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  1. VipeR added a post in a topic BDO Gear Guides for New Players   

    Thanks bud
    Actually, it is universal in nature, but the Accessories and the II. optional AP Weapon Offhand primarily focuses on an AP class and the images are of a Ranger, yes.
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  2. VipeR added a topic in Guides   

    BDO Gear Guides for New Players
    The following guides are in gear progression format (for new players/characters) and are dictated not only by stats but also the current market availability and prices. Included are basic tips on enchanting/failstacking while progressing your gear to min/max valuable early-game silver.
    Armor guide:

    Weapon Guide:

    Accessory Guide:

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  3. VipeR added a post in a topic Recap of Orwen's Mediah siege <Iconic> vs <Irrelevant>   

    Zethiann's complaint that Relevant was tired of always fighting us. Why not go for a non-Iconic territory? Relevant probably would have a territory right now if they had done so. The macro-tactics of last night did not seem like the same masterminded Relevant tactics I was used to.
    The server's PvP was dead up until Relevant was formed. The toxic forum posts and in-game harassment by some of its members is why people started looking for other places. Reforming Relevant's officers was the best thing that guild could have done for itself, but it should have been done months ago if they wanted a guild image that most people would look forward to joining.
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  4. VipeR added a post in a topic It's Monday... where is Iconic?   

    Damn, I feel honored enough that Rahjin had to go back to the Good_Fight days to nab a couple of those <3
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  5. VipeR added a post in a topic Iconic, Sieges, and You! 10 - 22 - 2016   

    Well, if Relevant didn't touch Iconic's Mediah base for 30 minutes, Iconic would have fought you, without question. Considering Relevant and Iconic both defended their territories, by your logic, we both dodged.
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  6. VipeR added a post in a topic What Ranger Skill or Attack is this?   

    100% ranger blackspirit
    200% blackspirit sends arrows 360-degrees from your body
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    I got mine! Did you @Rahjin?

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  8. VipeR added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    Add the following being broken to the list too...
    Players can now buy or sell Trade Goods or Imperial Trade goods immediately after changing the channel without any cooltime.Also, I magically lost 8 of my inventory spaces across all characters and warehouses - maybe tied to valuepack?
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  9. VipeR added a post in a topic Class balance is broken as -----!   

    Here, I fixed it for you... 
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  10. VipeR added a post in a topic How much worse is green ---> Blue awakening weap?   

    It all depends what your income is and where you stand with your gear. For me, it made more sense to put my resources into a Zaka than it did into a blue awakening weapon, thus I will be going green awakening and use my newly created TRI Zaka with it in hopes to get a Dandelion one day.
    Had I gotten a Dandelion, I would have stuck with my Liverto and put my resources into the Dandelion.
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  11. VipeR added a post in a topic If you can fix one thing in this game (✿◡‿◡)   

    Class balance for NA/EU servers... Seriously.
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  12. VipeR added a post in a topic RIP THE DREAM   

    Why oh why did you use a 54 stack for a duo ogre ring lol.
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  13. VipeR added a post in a topic Rares in a Box - a new farm   

    This accessory rng box has been in KR for over a year. Accessories were around 25k and Bares was around 50k on KR for months after that introduction.
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  14. VipeR added a post in a topic Beginner's Guide to Hunting   

    Hey Mr TyTyes, please fix your post title spelling, it's driving me batty. Kappa.
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