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  1. Boz added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Top 10 PvP Guilds   

    Worst moderator EU
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  2. Boz added a post in a topic Mailbox Changes   

    Totally agree with this post, I don't see why adding a "Collect" button is a bad idea. It's easy to do and provides no unfair advantages to anyone. It just saves all the players a large amount of time after grinding, improving quality of life. 

    Hope the developers do something like this!
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  3. Boz added a topic in European Guild   

    [Jordine] <Lotus> [PvP Focused][International (English Speaking)][TS+Discord]
    About Lotus
    We are a small guild of players that highly enjoy PvP and want to be able to compete with the larger guilds, to do this we need to grow in strength through numbers as well as skill. To do this we will hold multiple training sessions to provide each member with more PvP combat experience and strategical knowledge. We are a friendly guild and we want to try keep everyone in the guild together, rather than having small groups of members forming, as with any guild this will most likely happen, but through grinding together, sharing knowledge and participating in training sessions & guild missions we shall attempt to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, making our bonds stronger in the guild with everyone and not just a small group. 
    What we are looking for and requirements:
    We are focusing on recruiting people that are PvP-orientated, but enjoy doing other aspects of the game as well.
    We want members to have 230 total AP/DP, or be very close to that score
    We would prefer members to be at least level 52 (Level 52 is not mandatory).
    We want each member to participate in at least 5 Guild Missions a week.
    We want all members to participate in as many Guild Wars as possible.
    What you can expect:
    We would be doing 5 Guild Missions a day, making that 35 Guild Missions a week. 
    We will have a Guild Meeting every weekend where we discuss important topics/changes to the guild, report on the guilds performance, and give members the chance to ask questions about anything they'd like to know, or make suggestions for the guild to consider.
    We will have Guild Training Sessions at least once a week (Arranged Guild Wars and Guild-Only Arena Training)
    Guild contract salary will be discussed in-game.
    What happens next (Application/Trial Process):
    To apply for the guild you will need to contact the Guild Master or an Officer.
    Here is a list of the main Character Names for the Guild Master and Officer, so that you can contact us in-game:
    Here is a list of their respective Forum Names for the Guild Master and Officer, so that you can contact us through private message on the forum:
    They will then invite you to the guild in-game, and you will start a one-week trial, within this week we will closely look into your activities within the guild. At the end of the one-week trial we will have an evaluation to decide on whether you will remain in the guild. To gather information for the evaluation we will discuss with your fellow guild members on your activities in the guild.
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