.
    To be fair both of you were dicks .
    Edit : btw I did vote yes but I don't know what change to make, to less this sort of issue
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  13. Kercon added a post in a topic Karma system with video explanation   

    You know I really want to be on your side but ... you did get hooked on oldest karma system exploit in the history and you was a bit of dick  
    Well for re spawning system well it really doesn't matter how far you will put it ... if someone plans to annoy you he will... At moment like this I love to use example of one of older games called Tibia, it uses registered town re spawn, karma system and death penalty and still tons of people would run to distant place to annoy high level player who would kill them and repast this process until end of the time or ban/hunt down of harassed player . There was one game that I was playing with used re-spawn timer system to addition(at worst about hour block on returning to life) of karma system + item drop and there was whole guild which targeted player with alts or lower level guild members to harass grinding players to then hunt them down if they went red.
    In conclusion what yours video show was standard harass and exploit of karma system it's annoying and effective on players with low patience or dominating play style and no mater what will we do there will be a dick who will try it.
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  14. Kercon added a post in a topic CBT1's Economy and AH Criticism   

    And I'm for it, auto fishing shouldn't give you good fishes or loots like keys or stones nerfing potential income is good way to discourage people especially when there exists golden rod that doubles auto fishing speed. The only thing what I liked in fishing in ArchAge was spiting the income fishing (active sport fishing) and auto fishing (only mats) and I think additional nerfing stamina regen while auto fishing would give another heavy con.
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  15. Kercon added a post in a topic CBT1's Economy and AH Criticism   

    I was using current system as reference changing whole system is one of things that can change whole aspect of afking but there are another aspects like workers and farms that people will want to afk for
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