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  1. irrelevant added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    bdo requires way more skill than these games 
    problem is desync and rng 
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  2. irrelevant added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    the only thing that's a laugh is european players in american servers and you in rbf
    if you think tamers have longer sa than other classes then maybe you should actually see another class first 
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  3. irrelevant added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    tamer pet damage? have you seen other classes? this isn't unique to tamers , witch does 2 times more dmg than before 
    the pet has always done quite a lot of damage (not as much as it does now), the problems tamer is facing are not about damage but about reliability and how skills don't work half of the time while classes like kuno and ranger (and every other class) have incredibly long superarmors almost to a point where it lingers for half a second after their animation is completed, so they can chain skills without being as worried as tamers about getting hit inbetween cus of desync
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  4. irrelevant added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    ranger literally does double damage of every other class in bdo(except witch wiz) right now and you're saying the damage is shit?
    maybe you should get accuracy?
    rangers have some of the most reliable sa, lingering sa on some skills, the best grab in the game and do double damage and have both ranged and melee form and are considered as the best class along with plum (if we exclude witch wiz or get the dp patch back) so this thread must be some sick joke 

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  5. irrelevant added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    when are you giving penguin for new players that need it for fishing 
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  6. irrelevant added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    so there's 3 periods (in the last month)
    > Pre-DP era that we had since game was released
    > after DP patch(came with DK awakening and lasted till last wednesday)
    > last week maintenance
    after-dp patch the damage felt the most "balanced" and best and witch and wiz weren't utterly ridiculous and insane overpowered as they were pre-DP and then comes last wednesday where something happened(?) and the damage values and ratios got messed up again and not only are people doing more damage than they were doing after DP patch but witch/wiz are doing even more damage than they were in Pre-DP era so they're doing highest dmg ever in this game since its release right now for no reason whatsoever. People were saying they're on Pre-DP patch and now they do even more dmg on their main skills (the shorter range big nukes).
    why ? there was no patch note, there was nothing about this?? the game was completely reworked twice in a month and i personally thought that the damage in after-DP patch was pretty balanced, witch wiz could still 1combo but they were doing less damage per spell (instead of 1shotting people with same gear they were doing only 80% of their hp and that was "" fine "" compared to what we have now)
    this is a huge issue,..,. @CM_Aethon
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  7. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    or enemy are just full of shit and went back on their word once again
    nothing new there ,saw that happening miles away 
    in the end all the siege guilds have bunch of people abusing the castle money that don't really care about pvp or skill or self improvement (Cus if they did , they wouldn't be so bad) 
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  8. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    hypocrites, liars, fiends
    guess it is to be expected from a 5v1 player guild tho 
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  9. irrelevant added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    you can get more dmg if perfectly positioned normal echo, 
    ult echo is too slow to be good and the range increase is too small for it to be relevant
    its awesome for pve (the best thing ever) but for pvp so far i'm leaning towards old echo cus i can't really see anything this echo is good for 
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  10. irrelevant added a post in a topic why does witch do double damage again?   

    why do witch and wiz do more dmg on some of their main skills? even more damage than they did 3 weeks ago (before the first Dp buff) 
    this is completely ridiculous, cant wait till i go to siege tomorrow and i see 30 witch/wizards exploiting and spamming 1,2,3 through walls with double damage from what they had before (and since they already did double dmg over other classes in the past - quadriple dmg now) 
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  11. irrelevant added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    grind for 2 weeks then lifeskill
    subjective/you're wrong
    if you're not disciplined enough to do pve for 2 weeks before going to lifeskill then you won't be good at pvp because pvping means besting an actual human being that's also investing time and effort and thought and resource and is dedicated and such,
    i bet that if i gave you my gear and i went to pvp you with worse gear i'd still win 
    and the gear wall isnt even that high, there are many classes that can 1combo people even with lower gear and you probably don't even understand how the stats work but this isn't the game's fault - its your fault 
    also the main complaint about bdo is desync above everything else but you didn't even mention that 
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  12. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    addicted members so desperate they have to come to the forum and lie  to save face cus my previous post touched them on the wrong spot
    hows 1v1ing oldskool "asking for a free castle" ? 
    i guess that's to be expected from a guy who's in a guild that's incapable of doing anything other than 5v1 against equal-gear /experience players 
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  13. irrelevant added a topic in General   

