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  1. irrelevant added a post in a topic New Striker class gets a devastating grapple move   

    pathetic, more grab classes just what this game needs... 
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  2. irrelevant added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    this is the answer to the thread
    some people just like cheating more than others and then theres artisan memories 
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  3. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    rangeur so wekk guuise 
    miss half of your skills then grab 10m away from ur target and 2shot  him wekk class hihixd
    then there's tamer, warrior, ninja,kunoichi ,valk which also have grab engage but can't 1combo equally geared ppl (without ulti or absorb buff) but they op cus ranger playas said so 
    ranger takes lowest magic damage out of dd classes and has ranged attacks in case it ever feels like it 
    and plum? plum has 10m initiation stiffness CC which is literally ranged and 1combos people without grab while fully protected and at the same time is the fastest class in  bdo and has fully reliable SA movement and it has one of the better ultimates and does 2 times more dmg than it should but yeah tell me more how its not op 
    (and after wednesday its harder to kill plums but they still 1combo KEK) 
    yea maybe for monkeys that try to walk up to the first target they see and press grab regardless of anything thats going around them 
    if u think ranger is weak in mass pvp wait until you try every other class in the game 
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  4. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I don't have 240 ap like eiene does to make DK work since my RNG is an even bigger joke than some people in this thread are and i had to go with shit tier/cheap accessories cause i couldn't afford good ones so im sitting at some super low ap 
    and then there's my dk's gear not going tet and pissing me off and all this for a class that doesn't even have grab and i'd have to look at some stinking witch/warrior sit in SA/Block for 1 minute ? no thanks
    dk seems horrible vs witch/wiz while with tamer i just run at them and they're usually dead within 10 seconds unless they desync so yea
    i'm not making dk for now, maybe if i get better accessories with time and if somehow i get tet weps for dk and have motivation to ditch my 61 lvl char (with weight and everything) to bother learning a class that doesn't have grab (which is stupid and overpowered and i hate it and unfun) i'll give it another try.
    Plus people can't call me "fotm reroller" altho so far dk seems pretty weak after wednesday patch and koreans never really had reliable info cause they're bunch of monkeys that can't play the game and don't understand it or know anything so their graphs mean very little and calling it "Fotm" cus its fotm in korea (pre-wednesday, which was a global patch and it's also new for koreans and it reworked class tiers i'd say) is wrong to say the least
    right now it feels like ranger and plum are the strongest after the patch cus they can still 1combo since they had too much easy damage and at the same time they just got tankier than before, so now rangers and plums are even more class carried than before (bunch of fotm players) 
    but also it's nice to see that you can't even speak on private with people without having someone screenshot what you say left and right, should have that in mind in the future
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  5. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    nice joke tho
    There hasn't been a game in which sieges are truly competitive. Exploiting the game (witch wiz hitting through walls) and exaggerated desync and FPS lag and no effects and so on and broken terrain is your definition of competitive?

    Competitive comes down to skill and sieges are the least skill based content in the entire game due to technical difficulties and external factors that could potentially sabotage a better player.
    if you think teamplay is more competitive and requires coordination then wait for 2v2/3v3/5v5 arena cause sieges are not what you should even dream of calling competitive, the simple nature of the activity is just not competitive
    (but ofcourse you'd say that, being in a 100man nolifer guild yourself)
    it's only competitive if skill matters and in sieges you could replace player A with another player and the outcome would be the same in many cases (unless ur someone that has huge impact like certain people) which makes it common sense to say its not competitive  
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  6. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    2 zerglings is still a part of the zerg so yea
    In my eyes if you kill me with more than 2 people you better be prepared to be labeled as zerg, your choices and your actions and your movements and if you can't live up with them then you're a pathetic person. I've zerged people too and that's fine cause the way i do it is the noble/right way
    and lets not forget when i made my char i decided that she's a princess while at it too so there's also that going my way 
    if you backstab/zerg someone at least be a man and admit it, it's better than trying to make excuses or to twist truth and reality around 
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  7. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    i'm sure a blackhole is better than getting 5438975 kills
    if we had 30 of you, we'd have 30 blackholes which would pretty much be irrelevant cus any semi-decent player can deal with blackhole most of the time (unless hes outnumbered)
    if we had 30 of me, we'd have 30 people with 10:1 (or better) kda on every single siege and i'm pretty sure if i were in enemy i would have top kills in 9 out of 10 sieges while at it too and then you wanna tell me you're more useful cus u threw a blackhole or cus u can use cannon? You can use bunch of gimmicky mechanics which are easy to learn and which everyone can do, but i can perform 10 times better than average players which isn't anything everyone can do 
    but yeah, whatever makes you feel safe at night and whatever helps you sleep
    you people are pure evil and the only way to fight evil is to purge it with fire, (Or with reality checks the way im throwing them left and right), so be quiet and go back to being below average/irrelevant person from your guild and don't talk to me 
    i killed over 100 people of your guild and i killed you in 1v10 
    oh no big boy please stick to big scale so you can hide behind your 100man zerg and hope i'm not there cus that won't be enough to save you most of the time 
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  8. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    i heard diviumfuror has 90 people or something in their guild too
    are they a zerg too? I bet they dont show up with more than 30 people to sieges and if they do i bet i can run and them and kill them all at the same time (unless , obviously, i get magnet grabbed or hit mid sa) 
    fact is , you supported another zerg guild and you tried to feed them money (once again) while thinking you fight for some noble cause or whatever, lmao
    the only noble cause in this game would be to liberate every zone and to split silver from sieges between weaker guilds and to complain that it's bad that castles pay money, that's it 
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  9. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    we can 5v5 in game any time, i'll trashtalk you a lot after we win if that makes you feel better
    I don't like sieges and i don't want to participate in them and i don't support them, if odz's plan helps end things sooner then odz's plan is a good one. I don't like any of the siege/castle tier guilds so if they suffer that means the people win. If resilience won do you think 20-30 mil incentives would change anything? No ,it wouldn't.  It's much worse to support castle-holder guilds than any other guilds 
    and yeah, 60 or 90 nolifer guild vs 20 or 30 nolifer guild = i think it's obvious whos zerg and whos not 

