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  1. SA1NT added a post in a topic Oyster for the quest It's a Done Deal   

    thanks for this. without it i would never have found some.
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  2. SA1NT added a post in a topic Valentines Day Popularity Event - Winners   

    Thanks, but I was referring to the No.1 spot who got the most votes.
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  3. SA1NT added a post in a topic Valentines Day Popularity Event - Winners   

    This. Sad and revealing.
    This. Sad and revealing.
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  4. SA1NT added a post in a topic Dim Magical Armor and Subweapons   

    I did this quest on one of my 56 level characters. Upgraded as far as it would go. Now trying it with another level 56 character and there is no quest to upgrade dim magical armor. I don't know whats going on...
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  5. SA1NT added a post in a topic Beauty - Char Customization Issues   

    Yes, Beauty Album and Photo Album will not save creations. I can not add anything.
    Also I can not turn off public photo's to private or delete them if desired.
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  6. SA1NT added a post in a topic My experience with BDO: Hyped up for 2 years, let down in 2 days.   

    I understand that people have different gripes about different things, and some things are more game breaking than others. My system is no better than yours and I haven't experienced what you have to that degree or as often that is. If I did then that would be an issue for me to play but it isn't. and I don't blame the creators. What I would find as a valid argument however, would be gender locked classes and only one option for male magic users and that's an old man. But thats for another thread. 
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  7. SA1NT added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    I love the details, the Santa flying overhead. The dropping of presents.
    However, how do you think that this is in the spirit of Christmas when some people have to struggle to possibly, maybe, receive the blessings of those gifts? Even if they drop often, many will miss out to those who hold greed. You are ruining a time of giving in place of racing to see who will get to the gifts first. This may not have been your intention but what did you think was going to happen? The BDO team has disappointed me before, but this is on a new level, especially during a time of giving that should be enjoyed by all who are willing to participate in. Shutting the door and leaving them in the cold is just wrong. But do as you will. It's your game.
    Also, as a side note. Why include Halloween gifts that were just recently simple quest items. Were these meant as Whammies (try again later if you're fortunate enough to open another present)? Not liking this either.
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  8. SA1NT added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    This. Stupid event...
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  9. SA1NT added a post in a topic NPC Chatter is on way too short of a timer   

    I agree. This is incredibly annoying! The rate they repeat the same lines over and over within a minute is enough to make someone go mad if you're hanging around for any length of time. I find myself moving out of range because I can't listen to that anymore or I don't want to begin.
    You can increase the amount of different lines they can say to randomly cycle through and (very important) increase the time between each line. If that is too much work, then greatly reduce the frequency of said lines that is already implemented.
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  10. SA1NT added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pearl Shop Purchase History
    Hello all,
    If it has not been suggested yet, I recommend that we implement a list for purchase history and date of items spent in the Pear Shop. This would assist us in keeping track of our purchases. I think it would be a fine tool for those who want to see the history for whatever reasons they may have.
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  11. SA1NT added a post in a topic Young-Looking Wizards!   

    I think the Wizard Class they've implemented was badly conceived. Yes, when you think of Wizards you automatically think of Lord of the Rings. However, limiting the creation of the class to ONLY old Wizards is not only very restrictive, but it makes no sense at all. It's all just so unappealing. So we have no young options for Male magic users? While running around there are tons of young Female magic users. I don't get where their logic lies with this. Honestly I'd like to know what was on their mind when they left this the way it was... 
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  12. SA1NT added a post in a topic Young-Looking Wizards!   

    As the title suggests. I get having the Old Wizard thing is cool and all but the Witch is so young in comparison... C'mon now. Please do us this favor and allow us to customize a Wizard to be young and bad ass looking as say the female magic counterparts such as the Sorceress or Witch. It's not much to ask for and really would make a world of difference. I fully realize that this isn't possible by the time the game releases in NA/EU but this really should've been there at the start...
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