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  1. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic The power of RNG (scary stuff)   

    Been  playing  since  headstart, great graphics. The  RNG  on  gear  enchants  is  fair  enough  for  the  PvE  content.
    The  problem  is  it  has  all  but  destroyed  the  PvP  content,It  was  the  best  ever  for  the  1st 3  months  or  so,but now skill no longer  counts  for  anything
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  2. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic New Player to BDO   

    Damn you  enjin- it's  fixed now.
    Or  contact  Myryt,Dharana or  Sirocco  in game
    site updated http://awol-guild.enjin.com/
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  3. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic New Player to BDO   

    Check us  out  here <AWOL>@http://awol-guild.enjin.com/
    full guild  combat  buffs
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  4. I'mSpartacus added a topic in US Guild   

    <AWOL> recruiting
    recruiting  open  for  new,  old  and  returning players.
    Full  Guild  combat  buffs, Guild Missions  ,  progression  and  node  wars
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  5. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic ★ <[ FML ]> ★   

    Bring  on the  Brexit  jokes  for  us  in  the  Untied  Kingdom.
    (meryt  told  me  to  say  that )
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  6. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    <AWOL> is  recruiting http://awol-guild.enjin.com/home
    Web URL  updated
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  7. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic LF a guild with mature people please   

    <AWOL> is  resuming  recruiting  http://awol-guild.enjin.com/
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  8. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic Looking for a developing guild   

    Hi  we're  recruiting  again.
    /w ingame  Dharana/ Myryt
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  9. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic Edan Server - Calling Clans   

    Have  all your  friends rage quit over  RNG?
    Join  forces  and  make  new  ones.
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  10. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic Improve node wars   

    Numbers  are somewhat  irrelevant in BDO. Insane  gear which  is  needed  for  some  of  the  content ought  to  be  adjusted for  PvP so  that  it  becomes  skill  based  rather  than  gear  based. There's  no  fun  in  1  shotting people  or  in  being  1  shot, and  I do  wish Daum / PA  would  make  this game  more  fun.
    It  seems  the  node  wars  are  mainly  for  the  PvP  centric  guilds  to build  their  war  chests. for  smaller and  more  PvE oriented it's  probably  best  to  grab  a  guildhouse  and focus  on the  economy  and  crafting. Also  a  good  idea  for  smaller guilds to  cultivate  alliances.
    Node  wars  are  always  going  to  be  luck  of  the  draw (in  the  absence  of  good  intel). It  helps  having  friends  in  high  places.
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  11. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic ABOLISH SOCIALISM. ECONOMIC REFORM NOW   

    Probably  the  only  sensible  mechanic  in  game and  keeps  out gold sellers, leeches  and  beggars. If  you're  playing  BDO  to  play  the  market then  you're  probably  in  the  wrong  game. While  it  would  be  nice  to  help  guildmates; we  wouldn't  want  to  see  RMT  guilds  popping  up  all  over..
    greed  is  the  enemy  of  socialism. WTG  Bernie  & Jeremy
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  12. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic New Player Looking for Guild   

    Have  you considered playing Aion or  Rift?
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  13. I'mSpartacus added a topic in US Guild   

    Edan Server - Calling Clans
    I'd be  interested  to  hear  from  clans  that  feel  they  have  reached  their  full  potential  and  are  looking for  more  action.
    You  would  be  invited to  apply  to  REDACTED    guild, allowed  to  retain  your  identity and  participate  in  larger events with  all  the  benefits  a  guild  can  offer.
    Applications also  welcome  from  individuals 55+
    PvP  oriented
    contact  here  via PM in  the first  instance.
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  14. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic Confirmation of Mango's death   

    Wow!  what  would  Gordon Ramsey  say about that  mess?
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  15. I'mSpartacus added a post in a topic Siege Rehearsal Part 2   

    2  things
    1  the  EU  times  for  NA are  wrong

    NA Siege & Node War Times
    Siege Time
    UTC: 01:00 - 04:00  should  be 02:00-05:00 UTC(DST  in Effect) **01:00 - 04:00 would  be GMT aka Zulu timeCEST: 03:00 - 06:00 samePDT: 18:00 - 21:00CDT: 20:00 - 23:00EDT: 21:00 - 00:00
    Tower Build Time
    UTC: 05:00 - 00:00  sameCEST: 07:00 - 02:00 same no  DSTPDT: 22:00 - 17:00CDT: 24:00 - 19:00EDT: 01:00 - 20:00 
    Build  time  should  surely  be  underway  now,  but  getting  this  error  in  game

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