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  1. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

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  2. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic PM Belsazars Interview with Dualshockers   

    to stagger out cash shop item and collect money
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  3. Luke_skywalker added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Daum support ticket response time
    What are the ticket response time have you been getting with your tickets? Mine looks like 3 weeks +
    guess daum too busy collection those cash stash..

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  4. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic Odd new forum policy, don't use publisher's name?   

    they're doing damage control after giving the middle fingers to customer. gj Daum
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  5. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    Flat out false advertisement
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  6. Luke_skywalker added a topic in General   

    Daum bait and switch/false advertisement
    So I think its getting to the point where I think all Daum cares is about $$ now.
    I originally preordered the conqueror's package due to the bonus it provides on headstart and the t5 horse.
    Behold on launch day, I was unable to receive my headstart items and thus nullifying the whole benefit of those items in the first place.
    (costume 10% exp for leveling)
    (t5 horse for better time saving in traveling)
    (pet for looting for better time saving).
    By the time I received the items, it was pretty much the same time that the $30 package people got their stuff. I gave them slack for their screw up. After weeks of support tickets to remedy and trying to claim the compensation package and not receiving the promised compensation and only a couple of serendia special food. This is what i got from their response:

    and now that the t5 fiasco is out. daum publicly pretty much flat out admit to bait and switch/false advertisement and does not give a crap about it.
    I will never give this greedy publisher a single penny from here on.
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  7. Luke_skywalker added a topic in General   

    Being level 10 in red bf!
    good times

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  8. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic Updates released to fast   

    go play wow, you can catch up anytime you want. there is no gap between pro and casuals. releases take 12 month
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  9. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic We sat down with the number 1 BDO player   

    1000th best player disgree with so called best no 1 bdo player in team of wealth,gear, level

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  10. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic We sat down with the number 1 BDO player   

    how is he the best again?
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  11. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic WEAPON DROP DISABLED ON ZARKA   

    6 streams on different server plus my 2 kills on velia 1/valencia 3 0 drops
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  12. Luke_skywalker added a topic in General   

    tHANKS DAUM FOR NOT NOTIFYING US TO NOT WASTE OUR TIME ON ZARKA CUZ WEAPONS drops are disabled to prevent duping. thanks. waste of 1 hour
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  13. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic Servers are back !   

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  14. Luke_skywalker added a post in a topic Is SSD really faster than the HDD for BDO?   

    HDD is soooo 2000s, we're not in the stone age anymore.. ssd n super fast internet.
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