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  1. Shamanic added a post in a topic Charging Thrust IV and Take Down IV - is it worth it   

    If it increases travel distance with another 30% on each level, i agree, but yesterday i tested it, and there is no difference in the travel distance between lvl2 and lvl3.
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  2. Shamanic added a topic in Warrior   

    Charging Thrust IV and Take Down IV - is it worth it
    I was wondering if you can share yout thoughts on the subject ...
    I level up Charging Thrust, only for the mobility purpose, but it increases its travel distance only once for 30% (not sure why it says so on each level).
    On level IV you are guarded during the animation, and that is what i am wondering about .... "guarded" means from the front right (like block works) ? You do not charge against your enemies, you flank them, so if you are guarded only from the front, why spending points on level IV ?
    I see a lot of builds lately with Take Down I and Instant Grapple.
    Oneuproad sait in one of his posts that maxing Counter increases his proc rate, isn't that the case with Take Down as well ?
    Please share your thoughts/experience.
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  3. Shamanic added a post in a topic You guys bother with Jump Thrust at all?   

    But Ultimate Shield Charge is canceling the previous skil, so why would i use something in between ...
    For instance what would be the difference between:
    Charging Thrust - > Ultimate Shield Charge
    Charging Thrust - > Auto-hit, cancel Ultimate Shield Charge
    I find your posts very useful, and i do not agrue i just want to be sure i grasp the details.
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  4. Shamanic added a post in a topic You guys bother with Jump Thrust at all?   

    I am not sure i understand this correctly. Can you clarify why do you insert an auto-hit (normal hit?).
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  5. Shamanic added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

    The moment I saw the animation of the warrior skills, I chose to play as such, but now hundreds of gameplay hours later, all i do is spam kicks, spinning slashes and potions till my head falls off. It’s boring. It’s inefficient. I can’t find my role as a warrior. Am I a tank, a damage dealer, a little by both ? Should i initiate a fight, distract, crowd-control, protect, kill ? There is always a class which is better in all those things than a warrior, so what is our role ?
    Lets increase some damage here and there and see what happens ....
     Help me understand what is our role as warriors, so I can give my opinion on which skills I think should be tweaked.
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  6. Shamanic added a post in a topic Warrior Gear after Patch   

    Before anyone can answer your question, you have to decide what kind of warrior you want to be.
    Do you want to kill faster, or do you want to stay alive longer ?
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  7. Shamanic added a post in a topic Diminishing returns on loot drops.   

    I do not question your math skills, but the logic here seems wrong to me.
    Increasing something with 100%, basically doubles it. For instance if you earn 50$ a day and your income increases with 100%, you will now earn 100$ a day.
    If an item has 0.001% chance to be found, and a player increases his chance of finding items with 100%, he is now twice more likely to find that item, which is 0.002%.
    Lets follow your logic for a moment:
    If an item has 0.001% chance to be found, and a player increases his chance of finding items with 10%, you suggest that his chances now are 10.001%.
    Which means that each 10th mob he kills will drop him that item ....
    Correct me if i am wrong.
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  8. Shamanic added a post in a topic How to unlock the rest of the world/map   

    Thank you.
    After 51 all the mobs are green. How am i supposed to lvl up further ....
    Which are the highest lvl mobs for the moment ?
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  9. Shamanic added a post in a topic Heve Armor requirements   

    They are being sold immediately.
    Thank you.
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  10. Shamanic added a post in a topic Heve Armor requirements   

    Do you guys know for sure or you just guessing ?
    I can see when someone place the armor on the market and i check immediately, but it is grayed out.
    I thought it was the lack of my trading skills, but i don't know anymore ....
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  11. Shamanic added a topic in General   

    Heve Armor requirements
    I can't buy the Heve Armor from the Marketplace, it is grayed out. What do i need in order to buy it ?
    • 13 replies
  12. Shamanic added a post in a topic How to unlock the rest of the world/map   

    Not that ..... i have explored Calpheon, Balenos and Serendia territoty.
    How can i reach Helm Station and Elric Temple ?
    More answers please.
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  13. Shamanic added a topic in PVE   

    How to unlock the rest of the world/map
    Is there a quest that needs to be done ? Which one ?
    • 5 replies
  14. Shamanic added a post in a topic Golden worker   

    Do you still have the "Promotion" button active if a worker fails at level 30, or it is grayed out so that you know its over for him ?
    Because i have quite a few workers and i do not keep track of who fails and who doesn't.
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  15. Shamanic added a topic in Suggestions   

    Shopping calculator
    I find myself quite often using a calculator to find out exactly how many ingredients do i need to cook X amount of portions. Maybe lots of you do it to, and not only for cooking but for all the other professions.
    Basic arithmetic operations, integrated into the ... quantity menu can be quite useful for all of us.

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