    who cares
    jgh is overrated as shit, most of them can't play for shit and i don't know who started the rumor that jgh is some elite guild, i don't consider them elite but i'm trying to make them stay open minded and to improve as much as they can, that doesn't mean they are quite there yet. I don't think you can expect a 1v1 in siege cause your guild doesn't do it either and that siege in particular was dumb and whatever and everyone was mad about fps and desync issues anyway
    as for me "Running back to erio", did you even hit me once? why would i run back to erio, i'm not gonna walk into 10man zerg and get desync hit by someone mid dodge/sa if i can help it myself and if i have myself control on (which i did)
    you're weak and irrelevant, why are you even talking to me? 
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  10. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    pretty much
    if your score is below 20k u people can't even talk to me
    and yeah, i'm calling you zergs cause in resilience there might be 20 people more but if you combined their playtime , it's still less than some of the autistic nolifer guilds
    and yeah, enemy is a zerg and so is oldskool and so is sovereign and so is addicted, end of the story,
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  11. irrelevant added a post in a topic DK tier (awakening)   

    so far it seems really weak in pvp but i haven't seen a geared/good dk (someone i trust to perform on high level) 
    they released awakening in europe with a nerf on DK, witch,wizard and overall pvp defense boost so we don't know what tier it is any more, the korean charts and tiers will be different as well since the patch was global and we got it before koreans (1 day) 
    it's absolutely overpowered in pve but pve in this game is irrelevant cus its too easy 
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  12. irrelevant added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    rng in this game spirals out of control so incredibly much its ridiculous 
    2 kzarka tets costed me over 7bil in mats and im not even counting the time it took me to enchant/failstack etc and then some clown gets tet kzarka twice with less than 700m in his bank and later he gets pen after - get this - more than 10 fails (for pen, which means he got tet kzarka 10+ times and he already has full tet armors) and in teh end some completely random unskilled ape is sitting on 250+ ap with pen gear cause the rng in this game is broken + Rigged + fake +it spirals out of control so ridiculously hard its not even remotely funny , or balanced , or fair 
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  13. irrelevant added a post in a topic the reason why bdo won't die soon   

    i can, every other mmo
    yea.. if the game lets you
    and even then 5 horrible players on average will > 1 good player cus of desync
    sure you can win 1v5, i have many times (when the game doesn't desync sometimes i don't even take damage from them) but the chances are that some of them will hit you mid sa/iframe or magnet grab you and you'll die, and the more people there are the more chance for someone doing this
    and this makes people that put more effort and thought in the game more depressed while it makes the average/normies happier since they get undeserved results (altho i doubt anyone actually likes desync at all but they get the satisfaction of killing better players which they never would without desync) 
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  14. irrelevant added a topic in General   

    the reason why bdo won't die soon
    it's desync
    because desync sabotages skilled/better players while bad/horrible players are already bad so if you entered pvp and you were more skilled than your enemy but there was 25% chance that you'll die (cus of desync) or 25% chance that you'll win cus of desync then its worse for you because if there were no desync you'd have 100% win rate but because there is, you only have 75% win rate
    but those 25% are enough to feed the horrible player with some ego and that's enough to keep him going.
    This is obviously common sense but yeah, you should be aware that the  only reason the majority of people in this game even manage to land their skills or do anything is purely because of desync and nothing else.. but most of these mediocre/below average people don't even care what's the reason, they look at the score or the results and use that to feed themselves with some ego
    If this game required 100% skill (like tera 3v3 back in the day) it would be dead cause people can't handle losing non-stop. I still remember when my team in tera was at 95%+ win rate for months and months and all the normies would quit 3v3 and blame class balance or something untruthful and irrelevant like that 
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  15. irrelevant added a post in a topic LOL DK is op   

    who cares about pve ...? if you have 140 ap (or even 185 ap) you've clearly not experienced this game and it's end game content properly
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  16. irrelevant added a post in a topic Can i have a JOB IRL and be competitive at PVP on this game ?   