    why does witch do double damage again?
    so when you fixed DP (like 2 or 3 weeks ago) the game was finally in a good spot and witch/wiz weren't ridiculously overpowered but after today's patch they're doing even more dmg than they were before the initial dp fix which actually made classes somewhat more balanced
    now its back to the same bs like before ? this is some prank? 
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  14. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    compared to u, everyone is a small guild 
    and yeah how is that different from what i said in my post? you're refusing to create pvp content and you're just trading castle between people
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  15. irrelevant added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    So apparently pvp content in this game is generated by players and then you have guilds like Addicted who's sole purpose is to ruin pvp and the game and nothing else. 
    Addicted keep blabbing this and that about pvp but i've still never seen them go pvp somewhere and they dodged mediah last week (as it figures, lol) and gave bunch of fake promises on podcast saying they were gonna let guilds fight for calpheon but then i heard a rumor that addicted are refusing to let 2 equal strength guilds have a honorable and fair 1v1 for calpheon without teaming up/backstabbing (which is what "pvp" is) and their goal is to basically feed the castle to someone (without pvp because why would they want to encourage pvp?) and then to supposedly go vs sovereign(i wont believe that till i see it myself) 
    It's kinda pathetic that you people let their leader talk shit like this on the podcast and when he has the opportunity to create a fair 1v1 and make some actual pvp content, he refuses.  
    I suppose i should nag Odz to go balenos and oldskool or enemy to go serendia cause there's people that exist in this game that are determined to ruin everything 
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  16. irrelevant added a post in a topic just a cool tamer pvp vid i found   

    maybe if u weren't busy 10v1 grab engaging on rbf spawn you'd have figured out that it's a simple non-awaken skill flow and is very easy to do if u learn the flow
    that being, i didn't see any nice moves or interesting playstyle and he isn't even executing basic combos properly
    grab engages like a monkey and then has no clue what to do with it, i doubt he'd kill anyone in europe(not ap monkey aborigens) in pot pvp especially considering how hes wasting half+ of his skills just to spam stuff
    to me it looks like he isnt even trying to pvp (Then why make video?) but just spamming buttons in the air (which can be fun on its own but isn't a pvp video material)  
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  17. irrelevant added a topic in General   

    reduce castle money cus this is ridiculous
    so in europe there's basically 2 zergs that recruited every nolifer available now and are 100/100 and are sitting on castles and leeching over a billion per month free money out of thin air per every single member and this is going on for a while now
    why don't you guys just give free pen to anyone that manages to recruit 100 hardcore people and lock themselves up in a castle? Might as well do that . The money is just too huge and the difference between someone sitting on a castle and someone that doesn't care about sieges (but still wants to play bdo for pvp) is just colossal.
    Sieges are boring cause the game doesn't work even more than it usually doesn't work, skills don't work because of desync and overall its an insane fps lag fest, you can't see effects (even if your pc could handle it) cus they cover the entire screen and literally nobody does sieges for fun and everybody does sieges for money cause they give so much money and cause some people would sink as low as to invite 90 other people they dont like just to have huge intimidating zerg to be able to sit on their territory.
    facts are, half of the classes are useless in siege
    skill doesn't matter in siege (cus of desync, and desync always benefits the lesser skilled player cause they lose less)
    nobody does sieges for fun (if people wanted fun mass pvp they'd organize a gvg)  and its just people abusing the game 
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  18. irrelevant added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    All Classes
    All character’s DP effectiveness has been increased in PVP mode
    *Edited to clarify which mode has been affected
    your pathetic trolling has no end
    last week they released global dp rework for bdo which everyone that plays the game and does pvp is fully aware of, as it LIKE I STATED IN MY PREVIOUS POST completely shuffled class tiers
    (koreans got that same change in thursday which you can find on their patch notes) 
    now stop addressing me or talking to me, if you're so ignorant to have your head buried in the sand thats up to you and i dont wanna be involved, if no then start researching things before even posting on the forum 
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  19. irrelevant added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    the chart is wrong because it was made pre-DP buff which reworked the entire game
    i'd ask if common sense is too hard but considering you're just here to troll based on the stuff you post all over this thread, i guess you're just here to troll some more
    stop addressing me and stop talking to me until you get some basic comprehension skills.
    Even if the chart was right, tamer is still one of the lowest and worst DD classes despite everything i wrote about in my post (about evolution and people being forced to get better and harsh conditions weeding out the worse players)  
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  20. irrelevant added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    the only fix tamers need is to make their stuff as reliable as other classes and to make them actually work
    the damage is lower but you get a lot of other tools to make up for it, and the damage is still high enough that it's not super irrelevant and weak. 

