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  1. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Q&A with the Developers!   

    Have any of the original dev team left the game; if so, who left and how much of the original dev team is still working on the game? 
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  2. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Idea for Trade to help not feed gold sellers etc.   

    Nice idea.
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  3. Tamarisk added a post in a topic |Jordine| || <Niflheim> EU Guild   

  4. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Gold Spamming.   

    With or without trade, there is going to be gold selling spam in chat.
    There are going to be gold selling sites, selling accounts and/or gearing as a service.

    What will help counter spam is that using world chat does consume vigor. Further, it's not that hard, or expensive to just have some active moderation banning spammers. The only games where I saw excessive spam were either very old, or run by publishers that simply did not care.
    And you really make yourself look like a paranoid idiot by repeatedly slandering everyone that disagrees with you, and it only makes your weak argument seem more desperate and poorly thought out. Please try to give your oppinion without accusing others, and if you're going to try and represent your personal mental model of how gold selling works as fact, provide some proof to back it up.
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  5. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

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  6. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    And MANY are voting yes for completely different reasons than what you personally think they are.
    Maybe follow your own advice and:
    I'd love to know how you magically know all the exact details of all the players that voted and all of their exact thoughts at the time of selecting their vote. Must be a mind reader.
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  7. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Why do you play MMORPGs?   

    I don't play MMOs for:
    StoryFlashy combatCompetitive E-peen measurementI do play MMOs for:
    Player-driven social interactionPretty fashionRuining other people's days
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  8. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Can you see the difference between 60hz - 120hz or even 144hz+   

    When I first got my 144Hz monitor, it actually felt more choppy to me, which in turn made things feel more laggy.
    But once I got used to the faster framerate I actually enjoyed it a lot more, if my refresh rate gets reset after a driver update or something, I always notice immediately once in game. Can't stand gaming on 60Hz monitors anymore.
    Hahahah, there are still people like this.
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  9. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    By selling accounts.
    Or by selling account boosting as a service.
    There is one gold seller on KR, called Daum, which supports P2W by letting you sell cash shop items.
    Additionally, most international players using the Kr client, purchased their account from a 3rd party in order to avoid needing a KSSN, so if they aren't even banning players for account selling in a country where it literally involves identity fraud, I doubt they're going to take any actions against gold sellers selling geared up accounts.
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  10. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Block IP   

    Unfortunately you aren't allowed to play BDO because you are in North Africa. Neither can anyone else in the Middle East, South East Asia, the rest of Africa, or South America. Because Pearl Abyss is too greedy to give the rights to publish the game to Daum; as they are planning to sell the extra regions to some other 3rd rate publisher in 2016, and won't release any further info about the details of where the rubbish server will be until sometime next year.
    Further more Daum has stated that they won't be standing up for us by representing our concerns to Daum on our behalf, and that it's our problem to deal with, saying that we must somehow communicate and persuade the developer that doesn't even speak english and seems to have very little knowledge about how the rest of the world is structured to let Daum have the rights for our region.
    As a South African that has been sending emails to PA since Daum revealed in their terms of service that they would be blocking other regions, and begging Daum to just do anything to try and communicate with them; I'd say don't get your hopes up.
    Some useful links:
    If you want to get in contact with PA, but keep in mind they speak korean:
    (82)31 476 8583 
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  11. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Black Desert, trading with NPC problems   

    Trade is one of the slower ways to make a profit in the game, people earn can earn far more from what their npc workers bring in while they are offline.
    Inflation doesn't even matter anyway because there is no player-driven economy, the prices in the market place are fixed so it doesn't matter how much money people have.
    But we could always fix it the same way we 'fixed' RMT, just remove NPC workers, fishing and trade from the game entirely, bam, no more hyperinflation.
    Seriously though, PA did a terrible job designing their economy, and the fixed prices on the AH are just a poor attempt at hiding how damaged their economy really is. If the prices were player-driven, you would have seen the ogre ring selling for so much more, but you also wouldn't see people having to camp the AH for hours just to be able to buy one before it vanishes off the market again.
    Honestly Trade is a shallow and silly, single-player minigame for free money, and doesn't even begin to compare to their initial system of localised AH which encouraged players taking risk to trade actual items between different markets in order to make profit by trading between players.
    But trading isn't the cause of hyperinflation in BDO, the entire economy from the ground up has way too much money printing and insufficient money sinks. Unless they redesign it completely, which they won't, there's still going to be hyperinflation, so there's not much point in fiddling with specific systems.
    One solutions that could patch up the problem would be:
    Implement a special currency that rewards raiding.Players can earn this currency by attacking players driving wagons or carrying any kind of resource pack; or by attacking NPC workers.Players carrying trade goods or fish are automatically flagged for PVPPlayers that get killed while transporting any kind of pack (fish/trade goods/etc.) lose those items and they're gone forever.NPC workers that are defeated while gathering resources will not be lost forever, but they will return with nothing.Players can spend their raid currency on useful items, but these items cannot be traded.
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  12. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Options To Normalize Immersion-Breaking Costumes   

    Option 3, everyone deserves to be subjected to the sight of my fish costume, no exceptions.
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  13. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Do NOT buy the packages Now; Wait it out.   

    Personally I do not allow myself to spend gaming money on other forms of recreation, it's in a special place which will only be spent on games. And right now Cities:skylines, B&S, and BDO are all fighting over that special place in my heart wallet; and BDO's top tier pack is losing out to what the other two offer, which is going to leave me most likely getting the cheapest package when the time comes.
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  14. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Do NOT buy the packages Now; Wait it out.   

    That would cost me like less than $20 here, unless you're talking about one that's meant to serve 6 people. I'm not saying you overvalue games, but you people spend so much money on food.
    $200 for a dinner with the family? $200 is like my entire family's groceries for the week.
    But the the point is, the frame of reference for the value for money of the $100 pack generally shouldn't be based off of how much you spent on lunch. The $29.99 pack is the base value here, and it is what people are paying in order to be able to enjoy the game. People buying the $100 pack are paying an extra $70 on top of what is paid to just have access to the game; and I think it's reasonable that some people would see it as cost-ineffective to pay an extra $70 just to get access to early, incomplete versions of the game, a couple of extra guest passes, some virtual utility items and only $25 of virtual currency.
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  15. Tamarisk added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    Thank you for supporting trade, I hope they will enable it.
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