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  1. Jaei added a post in a topic Graphic Headaches vertigo   

    Honestly its the camera shaking that makes my brain hurt. I ended up turning it off..
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  2. Jaei added a post in a topic How Do I Download the Client/Game??   

    Can you post your fix? I have a friend who is having the same issue 
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  3. Jaei added a post in a topic Requesting guest passes (2)   

    I only have one, or else I'd give you mine. If you find one more, you're free to have it! 
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  4. Jaei added a post in a topic EverQuest Next officially dead   

    Totally saw it coming though.. there was literally no word from the developers, and no updates on the game for the longest time.
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  5. Jaei added a post in a topic How Do I Download the Client/Game??   

    Hrm. Strange..
    It should all be on that page, the download being right next to "Game Access"
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  6. Jaei added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    I had originally thought this set was made so gatherer's at level 50 could gather without being PK'd as easily.. so I had assumed their nameplate would show whilst in combat.
    I was wrong. Where its at now, it is an advantage to whoever is using it. You can argue "just look at their character", but the reality is its making the player do more work to PvP. People with the suit have an advantage against those without, and that's a fact. Its a million times easier to spot someone who has huge white (or blue) letters above their name than it is without. I believe it should just hide your name while outside of combat.. yes, its still advantageous, but nowhere near where its at now. 
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  7. Jaei added a post in a topic How Do I Download the Client/Game??   

    Sign in at the top, then click "Account".
    Everything you need is on that page! :]
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  8. Jaei added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Hell. Yes. So much yes.
    Here be mine;


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  9. Jaei added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS   

    This game is beautiful. Gaaaahh.. I never have been a big screenie guy, but damn I can't help it.
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  10. Jaei added a post in a topic Black Desert Black spirit wallpaper   

    So good. Much love. Need more.
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  11. Jaei added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Slowly Becoming A Single Player RPG   

    ^ This. So much this.
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  12. Jaei added a post in a topic BDO: Brought To You By The North Korean Government!   

    I hate rants like this. So so much..
    But, I agree with you, and I hate myself for it. The trading is very anti-social and I very rarely find myself interacting with other people. I -almost- would rather have gold buyers with a better (and more reasonable) way to report them than this. Also, my guild has to split into THREE SEPERATE GUILDS because of how large it was. We don't really get to chat with each other unless its on Discord, we barely feel like one large guild.. more like three guilds with one leader. : /
    As for the AI, I've actually noticed they seem a bit more responsive than they were in the KR version. Is that just me? I think they're actually working on this, and this will be fixed in time. The other things I think are probably here to stay, and that's unfortunate. Maybe they'll compromise and give us a better system in the end.
    +1, man. 
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  13. Jaei added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    It was! She's wonderful, and so is your character. ^^
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  14. Jaei added a post in a topic Black Desert Celebrities   

    I mean.. in all honesty, she looks miserable and generally expressionless. 
    10/10. Definitely Kristen Stewart.
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