    Literally and truly the only real problem tamers have is how you constantly get hit between skills and how unreliable they are and other classes dont have these problems because their superarmors actually work(even with desync other classes are able to chain SA together unlike tamer)
    and then, because you're screwed over by the game not working - only then - all other problems step forth and turn into a real issue, such as lower damage than others and squishier and less skills and sa and what not. If, if the superarmors /iframes that tamer had worked as good as other classes do then you could stop there.. but because they don't, every other weak point or flaw we have instantly turns into a bigger problem
    and the worst part is, if you take a tamer skill (like echo pierce or lbp) and you read its description it says "superarmor" and then if you take a ranger skill like breezy blade it also says "superarmor" so then some guy will step forward and say "both classes have super armor because its in the description " then convincing this guy that tamer is "cucked" is hard because he wouldn't believe you if you told him that echo pierce (Lets say has 100 attack frames) only had 70 superarmor frames while ranger attack literally has full 100% sa frames and it almost even feels like it lingers for a tiny bit afterwards so they can chain stuff easier 
    we'd need someone openminded and objective to main tamer and to do hundreds of hours of pvp and only then he'll be fully and truly aware ... (and im pretty sure the majority of the people posting/reading tamer sections themselves don't have hundreds of hours of pvp / group pvp so what goes for an actual developer..) 
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  21. irrelevant added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    the entire data  chart is a joke especially considering last week bdo received a new patch which nerfed dk,withc,wizard and buffed DP in general which completely changed class tiers around so i don't see this pointless arguing
    random european guy playing with na monkeys (and doing horrible)
    random guy with 0 credibility trolling the forum 24/7 with his joke "logic"
    fact is, other classes have working sa/iframes cause their abilities have a lot more defensive frames in general and at the same time most other classes do 2 times more damage than tamer. Get an equally geared ranger and see how much damage they do and then go ahead and compare your superarmor's frames and cc reliability (people walking out of allrounder left and right) 
    also this chart is based on korean monkeys who play the game for 3 years and are still incredibly bad, they literally all go 250 ap 280 stats which is completely pointless cause you get enough damage to kill your enemy in a single combo three times but at the same time you die in half a hit which is completely stupid and illogical. You just need enough damage to 1combo your enemy and rest goes into defense , which is why building full ap like kr/na monkeys is completely stupid. Hybrid/more evasion oriented builds have enough damage to 1combo and at the same time they take a lot less damage by full ap as they are hard countering them so all this by itself also completely swaps the class tiers and kdas and what not 
    and i dont'; even see how is the korean chart supposed to be favorable to tamers? they're pure dps class and they are 7th or so in the list? that's supposed to be good?
    and ofcourse, the most important and overlooked factors which your silly statistic doesnt take in consideration is that tamer is "the loli class" which gets a lot of the younger playerbase and they are better at games by default, look at tera and elins and look at any other mmorpg - in general both loli and assassin type/fighter class (such as tamer) draw a lot of nolifers and autistic players just by default because that's how the world works (and this is common sense to anyone who's been on the internet) and then you have the fact that tamer has had problems for a very long while - which means that the lesser dedicated and skilled players gave up in time and only the slightly more skilled/stubborn ones were left playing the class and by this logic its only natural for the average skill of the tamer playerbase to be slightly higher (don't get over your head, weak/mediocre tamers are still bad) 
    if you have 2 humans who split up and one goes to live in the north where its cold and barren and the other one goes to live in some heavenly land  and they meet in 15 years, it's obvious that the one that went in the north will be a lot tougher (if he survived) because the harsh conditions forced him to adapt and improve or die - this common sense applies for this scenario and the game as well
    i don't see how pathetic you have to be to take a silly statistic like this and even draw conclusions from it, 
    so lets see, i can put immense effort in the game and put time and thought into it and make guides etc teach people how to get better at our class and improve the mass (even if by a little) and in general dedicate myself to this and then some ranger/warrior player is gonna derp around and play with his elbows and then in 1 year theyre gonna get us a statistic which shows that our average KDA is better than theirs therefore their class should receive buffs? How inconsiderate and unprofessional and stupid is that exactly? Why the hell did i put effort into performing as good as i can so they can make it even easier/buff my enemies even more? 

