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Posts posted by Sowiak

  1. Everything ran smooth on thursday and I had no problem with playing CBT but today it showed me notification like that everytime I tried to join the game. Launcher version;

    Bez nazwy.jpg

  2. got damnit....Listening,, youtube,,, steam,,, amazon,,, 9,49 US for mp3 download.... thx man really thx you don't know how much I love to listen to this kind of music...

    You're welcome mate :D
    This game was one of my best gaming experiences so far, got chills every time this stunning soundtrack started playing and literally cried after the end of that beautifuly created story ^_^

  3. Some good stuff showing up here. Added quite a few of them to my playlist.

    There's this one I found a year or so ago. I listen to mashups every once in awhile but this one, I can not listen to it with a straight face. It's so stupid that it's funny how well it works and what makes it worse is I don't even like Lucky Star but I do like a few Lil' Jon songs.

    Such a crazy mashup! :D

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    Both your songs are quite uknown to wide audience I guess, but they're definitely worth listening ^_^ 

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  5. Ahh Jeremy Soule!!

    One of my favorite video-game composers. You should definately check out the GW1 soundtrack if you liked GW2's, he made it as well.

    I've checked them and I'd like to say that I'm really thankful to you for showing them to me, got really impressed by his work tbh :D Kinda reminds me of the LOTR soundtrack which I love ;)

  6. This soundtrack gave me goosebumps countless times while waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2 and then, when I was completing the story line - this game caught me like no other before or after :D Still, I hope that BDO soundtrack will be at least decent, all in all this and good plot creates 99% of the game's impression. 

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  7. Something like this...

    I do really like La Belle Musique too! Not only the music they upload, their aesthetics and taste are incredible as well :D

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  8. Most important thing is that in BDO you're able to use some dynamic combos of your skills, which allow you to avoid "playing piano" while leveling up, when u press the same configuration of keys non-stop for few hours :D

  9. Surely the first one will be at least one week before Christmas (based on the duration of the beta, I'm sure they'd like to end it before the 24th of December) so that the second one should be at the very beginning of the new year, I guess around 5-6th of January, still it's been only my calculation ;)

  10. Thanks for uploading all this stuff, especially the magicarp one looks pretty funny :D Tbh some of them are really polished and propably look incredible in the game, can't wait to check it out. There is only one question that bothers me - why did Koreans create like almost 20 types of women's underwear? .__.

  11. As far as I know they plan to make "at least one beta test this year", but no explicit schedule had been presented yet. 

  12. Would you guys like to get an early acces to the character creation sections e.g. a week before the main start of the game? For me it's been really important because usually I spend about 4-5 hours on creating my character and as we all know BDO offers much more detailed creation tool then any other game, so this number might multiply here :D I'd love to see this feature added.

  13. thank you ^^, i like archer 2, I tried 2 make she look like Kaya Scodelario :D

    I had to google her and after seeing her I have to say that they bear some serious resemblance, good job! :D

  14. I've created this name when I've started playing my first online game. I was 7 back then and it's been soooo long ago that I've completly forgotten the origins of it. It's kinda funny because at some point I've stopped reacting to my real name, because everyone used the gaming one when talking to me, including my parents xD

  15. Unfortunately I missed the alpha, and I have been waiting for this game for probably little over a year now, so you can probably guess that I am incredibly excited to indulge myself into this world next year (or later this year if we get another beta, fingers crossed).


    I can clearly understand your excitement, I've been waiting for this game since 2012 so u know, I'm kinda overhyped right now :D 

    I hope that one day our in-game roads will cross, see you in the world of Black Desert! ;)


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  16. Whoa, they're all really impressive! Imo the most stunning are the very first one (incredible!) and the one with the cat :D I have to admit that u've got really nice aesthetic taste ;)

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