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  1. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    And you need to remember that not every PAYING CUSTOMER bought the horse gear. Many of us who are funding this game spent our pearls on OTHER items, things like expanded storage, additional worker slots, value packs, things that are rendered useless during this emergency maintenance window (Now extended it seems) to address some cosmetic item that could have waited a week living under the 'known issues' list.
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  2. Daemoroth added a post in a topic Sorceress Le Vladian underwear bugged   

    Same for me.
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  3. Daemoroth added a post in a topic Mob Spawns busted on Edan   

    +1 for Al Rhundi rebels, was wondering if I was doing something wrong or missing some quest to kick off spawns. Would love some feedback/comms from Daum on this issue and whether they're looking into it.
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  4. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    Incorrect, once again you're unable to separate character and opinion. An opinion of someone is subjective, based on what they've shown you and what you value based on your morals. Anyone defining their own character is simply defining their opinion of their character. Yes, everyone will see it differently since it's an opinion.
    And this has a point? What does having some definitive record of everyone have to do with anything?
    "Them self", assuming you're talking about who they truly are, is not subjective. How they define/form their opinion of who they are is subjective. Remember: learn to separate true identity/character and opinion of that identity/character.
    Again, why is this even a thing? I've repeatedly stated that character is internal, why would there be some need for a database?
    Ignored, pointless and asinine.
    How did you come to this conclusion? I mean that seriously, considering I've stated the opposite a couple of times.
    You definitely need to re-read that part, slowly apparently.
    Either way, I'm done, I offered to have a chat, but you're either too dense to get the concept of internal character vs external opinions of that character or deliberately misconstruing my points in an effort to support yours.
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  5. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    That would be your opinion, of course... Maybe the concepts are too advanced for you and no amount of explanation would ever cross your threshold of comprehension.
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  6. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    That's where I disagree. Someone's character is not bestowed by other people, that's just other people's opinion of someone, which is subjective. You've simply formed an opinion of someone's character, you didn't form their character.
    By the same token, people can form an opinion of their own character, but again, it's a subjective opinion of their character. Someone can be overconfident and have too high an opinion of their own character (Think they're incorruptible, etc), and vice versa, and yes, since it's an opinion, it can (And often will) differ from others' opinion of their character, and will sometimes even differ from their own character (When they're given power, they realise that they actually are very corruptible, as an example). It's why you get self-aware people and people in denial - their opinion of their character vs their actual character.
    You really need to learn to separate the concept of opinion and character since you seem to confuse the two constantly. Especially with your "Who/what someone "truly is", is subjective, relative, to the entity looking at it in that moment." line. That's an opinion of who someone is you're talking about (And yes, it's subjective, like all opinions). It's still not their character/who they truly are.
    I've never said that someone's character is what you assume it to be, I've always argued the opposite: That someone's character is their true self, who they truly are, opinions be damned. And it can change, yes, but it's always who they truly are (People change, etc).
    And I'm not some all-seeing entity, it's why I stressed the point that "It's irrelevant to the game, irrelevant to PvP, irrelevant to opinions or any external force or influence. If you, internally, get joy out of causing others misery, you are pathetic."
    I don't know if you experience joy, but that's irrelevant. If you sit there in your room and ONLY you know that you enjoy causing misery in others, it's in your character (Whether anyone knows about it or not), and that makes you pathetic (Generic 'you' obviously).
    And since griefing by definition is done with the sole purpose of causing misery in others for their own enjoyment, griefers are pathetic (Please remember that only THEY would know if they're griefing someone, since only they would know whether they're enjoying it, others' opinions about their character don't matter).
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  7. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    No, I'm saying your OPINION (Which is subjective, being an opinion and all that) of someone's CHARACTER (Who they truly are, CHARACTER NOT being subjective). And OPINION of someone's CHARACTER is SUBJECTIVE. Someone's CHARACTER is NOT subjective. You need to read more slowly.
    Your OPINION of the WEATHER, for instance, is SUBJECTIVE (You like it, you don't like it, too hot, too cold, ALL opinions, ALL subjective). However, what the weather IS (Sun is out, few clouds, 38 degrees Celsius with 90% humidity - roughly what we had yesterday) is NOT subjective. My wife's opinion of the weather: She loved it. Mine? Too %!#&ing hot! All opinions.
    That does not change what the weather ACTUALLY is, because what it actually IS is NOT subjective.
    The same way that your OPINION of someone is SUBJECTIVE. But who they TRULY are, what their character REALLY is (Whether you know it or realise it or not) is NOT subjective.
