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  1. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic New player with OWPVP question!   

    OWPVP is restricted to LVL 50 and above characters. How it works is anyone can flag for PVP outside a safe zone and kill(attempt to kill) anyone else who is over lvl 50. PVP in black desert is very lvl and gear dependent. Once you start getting to the higher lvl's and start getting up the the higher ends of the gearscore OW PVP can become really fun. Just realize that there will always be someone higher lvl'd then you and better geared. Skill at your class in PVP really only becomes a factor when the LVL & Gear gap are pretty narrow between players. 
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  2. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    KR has just put in place a system like this to my understanding. Hopefully it will come to NA sooner rather then later. 
    Basically the change was that after you flagged and killed someone, you could continue to kill them karma free for the next 10 minutes.  So for 10 minutes all you had to pay in karma was the -70k for killing them once. 
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  3. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic Game UNPLAYABLE   

    Sieging in Mediah. got logged out after we died and couldnt respawn. we restarted game and now are all stuck on a now processing screen trying to get back into channel
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  4. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic PVP during world boss   

    Its actually really simple to get your loot when this happens. Have your pets out. get as close as you can and hit the V key. Your pets will still pick up loot as you move through the V state.
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  5. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic Skills to keep after awakening   

    BJGODNA's skill build for awakened blader.
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  6. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Stroked and primed it  
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  7. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Play button does not do anything for me... 
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  8. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    RIP Launcher 
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  9. Toaster_1 added a post in a topic question for guild war   

    Are you talking about Guild wars or Node wars? In Guild wars both sides have to retract for it to fully be over. Check your Received guild war Tab in your Guild page in game to find all the guilds that are declared on you. 
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  10. Toaster_1 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Siege workshop bombs not working
    When doing node war on Tuesday i had crafted several bombs from the siege workshop in hopes to plant them on the enemy node tower/buildings.I planted 2; or tried to plant 2, bombs on the node fort. However once the plant bar reached 100% nothing happened. no bomb was summoned or planted. My guild had full control of the enemy tower at this point, so it was not an issue of being hit out of the summoning of the item.
    I would also like the tool tip info of the item "BOMB" to be modified if possible. The current text of the item says " summons a bomb when used." now summoned to me means i click the item and it plants the bomb, not that i crouch down and plant the bomb for a minute. If the "cast" time of the item could be listed as well as what damage or conditions need to be met for it to successfully plant this item i and my guild would greatly appreciate it.
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