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  1. meidr4 added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I finally got my desired T8!!! so after leveling some T7 and T6 without any success, I breeded a T7D-F lvl 30 and T7J-M lvl 30. First foal was T8D-F, my first T8, second foal was a lame T6P-F and then I exchange them to obtain a T8B-F, my second T8!!
    So far I have leveled up the T8D-F to lvl 12 and it has learned 7 skills, i guess its average or a little below, only good skill S: insta accel. Parents were quite good with 13 and 12 skills each, so i hope it will learn a lot more.
    T8B-F was born with 2-seater and its still lvl 1, time will tell wich one is smarter but I hope T8D is, becouse I like her so much more
    EDIT: Out of my last 8 breeds, 6 have been females, range T6-T8 and only 2 T7 males
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  2. meidr4 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    So I´ve been playing the game for a year, but starting yesterday, cannot enter in the game. I lo go the log in window, I enter user and pass and it works, but when I press play, that window dissapears and nothing else matters, the game doesnt start.
    Any ideas why and how to solve it?
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  3. meidr4 added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    who needs to learn to read? maybe before answering you should read abou what i was asking, NO TIPS, just data and other players thoughts
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  4. meidr4 added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    Appreciate tips, alredy knew best idea is to do it with an alt under 50, however this post wasnt looking for advice, but to ask if lately this has happened to more people, just a few ones, if theres a tendency, etc
    It has surprissed me a lot, since i have leveled up quite some horses, always wagon, always same route from altinova to calpheon, just it feeled weird
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  5. meidr4 added a topic in General   

    killed while horse training
    So as mentioned in the title, today I was killed twice while horse training in a wagon. I´ve been training horses for long and this only happened once, but today twice in a matter of 2 hours. Players were [Nope] and [Nope] (if anyone wanted to know). Its a bit weird to think that people have fun killing a wagon and a AFK user.
    So, is it a matter of chanel? happened on valencia 3, or is lately more people being killed horse training?
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  6. meidr4 added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    5L-F lvl 30 and 6U-M lvl 30 gave me 6A-M and 7D-F so not bad. I´ll try T8 with my 2 T7 once they are lvl 30
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  7. meidr4 added a post in a topic 9 levels on my branded mini-elephant and only 2 skills learned   

    RNG is RNG, I had 5 skills by lvl 6 (quick run and inst acc included) and learned no more to lvl 15
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  8. meidr4 added a post in a topic Finding the formula part 1 - AP basics   

    Great job!! Both tests and conclusions make sense to me.
    Did you make similar test on hidden stats? should be obvious that hidden AP should be same as shown one, but who knows...
    Looking forward for future ones
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  9. meidr4 added a post in a topic The Average Player   

    I think I´m above average player and I´m far of 200 AP
    sube imagenes
    i would say average is between 150-170AP and 180-210DP at most, probably less
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  10. meidr4 added a post in a topic Clan español ARKANGELES reclutamiento abierto   

    Sorry no tengo TS
    cual es tu nick en el juego? te escribo por privado y hablamos
    jugador: Meidlas
    Familia: StarkTargaryen
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  11. meidr4 added a post in a topic Clan español ARKANGELES reclutamiento abierto   

    Buenas! me gustaría unirme a un clan español para variar
    Soy una bruja lvl 58 194/188/252
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  12. meidr4 added a post in a topic Cant connect Kusha to Altinova   

    Becouse time traveling from keeper to markethouse is a lot tinier than moving from tarif to altinova
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  13. meidr4 added a post in a topic Cant connect Kusha to Altinova   

    i guees ill just repair in sarma outpost and transport stuff from tarif to altinova, its longer, but in the end should be the same
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  14. meidr4 added a post in a topic Cant connect Kusha to Altinova   

    oh, -----
    Didnt know that. I can see it is usefull for trading, but all i wanted for this container was not having to go back to altinova when i was grinding, is there anyway to do that?
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  15. meidr4 added a topic in General   

    Cant connect Kusha to Altinova
    I just have bought a house in Kusha and placed a container from Deve (Altinovas keeper) becouse I want to farm at sausans and just leave thins in the container so an alt can sell them from altinova, however, dunno why when I open the container it is connected to Tarif.
    How can I change it to Altinova?
    • 6 replies