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  1. Jesta added a post in a topic FPS dropping and unstable   

    Still in need of a solution. It seems like it's getting more and more unplayable by the day..
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  2. Jesta added a post in a topic Freezing All The Time   

    I made a topic about something similar. And today I'm getting around 2fps on the lowest settings, cropped... 4 second delay between when I see what is happening and input a command, to when my character responds... Yesterday was 5-18 ping which I barely grinded out a level on... Today I got 40% and I cannot play like this.  I've got a high end PC. Well over what it recommends, I should be playing this game on the highest values with 60 FPS in Calpheon. Instead I can look at the ground on optimization mode in an uncrowded (no mobs no players no npcs)  area and still have garbage FPS. Unacceptable.
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  3. Jesta added a post in a topic Terrible FPS with a decent system? Try this.   

    Seems to be working it's staying between 22 and 24 in the middle of calphion at max everything. I'll update it if something changes. 

    Edit: Said something too soon, the lag is back in full force. 
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  4. Jesta added a topic in Technical Issues   

    FPS dropping and unstable
    I've been struggling with my frame rate being erratic. I've tried changing my settings in game, with no visible change in frame rate. I've taken some screenshots of some things I would consider important/valid for this problem. 

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  5. Jesta added a post in a topic Secret Combos (Animation Canceling)   

    This was pretty cool, I'll definitely use the flow>float for pvp if it works for pvp(can't check at the moment to make sure) The night crow into bloody calamity is not a secret though, I'm pretty sure bloody calamity states that it can be combo'd with night crow on the skill. (Not sure if the others do. And I can't verify at the moment for the same reason the previous statement.) Just putting my thoughts on the subject.
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  6. Jesta added a post in a topic So, how hard is Sorc?   

    You're insane? I'm level 36 on my sorc, would be 40-42 by now if I had the free time to put into it today.  I have yet to see a need to CC anything, group them up and knock them down in the massive damage that you have on your AoEs. I know not everyone plays the same way. I skipped skills like the float for more damage on black wave, and claws. most of the time black wave does back attacks and is accurate enough that I was clearing groups of ruin golems and ruins spiders from 31 to 35. (They were purple until 34?) It took me no time at all and didn't knock them down or float or stun them once.

     Point being Sorc is highly mobile nuke damage. I can't imagine requiring CC to grind effectively. 3 hitting purples is common. I also can't imagine being "super super weak" sure we don't have the high hp and DP like a select few other classes, but the class is fully capable of skipping the tank and going straight to the spank. 

    My only trouble thus far, is ranged units - mages and blob throwers more than archers. Seems when I dodge and I'm clearly not even near it I still get hit for some reason. Had the same problem in the beta when they were trying to optimize for NA but I can't see a difference since. Just me?

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  7. Jesta added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

    Better late than never I suppose~

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  8. Jesta added a post in a topic Male Sorcerer   

    Right, the customization tool is quite advanced, so I imagine we could tweak it to look however we really wanted within a reasonable standard of the base. 
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  9. Jesta added a post in a topic Male Sorcerer   

    By that standard, and the fact that there is no real level cap... they should have just done dynamic aging ;D everyone starts out basic, don't have access to strong skills too early, and as you progress your 'knowledge' of these things progress. So with that said, everyone could simply age with levels, to indicate experience. < Just an idea obviously.

    I also should state that there are teens and I'm sure younger, that are proficient enough with a bow to compete in pro brackets and teens that are more than proficient at martial use with a sword... You can't even use real life in this matter since we don't have people of any age running around causing lightning storms and meteors to fall. 

    I don't really like the idea of a prodigious wizard, Elemental magic has always been a learned subject, it wasn't innate (WoW Shamans don't count) So I don't think you should be a child running around blasting things with a wonderful array of magical fire and ice. They did add the witch due to crying sure. That's also what will likely happen if enough people push for a male sorcerer. I hope they do, as the black magic is something I would consider attunement or pact magic. I don't really care what the age of the male is, but I would certainly like to make one that looked old. 

    One last note; it doesn't ruin role play to stick to your idea of a character, it enhances it... if you can't accept that the wizard is old get comfy with the witch, but saying it ruins role play to make you play a role is silly. Role play is taking on a persona for that character, regardless of if you got to decide how old they are or even what they look like. 
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  10. Jesta added a post in a topic Male Sorcerer   

    If it's honestly a problem with lore... the easiest way to get around it, would be something like "Having accidentally unleashed a powerful sleeping spirit while gathering blackstones he was offered employment for power beyond the scope of explanation, Wielding the dark power with furious vigor the (Insert male class name here)  is capable of destroying waves of foes with ease "...etc etc 

    Lore is not and will never be a good excuse to bar something.. I DO have a love for lore, as that's what makes a game something we want to return to, we grow a connection with the world. 

    I don't believe that the male form should have separate awakening as my vision of a male sorcerer is far more dark, something like the Grim Reaper would be my explanation of what I think end game male sorcerer should seem like. Not overpowered, but just that sort of play, something like the cold grip of death dragging you to hell.  Which means old... if not old from back ground, it could have been price for power... but like someone else said when I think of magic I think of wisdom, and that doesn't come from a pact, it comes from age. 
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  11. Jesta added a topic in Sorceress   

    Will there be a male variant to the Sorceress? I said Warlock in the title, I feel like it'd be so sick to be this decrepit old guy with an awakened scythe! Grim Reaper, yo. 
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