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  1. Banzatou added a post in a topic Bored   

    You have a wonderful personality.

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  2. Banzatou added a topic in Technical Issues   

    BDO in Tray - CPU still high
    Ever since the patch, BDO uses up my CPU resource as if it was not put in the tray. Can someone look into this?
    I don't think this even matters at all, but here's my additional information - 
    CPU: i7-4790k
    GPU: GTX 970
    RAM: 32 GBs
    Mobo: Z97A MSI Gaming 7
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  3. Banzatou added a post in a topic BDO - Laptop guide   

    Based off of your price range, I'll have to go with aidlac's suggestion. Don't expect anything better than a GTX960m unfortunately, so when you play, play with medium texture, medium graphics to have 45 fps open world, 30 fps in town by average.
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  4. Banzatou added a post in a topic Kakao Please....   

    Can't make money off of Halloween costumes with this running around yet.
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  5. Banzatou added a post in a topic Can i play BD? :)   

    I had a eGPU 750ti jimmy-rigged to my laptop with 2.9Ghz i7.
    Low character detail, medium texture.
    You'll be good with at least 30+ fps open world excluding world boss fights.
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  6. Banzatou added a post in a topic How to make game more playable & enjoyable   

    I like how you re-post your own post.
    This ain't Twitter, bud.
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  7. Banzatou added a post in a topic Is my setup bad?   

    I'd like your setup if you don't want it anymore.
    No specs at this time can handle BDO's guild war skittle inducing combat.
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  8. Banzatou added a post in a topic Maehwa useless   

    Warrior player here.
    I was going to provide you friendly advice, but then you decided to be racist to my people.
    So here you go -

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  9. Banzatou added a post in a topic Why make a city like Valencia and NOT have a Night Vendor there?   

    That's because Valencia's contents are a mirage.
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  10. Banzatou added a post in a topic ranger awakening is ridiculously overpowered   

    Avoid Rangers.

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  11. Banzatou added a post in a topic Thank You To the Staff   

    What am I exactly being clever about? I'm not talking about how they could do a better job. (Any person could do a better job at [insert position] if they [insert objective].) I'm talking about why people like you still stick around despite its major flaws. 
    If you hate how you're being treated, boycott and/or stop playing altogether. I see no benefit on your end if you're complaining but still use their product. It only tells them "You're doing bad. But that's okay, I still like spending my time here!"
    If it really is just the staff you have a gripe with, why not play the other versions of BDO? Surely you can just VPN your way to a better service. I know players nowadays aren't idiots to not learn how to bypass a region lock. (If you can take the time to learn how to build a character and grind with efficiency, then surely you can learn how to play on KR or RU.) And then you'll get the full support you could ever desire (in theory).
    To me, people like you just like to hear yourself complain, but still need their fix for a game they probably should've quit long ago.
    Or are your decisions making skills RNG too?
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  12. Banzatou added a post in a topic Thank You To the Staff   

    And yet people still play despite their -----ing. Sounds like a job well done to me.
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  13. Banzatou added a post in a topic TV Series (non anime) wich are your favorite?   

    *looks around*
    My Little Pony.
    *Paces off*
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  14. Banzatou added a post in a topic Reqs for running ultra 60+ fps   

    You can achieve 60 fps in open world.
    No way in hell would you get 60 fps in a heavily populated location. Consider overclocking your CPU.
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  15. Banzatou added a post in a topic One hit   

    You know, especially in MMOs, you're not the main character. Right?
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