    yes cause even as nolifer you end up lifeskilling in bdo 
    i hit 61 lvl in like octomber? Or something like that last year
    if you're serious and not a clown you can get 61 fairly easy (maybe like 600 hours of grind with gear and if you utilize events) and then you can be lifeskilling the entire time you're not playing actively and once you reach a point with your gear (tet) you'll be competitive
    .. but the fact that you're making this thread instead of actually doing it kinda suggests that your mentality isn't the right one to handle this 
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  17. irrelevant added a post in a topic Buff Lower Tier AP   

    my tamer does lower damage (by a bit) 
    feels like they buffed DR and extra nerfed DK, witch, wizard without saying it anywhere .. like a stealth nerf combined with DR buff 
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  18. irrelevant added a post in a topic Buff Lower Tier AP   

    my dk does 2 times less damage than before and my tamer does the same damage as before
    sick patch 
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  19. irrelevant added a post in a topic Different kinds of RBF   

    objective based pvp is the biggest joke ever 
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  20. irrelevant added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    this has to be some sick joke
    how can a front line class have better kda than a ranged glass cannon class that was made for killing? Berserkers that go full DP so they can abuse their grabs are not OP because their kda is bad. Right? 
    "kda" is irrelevant just like a monkey's ability to climb a tree is irrelevant if its underwater, and a fish's ability to swim is irrelevant if it's on land and supposed to climb a tree and kda is a horrible way to judge anything.
    Misdirection and diversion is one of the strongest weapons in this game and i know cause i play with a witch and there are many fights that i just initiate as tamer and then disengage with pole jump and while they're busy with me, they get killed by the witch. Do you think he'd be able to do this alone? No he wouldn't ,but he gets all the credit from the fight despite all he had to do was tp and press 1,2,3 and i did everything else.
    not to mention that witches and wizards can hit through walls in sieges and they can't be hit back by other classes so if a witch or wiz goes near a wall and spams 1,2,3 and gets 50 kills that buffs his kda even further but doesn't reflect his realistic strength (altho yeah, they are op and they shouldn't be allowed to do this but im giving an example how easy it is to manipulate and rig your kda statistic) 
    and the screenshot posted in this thread is supposedly mis-translated and outdated
    in the real one valkyre has higher KDA than berserker, are you really gonna come here and claim that berserker is a worse class than valkyre ? When zerker is the 2nd best class after wizard and is S tier no matter how you look at it.
    stop trying to twist facts and reality just to strengthen your argument temporarily 
    all that being said, valk's strengths have been pointed out in this thread and valk is better than more than half of the classes in bdo and it may not be the best class but it's certainly not a "lifeskiller class that deserves buffs" which is the meme that this thread was made to disprove 
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  21. irrelevant added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    not my fault you didn't find the corrected information , only your ignorance's fault
    i do even better in sieges than i do in rbf 
    so what exactly is your argument again? oh right , no argument, just pitiful attempts at insulting like most valkyre players. Truth is too much to handle? 
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  22. irrelevant added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    that screenshot is with fake info and isn't the properly translated one
    also kda is completely irrelevant,
    also this doesn't record the kda overall and in general the statistic is just flawed
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  23. irrelevant added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Nobody owes you anything
    you should be greateful that there are people willing to even let you know about the existence of lingering SA. Why do you think anyone should waste his own personal time trying to teach you despite your ignorance? 

    This is why i keep asking people to get 20k , 30k, whatever rbf score because in order to do so you need to improve yourself as much as you can and you also need to dedicate time and if you did that then the chances of you finding out all these things are much higher than they are right now. You would also have personal motivation to improve and get better and you wouldn't go on the forum almost pleading random strangers that you do not know that owe you nothing to teach you how to play your own class. 
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  24. irrelevant added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    yea what i'm shown is  a guy who doesn't know how to use his class and this game mechanic who thinks this is wrong? The valk in the videos is facepalming that his class-mates are like this.
    "tryharding rbf
    i've only really tryharded rbf from valk awakening till january, which is few months, the rest of the time i barely ever do rbf
    not my fault i get 3 times more kills than other people per rbf which is why my score is what it is. Maybe if i were as ignorant and arrogant as some other people were, i'd also be unable to comprehend the game mechanics and i would be sub-20k rbf score. Good thing i'm open minded and reasonable instead.
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  25. irrelevant added a post in a topic 2 days fighting bosses for no loot   

    bosses shouldnt exist in the first place
    its too stupid and unfair for someone to spent 15 min and get undeserved 80mil while people have to grind 5/6 hours for that 
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