    things like this need to be considered before you even dream about class balance, because there are a lot of factors. I know for a fact that in EU the tamer playstyle meta is completely different from KR/NA because i had a different playstyle and every other end game tamer i fought started adopting the same playstyle/skill usage and then other tamers saw them and so on and it became a chain reaction so many pvp people in here had a different playstyle than elsewhere
    I would be genuinely surprised if the KDA chart numbers applies for every single region (like tamer is #7 in EU and in NA and in KR and in RU and whrever else) i bet thats absolutely not the case because (refer to example about heaven land and north land) because things like this matter and different metas and chain reactions happen that influence everything.
    oh and i'm gonna remind you again, the entire game was reworked last week because the damage values were changed for every single class and i can assure you that DK isn't #1 right now in terms of kda (due to the nerfs) so this "chart" is outdated and pointless and shouldn't be looked at, right now the best classes feel like maehwa and ranger due to how incredibly much damage they do and they take less damage than before cus of the dp buff
    the only strength tamer has is that you can ani cancel anything with different skills and you can play very fast and reactive but the way this game is coded combined with desync is a hard-counter to reactive play because people that are lagged (or if you're lagged or simply server sending information slow) see you 0.5 sec in the past so if a guy throws a skill at you and you react on time and dodge it but there is lag, he'll see you 0.5 sec in the past(on your screen you're already dodging cause thats client based) and he'll CC you and that's how desync happens so the only strength tamer has is hard countered by circumstance,
    other than that, the damage tamer does is much lower than most classes (with equal gear and proper usage of atk modifiers), the defensive frames are super short in comparison to other classes and there are too many inferior and useless techniques (grab is weak(altho easy to use), almost all flow skills are either useless either a scam and dont deserve to be a flow and general lack of skills, stuff like moonlight is unreliable in mass pvp with desync and all kinds of stuff etc so on and so on) 
    you need someone who understands the game and is objective and fair to look at classes and think and talk about balance, not some outdated easily manipulated and incorrect chart 
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  22. irrelevant added a post in a topic Communication   

    1) it's not confirmed if it's a bug or not ,maybe they're finally balancing your class
    2) because they said they're not gonna nerf any class and only buff (in order to fool monkeys like you who think your class is weak cus it's getting buffs when in reality that has nothing to do with it cause they're buffing every single class). Few weeks ago they also buffed witch and wizard when people were already mass crying, are you gonna imply witch and wiz needed buffs too? And look at how they operate, they just " buffed DP " for all classes (but it was more like a nerf to some of the damage classes like witch,wizard,dark knight but because they worded it by saying " buffed DP" and not " nerfed witch wiz etc" there are monkeys who get fooled by this and draw the wrong conclusions 
    3) not a single point is disproven and the videos and links in the first post are made with the help of a valkyre who actually plays the class and does pvp 
    4) arent you original, i've never heard that one before
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  23. irrelevant added a post in a topic Communication   

    all your propaganda and lies debunked in one thread  
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  24. irrelevant added a post in a topic Gearing is SCARY!!!   

    until u realize that his 8 extra ap won't matter if he doesn't get to hit you.. but the chances are, if he's played enough to get a pen dandelion then he's also played enough to be able to land his hits on you  
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  25. irrelevant added a post in a topic Strikers Must Have!   

    there's nothing to fix
    the class is already overpowered as it is 
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