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  1. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    RIP Chronicles. You lasted more than 858 pages. Time to make new memes on new forums is almost here guys.
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  2. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Hi. Latest podcast is here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138996890

    Tired. Bye.
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  3. Swiper added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    1) What skill? Ninja doesn't have that one, Ankle Break is warrior's skill
    2) Players can do what? Is that even in English? How can players "repeatedly" use skill with a hard cooldown?
    3) Using what skill? Where do I find this one?
    4) Again, where do I find this skill?

    Please, stop google-translating your patch notes. At least keep consistent to names you've chosen for game client. It's impossible to tell what changes were done as it is. Please fix this.

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  4. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Link to latest podcast is here. Also might be on youtube if It exported. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137448075

    Thank you all for being there, for all the follows, all the support and for being awesome. I really do hope this game will get even bigger with all of us working towards it. We even had our first EU/NA stream collab today!   Cya all guys, Cheers.

    P.S.: Check out @Rinel 's first post for all the links and nodewar spreadsheet. Special thanks go to her.
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  5. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Podcast : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135915397

    Tired. Sick. Bye.
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  6. Swiper added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    because that's not how this engine works, sadly. Same as running game with low details in optimization mode doesn't improve people's performance because their GPU downclock into almost idle state. If it was properly bottlenecked when it's supposed to be - no one would complain about optimization. And with powerful GPUs i5s sit at 100 % load, yes. 
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  7. Swiper added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    Do you really not understand how much of a difference amount of people and what they're doing does to CPU load? Like calculation collision effects and physics of 80 people on the screen? Heck, even fighting mobs puts more stress on CPU than being idle in heidel, as soon as everyone on your screen is loaded. That's like basic stuff.
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  8. Swiper added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    what has screenshot of you standing in an empty channel has to do with siege or world bosses? Reading comprehension much?
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  9. Swiper added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    2500k OCed to 4.7 was choked 100 % on all 4 cores. (especially on bosses and in sieges) I'm sure a lot of i5s perform the same way.

    To put all of this in simplistic terms - if one has Devil's Canyon i7 or younger - there's no reason to upgrade to ANYTHING. If one has an i5 that's young-ish, there are still some things you can do, but you'll be sitting on 95% load in this game pretty often. 

    If one has something older/worse, and isn't competitive CS:GO gamer on 240hz monitor - 1600(for those who can OC) and 1600x(for those who can't) is a no-brainer. (but wait, CS:GO will transfer to SOURCE2 and VULKAN anyway some time this year, so doesn't matter in the end as well). 

    Both 7700k and Ryzen 7 are "enthusiast" choices that are not really  worth for your typical user. 7700k is a CPU to push as many frames as possible (even if [in some cases] at  worse frame-times like in example above) and realistically speaking there is NO noticeable difference between 110 and 125 FPS in most games if you're not CS god.  7700k also needs delid to run at a decent temp with 5ghz overclock, delid = byebye warranty, typical user will never do that. Ryzen 7 performs within 1 % of advantage compared to 6core Ryzen 5 and is only useful for power-users who will take advantage of more cores with streaming/content creation.

    Aside from that - buying 4core CPU in 2017 is just... yeah..
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  10. Swiper added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    People argue because people "read something somewhere" and love spouting shit instead of doing decent tests. Single player games (that most sites review and benchmark) are NOT multiplayer games. Battlefield was 8threaded 2 iterations ago. (yet u can still see most of them testing single-player in-game benchmark that has nothing to do with real performance gamer will get) Even Guild Wars 2 which is 2012 game uses 8 threads (tho, poorer than bdo, still loading one thread more than others) If you mostly play MMOS and plan to play them in future - they will keep using 8 threads and/or more. Look at each thread load on my video, 6700k every thread out of 8 sits above 50 % usage. That's without any junk running in the background, maybe couple browser tabs. 
    Regarding node war performance - stutters aside, if we're talking about actually gameplay, instead of jerking about FPS number - they're both about the same. They don't do miracles and you will still lag sometimes (that's just game engine), but they're getting you best experience you can get. Myself I consider stutters to be a huge annoyance. For other people that might be not the issue. Can't really add anything else
    except you'll have to buy a new motherboard because intel loves your money
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  11. Swiper added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    Since u have already seen the vid. Just  a couple points.
    1) Anyone who's buying an i5 now that Ryzen5 1600 exists Is pretty much retarded. (harsh but true word, sorry). 
    2) If you want absolute best performance in games TODAY - you buy 7700k. Aside from stutter in some game engine (bdo, gta 5, division, some other) it's the best atm.
    3) If you're streaming/content creating/want to play other games while running bdo/heavy multitasking - get Ryzen. Either 1600 or 1700.
    4) If you think that FUTURE games will be limited to 4 cores and single thread performance (even tho every other game that came out in 2017 uses at least 8threads, and BF1 frame rates In 64-multiplayer on i5 dip to 30s when every other chip is running at 90), think twice. Single thread performance of Intel improved by less than 20 % since sandy bridge (2011). 7700k is literary same thing as 6700k, clocked higher. No IPC gains at all. And hot as hell too, if you overclock it to 5ghz. And if you don't then it isn't any better than 6700k. Topkek.
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  12. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Shiiiiiiiet dude. When everyone said that you have insane gear and lots of AP on your wizard and that wizard is OP to begin with -  I just believed them. But now I can see that you've been learning from the best, and you're just hitting WEAK SPOTS. COMPLETELY SKILL BASED. 
    I am sorry that I have been wrong man. Please provide some slow-motion footage so all of us can get better
    P.S.: Video in oldskool guild thread is still more hype than this masterpiece.
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  13. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    <3u2 Tekeii. 
    Arrshi is there because his guild decided that way.  
    Also I'm in agreement with people who are saying that a little trashtalk is good for competition. And honestly, what Resilience pulled out made Mediah siege that much more interesting, especially for observers. This is to some extent a roleplay game after all. If people would stop being "honorable as fawk" and would actually play villains from time to time the game would only win from it. I mean, you must understand this with somewhat recent story involving sovereign and Sfora on Mediah, right? When the competition is a little personal it's just that much more entertaining and satisfying to actually get a win. What I don't see is what being "hardcore" has to do with trashtalking. I see no connection. I'm casual as fawk, yet I'll still teabag and trashtalk people if they karmabomb me. And since I enjoy sieges  for what they are I can't really see the argument behind your "why would they put themselves in that position". They would do so because it's fun. And if they get trashtalked maybe next time they'll bring 6 guilds instead of 4 and stomp whoever talked sh*t into the ground, enjoying sweet tears of "you zerged us" "you bodythrowed us" and other excuses people invent to make themselves look better when they lost. Yet I'm not trying to force that way of thinking on anyone.
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  14. Swiper added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Because lemon said so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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