    Come one, you CANNOT be that thick.
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  8. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    Yes, an opinion of someone's character is subjective. An opinion (subjective) of someone's character (not subjective).
    And what someone thinks of themselves (opinion, self-awareness, self-esteem) is also subjective, of their own character (not subjective). Just like how some people can over/undervalue themselves. It's their opinion of their own character that's off the mark, not their character.
    I never said that judgement based on those actions was not subjective, in fact, I stated quite the opposite. If you re-read my post you might understand, though at this point I highly doubt it.
    What's not to understand? Or are you just not able to keep up? Maybe you don't know the definition of the word grief? You know other things beyond PvP have their own definitions right? I'm talking about griefing, put aside your asinine focus on PvP for one second and you might realise this.
    Yes, griefing is a subset of PvP by definition (I never argued that, or claimed otherwise), but the motivation for doing it is very different. When you gank/PK, there's a game-related reason (They're flagged, they tried to kill you, you're trying to take their spot, etc.), when you grief someone (Unprovoked, obviously), it's for a very different reason: Just to ruin their time for your own enjoyment. Motivation is everything.
    If you're the type of person who experiences enjoyment by making others miserable, you are a pathetic human being, simple as that. It's irrelevant to the game, irrelevant to PvP, irrelevant to opinions or any external force or influence. If you, internally, get joy out of causing others misery, you are pathetic.
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  9. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    Once again, nope. You keep confusing reputation with character. Someone who treats you well may create a good impression, that has nothing to do with their character. If they turn around and treat the waiter like a piece of $#!&, it reveals their character (That of being a terrible person). You may think they're a good person from your experience with them, but the truth is quite the opposite because someone's character isn't external, it's not subjective, it's the cold facts of who and what they truly are.
    Your character is defined by your actions, not by the subjective opinions of others. You can judge a person's character, good or bad, just or unjust, and that is subjective (Example, what you think of someone who is willing to kill to save someone is subjective, the fact that they would be willing to take such actions is not subjective, it's their character).
    And if you actually paid attention to what I said in my posts, I wouldn't consider witnessing some random PK as griefing, PvP happens in a PvP game, go to town.
    Ganking vs griefing is subjective and situational, yes, and as you mentioned you may have your reasons for targeting someone (They &^@#ed you off, they tried to camp you before you turned the tables with the help of some friends, they were trying to grief a friend of yours and you're force-feeding them some of their own medicine, etc.). None of that makes you a griefer.
    Running up to a lowbie or someone who doesn't stand a chance and continuing to kill them repeatedly simply because you enjoy making their lives miserable? Griefer, and true character revealed. It's the personal motivation for doing what you're doing (Ruining someone else's time for no reason other than your own enjoyment), and it's based on your character, nothing subjective about it.
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  10. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    I'll just repeat this for your benefit:
    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
    “The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.” ~ Abigail Van Buren
    And thank you, have a good one!
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  11. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    Nope, it's not, you're thinking of 'reputation'...
    So now you're using the oversimplified definition of PvP to defend your stance? I mean, really? Is that all you can come up with? 200v1 is fair because it's "PvP by definition"?
    Strong case you got there.
    Let's follow your example and look at griefing, which is done with the sole purpose of deriving pleasure from harassing/irritating/annoying other players. How's your whole "I doo eet fir mah own reezuns so you carent judge mee" argument holding up? Good?
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  12. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    Not so much, no. Your character is judged based on what you do, your motivations for doing it are irrelevant. I don't need to know why you're doing it, you should have the maturity to recognise what effect your actions have on others.
    I'm not saying don't participate in OWPvP, it's going to happen, and absolutely needs to happen (It's awesome), but 3v1 isn't OWPvP, or are you saying that a person getting griefed 3v1 somehow stands a chance? And it's rarely as little as 3v1 anyway, it's usually raid-sized max-level groups griefing lowbies for entire evenings, only to run away if an equal or larger max-level group shows up to retaliate.
    Again, please do understand my distinction between grief/gank, it's very important. I know quite often groups will gank a player (One unprovoked kill) to try and bait a 'call-to-arms' and start a larger OWPvP battle, that doesn't qualify as griefing in my book. But repeated kills with no point other than to make another player miserable/rage-quit/ruin their time? That's griefing, and yes, only pathetic human beings participate in crap like that.
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  13. Daemoroth added a post in a topic [POLL] Your favorite single aspect of PvP   

