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  1. andistotle added a post in a topic PSA: Night Vendor Prices Back to Normal   

    this was a thing for sure. I got nouver for 125 mill and TREE spirit armor for 160 mill. also got a baselisk belt for 21 mill
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  2. andistotle added a post in a topic KR patch note for 15th December   

    when is korea getting karmasylvia? have they said anything about it? is it next patch?
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  3. andistotle added a post in a topic New Dark Knight Trailer Teaser with Kamasilven map teaser   

    what? we just got Valencia update.  Korea waited along time for valencia and magoria. we have gotten content in a very rapid pace. there is no rush to release content for our version imo.
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  4. andistotle added a post in a topic [Updated] A few pics of young looking Wizards.   

    these look like shit tbh. old dude looks way better
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  5. andistotle added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    small minority? l don't believe that at all.
    Where did you draw the line between accounts with real playtime and those who just logged in? what level and how much time?
    This is a really really bad decision from you GM_dew. its very bad game design and execution from KAKAO. You never stop to disappoint. Players are being punished because of your bad game design.
    If its a small minority then I guess you just can show us the official numbers? The next time I find a exploit I will not report it that's for sure.
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  6. andistotle added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    this is a very good idea
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  7. andistotle added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Played? they didnt play on several servers. they played on 1 server and had a level 1 on the 2 others. through gameplay? are u serious?  is that the term you wanna use for this?
    They didnt have a choice? comm on. This nothing but totally incompetence from KAKAO, and everyone that defends it does indeed lack common sense.
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  8. andistotle added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    its not about whether is an exploit or not.  Its about common sense. trying to find loopholes and abusing game mechanics to gain extra rewards should not be rewarded, A big portion of the playerbase, myself included knew about this since long time ago, but I didn't do it because I was sure that Kakao would not allow multiple rewards from multiple servers if a merge would happen. To me that Idea was so far from common sense that I didnt even consider the possibility that they would allow it. I told the guys in my guild :"you are wasting your time guys, they will never allow you to take all this rewards with you if the servers merge!" I guess i was wrong. I guess using common sense is wrong. I guess feeling like this is an abuse of the system is wrong.  BECAUSE NOTHING IS -----ING NORMAL AROUND HERE.
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  9. andistotle added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Kakao you are a bunch of morons if you go through with this. Every goddamn month you manage to do something stupid that pisses off half of the community. If you cant understand how wrong this is then you guys have a serious -----ing problem.
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  10. andistotle added a post in a topic Honest opinion after one Week BDO   

    This is terrible idea. flying mounts is one of the worst things they could do in this game. Higher mountains im all for though.
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  11. andistotle added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    lucky bastards. ----- u all
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  12. andistotle added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    yes several and none of them required 10 hours a week of downtime
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  13. andistotle added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    dear kakao what makes BDO so special that it needs 8 -10 hours of maintence pr week? no other mmo does this. have u bought the servers from north korea or something
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  14. andistotle added a post in a topic New Classes - Gender Locked ?   

    its not lazy. its very time consuming and requires alot of resourses to do annimation, emotes, combat for both genders in a game like this. there is a reason that classes in BDO is genderlocked. BDO is so massive with so many diffrent features and NPC's that they dont have resourses to create a male/female of every class. Pearl Abyss have stated that its almost the same amount of work to make new gender of a class and to make a completly new class from scratch. So many on these forums dont understand this. Its not just to press a button to make a male/female version of a class. You cant compare to older MMOs with low polygon numbers and bad graphics. This is the biggest problem MMO's face today. They have become so expencive to make because of the amount of work required to make them that not many developers are willing to make them anymore.
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  15. andistotle added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Completed* Maintenance October 5th   

    this is the only mmo I have played that needs a 6-7 hour maintenace every goddamn week.
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