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  1. Erion added a post in a topic Helping Hand: Guide Contest   

    I don't see any issue with this. The guides could help the community. There are so many outdated guides now, I think a little incentive to refresh them won't hurt anyone.
    I'd even consider writing a guide - actually I did consider - especially knowing that they select the top 10 and there are less than 5 guides as of the deadline today so whatever bs u make u can win - but daamn I just don't care about having black desert pillows. Can't be bothered. Give me mere 1000 loyalties and I'll design you something mindblowing but pillows? Bah.
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  2. Erion added a post in a topic Best upgrades for 850m Budget?   

    Holy shit so much bullshit. Lesson learnt; never ask for advice on public forums. Find an experienced sorc and ask him ingame - a friend/guildie whom you trust is preferable.  I trust that everyone here had good intentions but some of these builds are stupid, others reach over your budget. In my opinion the best advice you got so far was from  Robin Hoodlum although i don't agree with everything he said.
    Asking you to trust me and chose my advice over 8 other posters would be stupid, you have no way of knowing whether I actually know better what I'm talking about or just speaking shit aswell. For that reason I'm not even gonna bother to link a build.
    Really, best advice I can give you is not to listen to people here cuz there is so much confusing, misleading stuff going on. Go to discord/guildchat/worldchat, find a person whom you can trust and ask him.
    Lifeskiling is a thing
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  3. Erion added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    I'm sensing you haven't read any of this thread or were unable to interpret it if you came to that conclusion.
    To me your comment seems to be almost entirely irrelevant to the ongoing conversation.
    I believe when we are talking about karma bombing there are several very different cases. The original karma bombing / griefing is when a player intentionally distrupts someone else's grinding with the sole purpose of causing chaos. In this scenario the karma bomber does not want to grind. He does not want to pvp. He wants to make the other person's playtime miserable.
    The issue with the current karma system is that there is absolutely no defense mechanism against this. If you are grinding peacefully and someone comes up to you with the intention to grind there, you can talk it out, fight it out, part up, etc.[ And yes what you were saying is very valid - I believe no one is entitled to a spot. Darwinism / first time - first served, newbie priority - these are all excuses we make up that serves our own agenda. ] However when someone's only intention is to ruin your game experience, you are helpless. You can switch channels, stop grinding or go negative.
    Karma bombers / Griefers do not suffer any consequence (negative karma is absolutely no issue either but thats another topic), so other than boredom there is nothing to stop them. And that obviously upset people and started this downward spiral.
    Well-geared elite players killing random people on sight without saying "hi", in the name of 'effective grinding' and expecting everyone else to respect their absolute superiority and not to come back is utter bullshit. I 100% agree that they are not entitled to a spot because they were there first, or because they are stronger or because they have more pets than you do or for whatever reason. 
    Obviously grind rotations are constructed in a way for them to be effective if they are done by organized groups / individuals. So if there are 2 people at one spot, some way or another they have to decide who takes it. An agreement would be the most beneficial way - I take spot now, you take it in 30 mins and so on - but this would require everyone's cooperation which is simply impossible given how many different folks are playing this game. Another option is to fight for the spot. In that case the stronger will always win. Or so did back then when dying in pvp meant -exp. Now that's not the case.
    Many people do not like that the current system doesn't allow the "stronger" to actually "win", but forces mutual agreement. I personally always preferred the diplomatic approach - however I can understand that it is not always possible to be diplomatic. 
    Karma system is crap, deciding over grindspots is purely based on agreement which is not always possible to reach with so many people. Straight off Karma BOMBING and coming back after dying is not the same thing. Self-absored entitled douches should not cry after they mistreat people and these people resort to the only weapon they have against them within the game - karma bombing.
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  4. Erion added a post in a topic Easy Trading Level Up?   

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  5. Erion added a post in a topic Thanks Olivia Server its been Fun! Soloed the last 45% today alone   

    Okay, I don't want to be the party pooper, but it's Sunday. Weekend exp. There is 100% on every channel. You don't get shit more on Olvia than on any other channel. Ooopsies.
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  6. Erion added a post in a topic Disable crystal breakage   

    black spirit crystals are popped on market every 5-10 mins
    and you can use new chars and do the quests in about 20 mins (if u already have them on 56 - obviously it'd take a lot longer otherwise, its not newb friendly for sure)

    The servers are crap and dying cuz of lag is really irritating. but that sort of thing happens in every game... we can only suck it up and move on  
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  7. Erion added a post in a topic Disable crystal breakage   

    Crystals, especially expensive ones - are great money sinks. Removing / changing the system would be crazy and bad for the economy.
    Report is not serving for this function. It's not some attention-seeker button its there for moderation purposes.
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  8. Erion added a post in a topic NA Player Looking for EU guild   

    Bah. They are weird.
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  9. Erion added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    I do see the slight black flickering, but I consider it borderline annoying if at all. I just don't mind, I can focus it out. So I assumed there could be maybe something else that everyone is raging about
    I find it very doubtful that you were concerned about my well-being at all, given how aggressive your tone of voice was.
    Saying that "i should get used to being trolled" isn't really justifying you behaving in a ----- way
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  10. Erion added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    You certainly do care, otherwise you'd not have bothered to attack me in the first place
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  11. Erion added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    Salty much?

    You may be certifiably mentally challenged if you think that I'd be legally blind. I mean obviously I could have been using a text-to-speech software to read out your negative comment but playing the game would be certainly a challenge that way.
    Maybe you should think before you emit all that bullshit  
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  12. Erion added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    I don't even see it. What am I supposed to see??
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  13. Erion added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Damn that theme is ugly. 
    That's what I call a real downgrade!
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  14. Erion added a post in a topic Wish there was a way to speed up doing relic.   

    Oh boy.
    Really oftentimes it's been said that this is grindy, its a korean mmo and so on, but I just can't imagine what was in the head of the game designer who thought that relic runs would be excellent idea as an endgame mechanism.
    It's boring, non-challenging, massive waste of time. I really hope they'd change it but its unlikely...
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  15. Erion added a post in a topic What is trust?   


    And the usual "if you don't like quit" arguement is invalid.
    The quality of the game and the quality of the publisher are too separate things. 
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