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
    “The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.” ~ Abigail Van Buren
    Griefers running in groups to slaughter players who never stand a chance, this applies to you. Don't complain when you're judged as a pathetic human being, you've already demonstrated yourself to be one.
    * Please note: I used 'griefer' deliberately. Personally I make a distinction, I see a gank as a random kill cause I wasn't paying attention (Would have been a fair fight if I had seen it coming, hence not griefing), I lol'd and kept going (More often than not the ganker ignores me the next time I see him/her, or it turns into a bunch of 1v1s).
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  14. Daemoroth added a post in a topic do you want this game to die?   

    If you're just going to complain about them asking the question, it applies to you. And no, you're not required to respond, nor to answer their question.
    I totally agree with you that it can be infuriating, I get it at work, and if someone comes to me with a question that makes it painfully obvious that they haven't even TRIED to find an answer for themselves, I tend to send them away (Diplomatically, it is work after all) with instructions to Google for 5 minutes before coming back to me. I totally get it.
    What I don't get it spending time telling someone how much they're wasting your time. They're not wasting your time, you're wasting your own time by responding. Just ignore it, exit the thread, let it vanish into page 2+, you've saved both time and your own sanity, a massive plus in my book.
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  15. Daemoroth added a post in a topic do you want this game to die?   

    Why don't you simply NOT reply? Taking a minute to point out that someone is a moron takes exactly as much time as taking a minute to actually answer the question. If you're TRULY concerned about your time being wasted, roll your eyes and close the tab / leave the thread.
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  16. Daemoroth added a post in a topic The first boss is hard   

    Yeah, it's not too bad for me at least, in Australia so only 8pm now (Might check out The Division beta in the meantime though).
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  17. Daemoroth added a post in a topic The first boss is hard   

    Second boss is harder, since when it wipes you, you get sent back to the first boss...

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  18. Daemoroth added a post in a topic Cash shop delay is a good thing.   

    Best thread hijack ever... 
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  19. Daemoroth added a post in a topic NAME RESERVATION AND CBT2 INFO   

     I'm 11 hours AHEAD of you can't download...  ... I mean ... 
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  20. Daemoroth added a post in a topic SHOULD COSTUMES BE SOLD ON AH FOR SILVER   

    (The contradiction lies in, on one hand, claiming that selling cosmetic items will have a huge impact on the game, then claiming that selling cosmetic items won't help you keep up - i.e. have little to no effect, but that's beside the point, see below).
    I think we're arguing down the wrong lines here about a bad solution to the core problem: the massive difference between +15 and +20. If that gap wasn't AS large as it is now, it wouldn't matter as much that we're only able to get up to +16/+17 maaayyyyybe. Nolifers get to +20 and still have somewhat of an advantage, but not enough to crush anyone by smashing their faces onto their keyboards for a win, and the majority of the server (Say, ranges from 16-18? Thumb-sucked number) can have relatively balanced games?
    If they scale the gear properly, there's no reason to have the ability to auction cosmetic items for in-game cash either.
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  21. Daemoroth added a post in a topic SHOULD COSTUMES BE SOLD ON AH FOR SILVER   

    How is allowing copious amounts of free time to affect gameplay any different? "Straight up allowing nolifers to affect gameplay is a poor design in games and will be flat out abused." makes just as much sense in this instance.
    If they allowed the sale of cosmetic items on the AH, and you get killed by a player with, say, +18 gear, would you be able to tell if they spent copious amounts of time or money to get the gear?
    It looks like you misunderstood what I'm after, I just want to be able to be competitive, not elite, I don't mind losing to the cream of the crop, I just want the opportunity to hold my own against a large portion of the population. And yes, without the ability to sell cosmetic items I (And others like me, with limited time) WILL get farther and farther behind.
    You contradict yourself though, on one hand you bemoan the effects that selling cosmetic items will have, and the next moment you're saying that even WITH the ability to sell cosmetic items, you still won't be able to "keep up".
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  22. Daemoroth added a post in a topic SHOULD COSTUMES BE SOLD ON AH FOR SILVER   

    I understand that worry, but I don't want to be "the best", I just want to be able to hold my own the majority of the time (Win or lose, just without the sense that it was an all-gear stomp). The gear being bought is created in-game by players, the nolifers who ALSO spend money may be ahead at the start, but nolifers and spenders will catch up, giving everyone the ability to even things out.
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  23. Daemoroth added a post in a topic SHOULD COSTUMES BE SOLD ON AH FOR SILVER   

    Yes, obviously with caveats (Limit to how MUCH is bought/sold).
    I'll probably have about 10 hours to spend on BDO per week (Having a job, wife, etc.), but I also want the opportunity to compete ON EQUAL TERMS with nolifers, or at least just enjoy PvP in general without feeling like my lack of time guarantees that I'll lose every match-up.
    No-lifers can spend time to gain the gear, why can't people with jobs/life spend money to keep up (PLEASE NOTE: KEEP UP)?
    If you want to prevent people from "buying an advantage" (Keeping up), fine, then I propose we place a limit on the amount of hours you can play BDO, let's say, 14 hours per week, if you're so interested in an even playing field.
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  24. Daemoroth added a post in a topic When should the 96 Hour HeadStart begin   

    Friday evening for US, Saturday morning for Aus = everyone wins.
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