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  1. Binkie added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    Our guild officially left BDO after a guild meeting yesterday.  A couple are going back to TERA, a few back to SWTOR, one or two back to Blade and Soul.  Black Desert was fun, but we had too many PVE/crafting type players, with no future in BDO and no respect from Daum.
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  2. Binkie added a post in a topic What will make me eventually quit BDO.... game startup   

    If the game is installed on an SSD, I'd advise against defragging. Regardless, the system problems you're describing really seem odd. 
    My machine runs on an old Z97 board, i7 4790k @ 4.8 GHz, 32GB DDR3, (2) 1 TB SSD, (4) 5 TB HDD's, running at 5760x1080 resolution, and I can afk fish while playing music and doing my dailies in TERA.  If I can do all that, you should at least be able to login in under a minute .  Certainly not 5-10.
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  3. Binkie added a post in a topic PVErs and not competitive   

    It's always easy to claim that your group creates less drama when the game mechanics and activities favor you.  (us)  Aside from the "we want a PVE server/channel threads, they really don't make many waves anymore, but then again, all the PVE friends/guildies I have have all left, or are leaving, Black Desert.  . 
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  4. Binkie added a post in a topic PVErs and not competitive   

    Less forum drama. 
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  5. Binkie added a post in a topic Anybody here with two accounts?   

    I have two accounts running on two separate machines.  I don't have the same problem as the OP, but if he wants to buy me a couple of outfits, I'd be glad to test it. 
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  6. Binkie added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    3 times since yesterday.  A bit more than the 0.12% you claim. 

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  7. Binkie added a post in a topic PvE servers are completely illogical and go against the point of BDO.   

    Funny how some people post "Git Gud" in defense of PKing.  Someone PKed my AFK fisher this morning  One doesn't need to have skill to kill someone afk. 
    There are altogether too many cowards in this game who play the big man in these forums, yet lack the balls to stand up and fight worthy opponents in game. 
    Personally speaking, if Daum refuses to allow a PVE option for our afk activities, I'd like to see a forced perma death option implemented for revenge by those PKed. 10 min debuff when you initiate an attack on, and kill, an unflagged player. People who get ganked have 10 minutes to respawn and kill their attacker, which would result in character perma death. (character permanently locked on character selection)   Make PVP about fighting worthy opponents, and penalize the ----- out of cowardly PKers.
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  8. Binkie added a post in a topic Most easy/best way to enchant my Grunil armor +13 to +15?   

    It works for me, because I qualify under that category. 
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  9. Binkie added a post in a topic @CM_Jouska, @Daum Maehwa heels   

    Another example confirming what I said.  You think that we have no right to speak our mind, and you feel threatened because I dare make claims that make you uncomfortable. Grow up.
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  10. Binkie added a post in a topic @CM_Jouska, @Daum Maehwa heels   

    Can you please repost the poll options in english?
    Thank you. 
    Nice stereotyping of feminists.  I don't make fun of your bicycle, lack of friends, blow up doll, residence in your mom's basement, or blue balls.  Why rip on us?
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  11. Binkie added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 20th   

    Get fcked noob.  It's none of your business. 
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  12. Binkie added a post in a topic CC-centric Class?   

    Says the noob who needs to stop people from fighting in order to win.  Let me guess, you specialize in ganking 45's, right? 
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  13. Binkie added a post in a topic CC-centric Class?   

    CC is a bullshit tactic designed to prevent fighting.  I think it should be removed from all games. 
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  14. Binkie added a post in a topic Why are you delaying this outfit so hard?! o.o   

    LOL  you're grasping at straws simply because you find that ugly shit attractive.  Nice try. 
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  15. Binkie added a post in a topic Why are you delaying this outfit so hard?! o.o   

    That outfit is horrible. 
    Why do the devs think that outfits need to look like you have roadkill wrapped around your neck, or look like you mugged big bird? 
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