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  1. Perisher added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    Nice unbalanced changes, I like the part how they buffed the strongest classes in the game, and nerfed the ones that needed buffing.
    I guess all the crying of casuals and people who don't know how to play their class, actually paid off.
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  2. Perisher added a post in a topic <PlayerKillers> A home for the homeless. (Edan Server)   

    Oh and Free food and Booze for the homeless !
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  3. Perisher added a post in a topic Yuria Longsword vs Bares Longsword   

    I tested this out (maybe a month ago).
    deleted my Yuria +10 and enchanted a bares +10. all other equipment the same including gems.
    I tested on all types of monsters and elements including pvp to test the damage outputs, you don't need a calculator you could see the difference easy enough.
    On all Trees, beasts, etc the Bares hit about 10-15% harder than the YuriaOn DemiHumans the Yuria hit 2-5% harder than the Bares (perhaps due to the higher AP).On Human mobs the Yuria was up around 20-30% more dmgIn pvp the Yuria was about 20-30% more dmg also.Was an easy choice for me to go back to Yuria, i don't whack on trees all day. hope that helps.
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  4. Perisher added a post in a topic New Loot Option - Rolls   

    i was not talking about a static timer, but more over players, their ability to make the party wait while they decide yes or no, their internet connection speed, and other factors also come into question here. Items being tradeable is a must for this to work obviously.
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  5. Perisher added a post in a topic Underwear are OVER Priced - Add a visual toggle for Lingerie   

    but the point is, then other players would have the option to disable/enable viewing other players that have enabled their underwear to be shown. which would not offend or change anyones gaming experience.
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  6. Perisher added a post in a topic Question about clan & guild name   

    Actually we do have issues with Fanboi's and trolls stealing our names, has happened in the past. on character and guild.
    I do expect it will happen again unless we are vigilant and get it fast when it goes live.
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  7. Perisher added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    awesome answers, really like what has been said.
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  8. Perisher added a post in a topic Underwear are OVER Priced - Add a visual toggle for Lingerie   

    +1 totally agree with OP.
    However if i wanna fight monsters in my sexy swag i should be able to.
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  9. Perisher added a topic in Suggestions   

    Finding dead party members to revive
    Did anyone else have fun with this?
    Players had names over their head, icon on mini map.
    When they died, no name, no icon on minimap.
    So when we were out group farming at night, it was very difficult due to the pace of the fighting to actually find dead party members for revival! sometimes it took us up to 5 mins to find their body to revive, which can be easily hidden under other dead monsters or debris.
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  10. Perisher added a post in a topic New Loot Option - Rolls   

    yes, fixing this should mean. weapons / armor should be tradeable.
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  11. Perisher added a post in a topic Line exp, levelling   

    Many Many people and reviewers complained that it was too fast, so why should they make it faster?. Whilst i also enjoy fast leveling, it does not help long term.
    I believe Slower is better for long life of game, and gives devs a chance to add more end game content before the mass player base reaches end game levels.
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  12. Perisher added a post in a topic The Seperation of the Sprint and Dodge actions   

    +1 agree, i had this issue also. they should be able to be changed so giving us the option would not break anything, but allow a player to change it.
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  13. Perisher added a post in a topic Practical solution to RMT, That allows trading.   

    +1 totally agree with OP.
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  14. Perisher added a post in a topic Cash Shop - Pay To Win   

    LOL thats not pay to win.. seeing some rich kiddy with daddys credit card buying up all the +15ty Billion enchanted gear and armor and going around 1 shotting everyone - thats pay to win.
    The small luck and exp bonuses do not have any direct impact to pvp end game. You will have much more trouble with the people who play 15 hours a day, than you will with some casual player with who bought some pearls and has +1 Luck, 0.5 eXP bonus and a boat and some fluffy cats.
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  15. Perisher added a post in a topic New Loot Option - Rolls   

    -1 Do not agree.
    Tera has rolls, and theres nothing more annoying then waiting on all party members to roll on all the many dropped items for 5-10 minutes.
    Whilst it seems like a great idea it does not work well in online MMO games.
    I believe, simple options are best.
    Free Looting, By Turn, Random. most people hunt in guild/clan or friends in this game, and with no bound items dropping trading is not an issue.
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